the bowl that was super.

It’s Monday and I’m in a post-Super Bowl haze.  I’m fairly certain I ate enough crap dip and chips to go into hibernation for the rest of the of the winter because even my fat pants are working overtime today.  But!  It was fun – we hung out with friends, drank some drinks, I gained another chin… all part of the Super Bowl tradition.  Right?  Wait, right??  No?  Just me? Moving on.

Did anyone else get a little uncomfortable watching Beyonce gyrate onstage?  I mean, she’s a mom for pizza’s sake.  And the hair!  Before her performance started we made up a drinking game to drink every time she flipped her hair.  We’re all dead now.

I’d also just like to give a shout out to the power outage.  If not for that situation we would have missed the puppy bowl!  I am fully investigating how to get the job as puppy bowl referee.  Best gig ever.  Also, thanks power outage for this.  I think that guy in the suit probably pooed hisself.

Oh!  The commercials.  Definitely not the best SB commercial line up ever but I totally loved the Taco Bell Viva Young and the Best Buy Ask Amy spots.  I could have gone without the Go Daddy commercials.  And how awkward was the random Calvin Klein guy striking poses in his undies?  Maybe it’s just me but it felt slightly out of place when mixed in with the likes of Doritos and Stevie Wonder.

Anyways, it was a successful Super Bowl (well I guess not for the 49ers. whomp whomp).  But for me at least, it was good times.  But to make amends for yesterday’s Super Bowl of chips, please say hello to my lunch….


And breakfast.  Oh!  And dinner.  I’m doing my very first juice cleanse.  It’s actually not too bad so far.  Although I’m considering asking the juicer (weird career title) to create me my own special juice – that includes crab dip.  Baby steps, people.

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