i wanna take a nap
I have one of those feelings in my stomach today that’s typically reserved for the Sunday night blues.  You know the feeling?  It comes around every Sunday, around 4pm, like clockwork.  For me it’s a feeling like I’m nervous about something but I’m not quite sure what it is?  Tell me it’s not just me…

Lately there have been so many things going on and so many life decisions that need deciding and it’s really easy to start over-analyzing and stressing about all the things all at once.  I currently have about 63 ducks that seriously need to be put in a row.   And I feel a little overwhelmed.  But it’s life.  And whether I deal with things now or 10 minutes from now or 10 days from now doesn’t matter because I’m in that in-between part.  The part where I know what the question is but I have to weed through all the thoughts in order to get to the answer.  And all I really want to do is take a big ‘ol nap and only make decisions that have to do with what I want on my pizza and how many chocolate chips is the right amount of chocolate chips for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. THOSE are the important questions, right?

I’m also thinking about what a lovely job it would be to walk dogs for a living.  Maybe lovely isn’t the right word.  Easy?  Nah, dogs can be quite needy.  Simple?  There you go.  That sounds about right.  I think I’m looking for some simplicity today.

And so.

PS If you’re wondering, the correct answer to the above chocolate chip question is 13.  Give or take 5, depending on the diameter of the cookie.

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