Today is Casey and my third anniversary.  And instead of spending it together celebrating, I’m at work.  Watching someone pound the crap out of a giant piñata.  Literally.


Ok, so technically the piñata beating happened earlier today but it did happen.  And I have since eaten 2 tootsie rolls, 3 Dum Dums, 1 jawbreaker and 4 butterscotches.  Apparently it’s 1991.

Anyways!  As I was saying, Casey and I have been married for three years, today.  I knew that I’d have to work late tonight, so we celebrated last night by going out on a smokin’ hot date.  And by smokin’ hot – I mean that the only seats available at the restaurant were along the counter bar of the open-air kitchen, where there was the most intense wood burning stove that would occasionally shoot out burning hot sparks onto the unfazed chefs.  Literally the sparks would land in their hair and on their beefy shoulders and they wouldn’t bat an eye.   Anyways, despite the tropical temperatures, I couldn’t have been happier to celebrate three years with the cutest boy I know.  I mean, just look at him.

photo (2)

On one hand I can’t believe it’s already been three years since we tied the knot at that place with all the wine.  On the other hand, I think of everything that we’ve done and seen and MOVED over the last three years and it feels like a lifetime.

Regardless, there’s no one in the world I’d rather be experiencing this with than you Caseface – you are the love of my life.  After 3 years of marriage, 6 months of engagement and 4 years of dating, I still cannot believe my luck that I landed you.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love you more than I love when I see a waiter bringing me my food.  And that’s a lot.

I love you so much that I’m bringing you home a butterscotch.  Maybe even two.

I hope Gus is giving you extra kisses tonight in my absence.  I’ll see you boys later. xo Wife

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