thursday things.

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1. Yesterday I realized that the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the same as the tune of the ABC song.  And also basically the same as Baa Baa Black Sheep. Did everyone know this but me?  The saying is true, you do learn something new every day.  Especially when your kid has 3 xylophones.

2. The other day I spent a solid 15 minutes rummaging through our house looking for a pencil.  I never found one.  Which kind of amazed me.  How do we not own a single pencil?  Are we just that far removed from the days of pencil-using?  How did I think this was interesting enough to write about?  How are you even still reading this?

3. Crosby has an alter ego that comes out when he’s either extremely grumpy or causing trouble. We call him Crosley Hutchinson.  Hutch, for short.  Hutch has a tendency to make an appearance between 4 and 6pm every night and for the most part, he has an aversion to wearing pants.

4. You know how sometimes when you eat a piece of gum from the bottom of your purse and it tastes like… purse?  Well, the other day I ate a mint at the bottom of the diaper bag (it was in a plastic wrapper, you dirtballs) … and well, it tasted like diaper bag.  So, lesson learned.

5. The other day, the dogs and Crosby and I were on our daily early morning walk when I got an alert on my phone that tickets to a show I wanted to see were going to be posted online in 5 minutes.  We were about 20 minutes from home, so I needed to haul ass.  Of course that was the day that I had somehow left the house without a bra on (I have no idea how?) so hurrying home was just not in the cards.  I attempted to power-walk as smoothly as possible and got home 7 minutes after the tickets were posted, and they were all gone.  Whomp whomp.  My boobs and I are really disappointed.

6. Speaking of our morning walks, does anyone have any podcast recommendations for me?  I’ve pretty much listened to every single episode of Mortified and Nerdist and I need something else to fill my earholes.  I like things that take little-to-no effort or brain power.  Derp derp.  Please and thank you.

7. Remember when Crosby used to sleep flat on his face?  That was a fun phase.  Thankfully he’s past that… but now he sleeps with his baby blanket (spare me the lecture), and every so often I’ll look at the monitor and see that he’s somehow managed to get it wrapped around his dang head.   I always rush in his room and unwrap him and he’s fine, but his head is gushing sweat.  I don’t want to take the blanket away from him though because he loves to fall asleep holding on to it.  Might be time to install the sleep monitor again.  Might also be time to stock up on more wine.

8. Casey and I just finished watching season 1 of the The Comeback on Amazon Prime.  Has anyone ever seen it?  Omg, it is the most uncomfortable thing to watch.  Like, I get anxiety watching it because Phoebe is so awkward.  (Is that how you guys feel reading my blog??)  It’s kind of awesome.  Try it!

9. So hey, who here is on snapchat?  I am, but I just creepily follow people and don’t actually… snap…?  Truth is, I don’t get how to do it.  I tried once but it’s too confusing.  I miss the days of pencils.

10. How much coffee is too much coffee?  Like, per day?  A friend is wondering…

8 thoughts on “thursday things.

  1. OMG …. I love your Thursday Things!!!
    You know me, I can’t help you out on the podcasts or the snapchat – but on the pencil issue, I’m your gal! I think you must have left them all at home (your childhood home home!) watch for a package in the mail – I’ll even throw in a manual sharpener:-) Thursday bonus!
    Oh, and why wouldn’t you carry your laptop with you on your walks. How could you miss out on those tickets?

    1. THAT’S where all my pencils are!? ;) I actually already went and bought some. I really only use them to write in my address book, so it felt a little silly to buy a 10-pack for that reason alone. Whatevs.
      And hey, maybe I could write to Jimmy Fallon and tell him about my bra-less ticket situation. Maybe he’ll take pity on me and send some tickets for us ;)

      1. That’s the best idea ever!! In addition to sending tickets, he could use you as part of his entertainment. I’d laugh:)
        Dang . . . I was excited to get rid of pencils.

  2. Podcasts. I also love them. My favorites right now are, in not particular order: (1) The Longest Shortest Time – about the surprising struggles in early parenthood. The stories are great and I’m not a parent. (2) Reply All: A show about the internet. It sounds boring, but I’ve learned a lot and find in interesting. (3) Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me: Weekly news quiz show. It keeps me up to date with the news in a fun lighthearted way. (4) RadioLab: “a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.” I find the topics always interesting and engaging. (5) Mystery Show: The host solves the mysteries that no one else does. I recommend “Case #3 Belt Buckle” as the best episode so far. [Other good ones, but I don’t listen to every episode are StartUp, Stuff You Should Know, Freaknomics Radio, TED Radio Hour, Stuff Mom Never Told You, and The Moth Podcast]

    1. Wow, thank you so much Ellen! I’m super excited to check out some of these. I also love Freakonomics, The Moth and Radiolab but haven’t listened to them much since I had my kiddo. Don’t know why… but I should probably bring them back into my arsenal again. Thanks!

  3. I second the Longest Shortest Time. It’s good to listen to on walks! I also enjoy Sawbones (about medical oddities) and My Brother, My Brother, and Me. The NPR Sunday Puzzle Podcast is good too.

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