that is one grand dog.

My mom and stepdad came for a visit this weekend and I loved every bit of it.  My mostest favoritest part of the weekend was spending some QT with my mom… but coming in a close second was watching her interact with Gus.  My mom is a what I consider a dog bystander, she doesn’t love or hate them, she tends to avoid interaction, but she does however, have a heart of gold when it comes to any animals’ overall well-being and care, and our dog in particular.  So you can imagine my excitement and amusement when she finally got to meet our little boy and made great efforts to love him almost as much as we do.


What I imagine they’re both thinking…..

Mom: Please don’t make me regret putting my face so close to your face.  I know we’re practically strangers but I feel that since you’re my granddog, we can have an unspoken agreement and connection that will allow us to coexist over the next few days.  And as time progresses I think that I will find myself actually enjoying tolerating your company.  I might even go so far as to say that you are changing my overall view on house dogs.  All of this hangs in the balance of this photo.  Please don’t fart on me.

Gus: Squirrel?!

Love you and miss you mama!  Gus says what up.

2 thoughts on “that is one grand dog.

  1. I’ve always wanted a beagle but, I have to admit, I’m mostly a “dog bystander” like your mom. Can you train a beagle? I’ve heard they are so led by their nose that it’s nearly impossible. Also, I love the pics of your baby on this site. So adorable!

    1. Hi Dena! Thanks so much for the comment! And yes, you’re correct; it is super difficult to train beagles because of how intensely they follow their noses. Our older beagle, Gus, is pretty much the most frustrating dog ever to take on walks for that very reason. But, we definitely could have spent some more time training him when he was a puppy. It’s a good thing he’s cute because he can be a handful! ;) I hear they get a little easier to handle with age, so you could always look into adopting an older beagle! If you’re in the PNW, Cascade Beagle Rescue is a great organization to look into. It’s where we adopted our second beagle, Eddie. Good luck! :)

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