thursday things.

1. I’ve been attempting to read 4 different parenting books for the past 2 months.  But I can’t seem to make it through any of them… is this a bad sign?  That I’m not more enthralled by the books that are supposed to guide me in raising my small human?  Meh.  Can someone just please tell me how to keep my kid from tossing all of his food off of his high chair?  That’s all I really need to know, anyway.  I’ve got everything else completely handled. (hahahahahahahahahaha)

2. PSA of the day:  Just say no to the bulk candy bins at Ikea.  Trust me.

3. It’s Mr. That’s Me in the Middle’s birthday this weekend!  I have something planned for him but just realized that he likely won’t like anything I have planned unless it includes football and a couch.  So.  He’s gonna have a shitty birthday.

4. Last week I admitted my love for Felicity.  So it should come as no surprise that I also love the show Gilmore Girls.  (Every dude reading this is rolling their eyes, I’m sure.  All 2 of you.)   Anyways, have you heard the great news that Netflix is bringing it back?!!  Word is that they’re going to create four 90min episodes to air next year and I will probably binge watch them all in one day.  Any other nerds wants to join me?

5. Casey and I are on a fairly strict budget, and so I’m constantly trying to find cheaper alternatives to things.  One thing that’s been hard for me is coffee.  I’ve admittedly become somewhat of a coffee snob since moving to Portland.  I typically buy Stumptown, but that shiz is expensive, especially at the rate we chug it.  I’ve tried a few of the cheaper options from Trader Joe’s and they’ve all tasted like church.  So does anyone have any delicious, cheap, everyday coffee recommendations?

6. Crosby started walking last week! :)  While I was in New York. :(  The 5 days of his whole life that I’m not around and he takes off walking without me.  I mean sure, he’d taken 10-15 steps before I left so at least got to see his actual first steps. But he waited until I was gone to officially switch from crawling to walking.  Sob.  But on the bright side… there’s nothing cuter.

7. Speaking of New York, I have a bunch of pictures that I’ve been wanting to share.  But my storage is full on my computer and we can’t seem to transfer my photos to our hard drive and sometimes I really hate technology grumble grumble.  Sometimes I miss the days of disposable cameras and Nokia cell phones and zebra cakes.

8. I’ve had the song “Live Like You Were Dyin'” in my head for approximately 17 months.  Why.  Help. What is happening to me.  Is this what a stroke feels like.

9. I was going through old drafts in my email and I happened upon an old bumpdate that I wrote when I was 38 weeks pregnant that I never got around to publishing (because I ended up birthing a human that day, nbd.)  So crazy!!  Should I post it?  Would that be weird?  Probably?  Wouldn’t it be weirder to delete it though?  Maybe I should just save it?  Don’t you think?  Does anyone care?  Why aren’t you answering me?

10. Casey and I had an embarrassingly long conversation about fall daylight savings time the other day because we could NOT figure out which way we’ll need to adjust Crosby’s sleep schedule.  It was ridiculous.  But I think we’ve figured it out!  For any other parents that might be wondering, if you want to keep your kid on their normal schedule, you’ll need to push their bedtime an hour later in order to adjust to the time change.  I think.  But then reverse it, and then do it backwards.  Twice.  Now rub your stomach and pat your head and pray to the sleep angels for their sweet mercy.

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