weekend recap: we camped our butts off.

Hullo there!  If you’ve made it over to this here site, congrats!  I feel as though the transition to thatsmeinthemiddle.com may be tough on a few of us.  Also, if anyone knows how to do any of this hosting, backend, SEO, xml transfer stuff, come teach me your skills because woof.  This stuff is cornfusing!

So let’s talk about something way more exciting.  Like camping!  We finally made it happen this past weekend, my boys and I.  And we loved it, as we usually do.

Did you know that some people don’t love camping?  Pshhh.  I was just chatting with a coworker who does not see the appeal in sleeping on the ground and building fires and not showering for 3 days.  I mean, I guess he has a point.  Camping can be dirty and cold and uncomfortable and I’m not exactly ecstatic that I can still smell campfire in my hair today.  But my midwest heart loves all of it.  And I’m lucky that Casey does too.  Gus could definitely skip it, he spends most of his time freaking out at passerby’s and nature and basically anything that makes any noise or movement.  Not much has changed since last year.

But I really love it.  The whole experience…. wandering through the woods, the crackle of a good fire, pulling on two pairs of socks and snuggling into my sleeping bag, roasting ‘mallows and of course, indulging in too many Coors Lites AND fire-pizzas.  It’s actually pretty incredibly how much bread we go through on our camping trips but I won’t talk about that because it’s camping and you need your nutrients.

Not to mention the place we went this weekend was by far the most beautiful of all the places. Don’t believe me?  Take a whiff…


I mean really, Oregon.

So we did all the camping things and came back a little heavier in the stomachs but a little lighter in the minds.  Which is a fair trade, if you ask me.  Throw in some hiking and it’s like the three four pizzas for dinner didn’t really make that much of a difference.  Right?

Also, can we talk about how pretty my pictures are?   Well my friends, that’s because we are now the proud owners of a fancy shmancy Canon!  That’s right, my main man did me proud and surprised me with it right when we got to our campsite.  He’s a keeper this one.


And now for the photo portion of the program.

IMG_0155pizzas[ fire-pizzas are my nostalgic camping food.  also, i don’t wear makeup when i camp.  sorry i’m not sorry. ]IMG_0156 IMG_0066uncoordinated[ of course Gus posed very perfectly for Casey.  for me though he had a faceplanting deathwish.  ]IMG_0135IMG_0181[ gus isn’t spoiled at all.  nor does he shed.  true story. ] IMG_0147IMG_0171

That’s it that’s all!  Thanks for stopping by and remember to tip your waiter.

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