tales of toddlerhood.

In the early days of parenthood, our house was a big ol’ mess of diapers and bottles and breast pump paraphernalia. Sleep deprivation and survival mode made it somewhat impossible to keep a tidy home.  But then there was a bit of a turning point when Crosby was about 7-8 months when there wasn’t such a mess anymore. We had a fairly established routine, Crosby was eating/sleeping on a schedule, he wasn’t mobile yet, I felt like I had time to clean up and keep my house fairly organized.  Ahh…memories…

But these days, now that Crosby is walking, our house looks like an episode of Hoarders.  It’s insane how much of a mess one tiny person can make.  And it’s not just that he makes a mess, but he likes to move things around.  Take things from one room and relocate them to another.  Just because.  The other day there were 4 legos in my left boot and a tupperware lid in the right.  Just this morning I noticed that there was a bag of dog treats in the bathtub.  My shampoo bottle is currently under the dining room table.  We found our TV remote in a box in the recycling bin. There are tampons literally everywhere, because that’s what keeps Crosby occupied when I’m getting ready in the bathroom, playing with tampons.  And then he carries them around with him and hides them in fun little spots for us to find when we have company over.  (He’s gonna LOVE this blog post when he’s older.)  I’m constantly asking him, “where is your other shoe?” for who knows what reason, it’s not like I expect him to respond.  But for the love of hummus, stop putting your shoes in the hamper, kid!  He’s always under my supervision, so how does he get away with these shenanigans?!

There’s a certain amount of control one has to give up when they have a toddler on their hands.  I mean, I could spend literal hours following Crosby around, picking up items that he’s deposited in unsuspecting spots.  But where’s the fun in that?  I mean, who doesn’t enjoy finding their watch in the record player?  Who doesn’t love to look for their keys for 45 minutes before leaving for a doctor’s appointment?  (Though this could totally be my fault, one time pre-Crosby I lost my keys and after HOURS of searching, I found them in the silverware drawer.  Like mother like son?)  But honestly, I’ve found that it’s much easier to let go and worry about the messes (and finding my cell phone) later.

And anyways, there’s really no point of this post, except maybe to suggest you keep a close eye on your belongings if you ever come to our house.

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Where does your toddler hide things?  Tell me tell me!

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