work trip talks.

photo (2)[ I’m fairly certain that’s mayonnaise on my fingernail. Classy. ]

You know that saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder?”  It’s pretty cheeseball but it’s just so true!

Casey is on another work trip, and I swear we have the best conversations when he’s gone.  That sounds terrible but seriously – I feel like we both put a little more into it when we’re apart than we do when we’re in the same room. Last night when he called we talked about our days, our dog, our house, our yard, Volkswagens, the laundry, macaroni and cheese (always) and the fact that even if we wanted to do drugs, we wouldn’t know the first thing about how to get them.  (We have no street cred)

But for real, the talks, they’re just so good!  It’s not like we’re completely mute when we’re together but I really feel like being apart makes us want to connect a bit more.  Is this normal?

Now I’m hungry for macaroni and cheese.

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