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I definitely jinxed myself with all the talk of sun and weather is neat! in my last post because since then it’s been raining pretty consistently.  Big deal though right… it’s Portland, it’s to be expected.  However, when you bike to and from work most days, the rain can be a real beeotch to deal with.  Yesterday’s bike ride home left me looking like something that was pulled out of a clogged drain.  I.was.drenched.  Luckily though, I had my trusty backpack cover to protect all my backpack goodies…

photo (30)[ And by backpack cover, I mean garbage bag. ]

I’m sure I was quite the spectacle on my way home: hood on over my helmet, pants glued to my legs, feet slipping off the wet pedals, and giant garbage bag on my back.  But again, it’s Portland – so I’m sure people just assumed I was homeless or collecting rain water on my back for my farm co-op.

This morning wasn’t so hot either.  It wasn’t raining when I left home so I figured I’d be safe… but the Rain God’s decided to dump a few billion buckets of water down halfway through my ride.  Again, drenched.  I had to change immediately into the only dry things in my backpack – the result of which is that I’m now wearing yoga pants with heels.  It’s really cute.

photo (31)[ Yup, that’s Gus as my screen saver.  I’m a proud mama. ]

I’ll save you the torture of looking at this rats nest otherwise known as my hair.  Also, is it normal to find mascara on your earlobe after a bike ride?  Bottom line, I’ve been looking pretty stellar for the past 2 days.

Maybe by writing this post I can jinx myself the opposite way back into some sunshine?  Rain is awesome and junk!