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when the parents come to town.

Hi loves!

How is your week going? I’m struggling to find my mojo this week. Which typically happens after we have a particularly stellar weekend, like we just did.  My mama and stepdad were here and just left yesterday morning, so my usual “case of the Monday’s” has crept into Tuesday as well.  Blerg.

The parents actually drove here from MN to bring us some really amazing stuff for our house and to get rid of pass on some of my childhood boxes.  More on that later.  I still can’t believe that they made that trek for us.  We haven’t even made the drive from OR to MN yet!  But we’re so grateful that they did.  Both Casey and I got really lucky in the parent department.  Best in the world, if you ask me.

Friday we played hooky from work and went whitewater rafting, as one usually does with their parents.  Right?  It was so so amazing.  But sweet little baby jeebus, that water was facking cold!  Saturday was spent thrifting for homey stuff, hitting up as many food carts as possible and hanging out in general.  And on Sunday us ladies tended to Urban Outfitters and coffee while our guys built a bench from scratch.  I’m still in awe over that.  It looks like a bench and is sturdy and everything!  Proud of those boys.

In true parent fashion, they dropped me off at work yesterday before leaving town to head back to the motherland.  I held it together pretty well as we hugged on the street corner.  But as soon as I walked away (in my backpack no less, like a giant child) I immediately missed my mama.  And there’s something about them driving away rather than flying, I could physically feel the distance between us growing with every minute.  

It’s always difficult, the saying goodbye part of the program.  Which is a given since we live so far away from our favorite people.  And I don’t think we’ll ever quite master it.  It might even get more difficult each time.  But that’s life?  And we should be grateful for the time we do get to spend together?  Or whatever you’re supposed to say to make yourself feel better when you miss someone?

Despite my whining, it was such a good time.  Here is some photographical evidence, if you care to see…

rafters[ nothing says Good Morning like 50 degree water, up my shorts.  heyo! ]familybig [ I found a Zoltar machine, just like in the movie Big!  But my fortune was less than life-changing… it said something about returning my Netflix on time.  Which sucks because I was really looking forward to playing the floor piano at FAO Schwartz and getting an apartment in the city with a giant trampoline and bunk beds. And yelling, “$187 DOLLARS!”…. Sigh.  ]  coffeeJPGgrub[ a parent’s first falafel must be documented. ]mamaandme[ we did not plan the red sweatshirt/black yoga pants thing.  we just have a tendency to show up wearing the same thing.  even when we’re under the same roof.  great minds… and all of that.  ] woodsman  woodsman2[ our proud bench-builders. ]groupy

Ma & Tim, we love and miss you so much.  Thank you for your zucchini bread, your woodworking skills, your mutual adoration of popcorn, your cravings for middle-class ice cream, your love for your granddog, and mostly for loving and supporting us the way you do…yourewelcome