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full-figured tuesday.

IMG_0008It’s Fat Tuesday, y’all!  Which is just, really really great.  Any “holiday” with the word “fat” in it is “ok by me”.  If ya know what I mean.  We had a potluck at work and I almost can’t even tell you what I brought because it’s actually too embarrassingly healthy to be cool on Fat Tuesday.  But wait, hear me out.  Before I decided what to bring, everyone else claimed things like mac and cheese, beer cheese soup, cheese dip, king cake, etc. etc.  So I says to myself, hey… lady, you could either bring one more thing smothered in cheese, OR you could bring something pseudo-healthy and maybe decrease your chances of needing to unbutton your pants at 1pm.  So, that’s what I did.  I made caprese skewers.  (Thanks for the idea, ma!)  Which are actually so so good and they DO have cheese in them so you know, still par for the course.  Fear not though, I still wore an extra baggy shirt in case I needed to.. ahem… loosen the pantaloons this afternoon.  I’m no fool.

Tonight I’m going to a show at one of my favorite venues in Portland to see the MarchFourth Marching Band, which is this awesome Portland-based group that’s part big band, part funk group, part burlesque-type situation.  Which makes total sense, right?  It’s Fat Tuesday!  Anything goes!  Or something.  I’ve never seen them before but I’ve heard great things. And I played the clarinet in marching band in high school so I’ll probably be totally in my element… although I have a feeling these guys will be a wee bit more entertaining than a bunch high school jerks playing “Shadows of the Night” while marching through the streets of Alexandria, MN.  Poor Pat Benatar… she will forevermore remind me high-waisted white pants, orthopedic shoes and clarinet reeds.   My glory days, some might say.  Or not say.


Happy Fat Tuesday to you and your skinny jeans.  Godspeed.