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weekend recap. and casey is home!

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Casey got home last night from his long weekend in Minnesota and we’re all super pumped to have him back, for various reasons.  We all missed him a lot, obvi.  (<—sorry)  But I know Crosby particularly missed the made-up songs that his papa (loudly) sings to him on the changing table.  I missed taking a shower in peace and, on this particular day, having someone around who is willing to be on the “removal” end of the Nose Frida.  ::shudder::  And the dogs?  They likely missed having someone around who doesn’t bark (heh) at them nonstop to quit making so much noise during nap time.  So, anyways.  Welcome home Casebear.  We all missed you like crazy!  And will continue to miss you since you won’t be home until after a work event tonight.  Waa.

How do single parents do it?!  I only have one fairly easy kiddo and I still got worn out by taking care of literally everything for just 4 days.  I mentioned to a friend, who asked how it was going, that the first two nights Casey was gone I put Crosby to bed at 7:30, and by 7:31 I was sitting on the couch with a glass of wine.  (See!  I told you in one of my last posts… netflix and wine, people.  That’s the majority of my evenings.  Netflix and wine.)  But anyways, single parents.  I can’t imagine.  I can’t imagine my long weekend being your every single day.  Not that my weekend was especially hard, it was actually great fun.  But also?  Exhausting.  There’s no off button when you’re doing it alone.  There’s no downtime to even like, look the other direction.  You have to be on and focused at all times.  Lest you want your child to drop a book on his head resulting in a little cut right between his eyes (guilty).   It’s so much easier to have someone else to help partner you through the good, bad, the smelly and the snotty.  But also, to share in the fun stuff too!  So single, parents… you have my utmost respect.  You have my admiration.  You can also have all of my wine.

All that said, we honestly did had a really great weekend. We hit up a bunch of parks.  We found a Halloween costume for the Cros.  (It’s not the turkey hat below, though I think that’s going to be mandatory at Thanksgiving this year.) We also went on a whole bunch of walks, met up with some pals, got ice cream with some old friends that were in town, and went to a barbecue.  The weather was aces and I made lasagna.  Among other less notable food things.  I also cleaned the house, decorated for Halloween (Don’t get too excited.  I have approximately 3 decorations so it took me all of 7 minutes to “decorate”.) and made it about halfway through an actual book.  BTW, ever since I got past the annoyance of the word “tidying”, I’m actually really loving the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  I like to imagine a really clean, clutter-free home filled with only things I truly love… Which would be my family, my Birkenstocks, Crosby’s baby book, and of course, Netflix and wine.

This week is supposed to be beautifully fall-ish so we’re hoping to spend a bunch of time outside.  That is, if a certain little person’s aforementioned snotty nose is kept under control.  There is nothing worse than seeing your kid wake up with a face full of crust.  Actually, I’m sure there are many things that are much worse than that.  But on this particular day, it’s the worse.  And the grodiest.

Grainy iphone photos, ahoy!

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“Oh, hey Crosby, could you please not fall out of that cupboard that you climbed into until after I take a picture of you? Thanks.”

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset
Assuming our N&W positions. (Netflix & wine! Are we sick of this reference yet?)

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset
Crosby’s stroller demeanor is so stoic and silent.  It’s really quite frightening/lovely.

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

That’s it.  That’s all.

Happy Tuesday, my friends!


new year weekend stuffs.

shawnnathompson_ny_coast_5Happy first Monday of the year!  Whomp.

How was your New Year’s Eve’s’s’s’s?  Glittery and champagney and Carson Daley-ey?  What did you do and who did you see?

Our good friends had a NYE party, so we loaded up Crosby and all his gear and schlepped it over to their place.  We got to show the baby off for a bit and then we tucked him in to sleep in a nice quiet room so that we could go off and have drinks and play flip cup.  Because nothing says “responsible parent” like a game of flip cup, two levels below your sleeping baby.

Also, nothing says “responsible parent” like missing the countdown because you’re breastfeeding your kid in your friend’s spare bedroom at 11:58pm.  When the clock struck midnight, Casey and I were upstairs with Crosby and we had no idea.  We all of a sudden heard our friends cheering from the living room and so we looked at the clock, then looked at each other and said “oh.. I think it’s 2015 now?” / “should we kiss?” / “sure.”  So, we leaned in and gave each other a smooch, lightly smashing Crosby’s face into my boob in the process.

Happy first New Year, little guy.

Anyhoo.  I really have no resolutions this year (what kind of blogger am I?) because I feel like I have enough to occupy my mind these days.  But we are doing Whole 30 for the month of January because dammit I need to lose those last few pounds of baby weight that are still hanging on for dear life on my stomach/ass/legs/arms/chins.  I think that about covers it.  My fingers have slimmed down quite nicely though, thanks for asking ;)  Anyways, we’re 5 days into the diet and so far so good.  Although it’s expensive and I feel like I’ve pretty much eaten the same things for my last 15 meals.  And I just want a block of cheese for the love of Harry Potter!  Other than that, it’s not too bad.  I have to admit though that we cheated and each had a few beers this past weekend because we refuse to let this diet ruin our social life.  So, you know, priorities.

Other weekend haps: we took a trip to Cannon Beach on the coast. It was Crosby’s first trip there and he was so very pleased.  And by that I mean he stared at things with the same impassive look he wears 99% of the time.  He totally pulls it off.  OH!  And the whole way to and from the coast (and then basically for the rest of the weekend) we listened to Serial.  We became obsessed!  Have you guys listened?  What do you think?  I still don’t know what to believe even now that it’s over.  Gah!

Picture time? Sure, why not.

shawnnathompson_ny_coast_8 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_6 IMG_3866shawnnathompson_ny_coast_3 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_1 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_2 IMG_3925 IMG_3912 IMG_3905 IMG_3898 IMG_3897 IMG_3880 IMG_3877 IMG_3875shawnnathompson_ny_coast_4

Peace out 2014!

weekend recap: sweating and other things.


So right, it’s Monday again.  Classic.

First, let’s get one thing out of the way since I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath… I’m happy to inform you that we DID get a gym membership this weekend.  It felt good.  Felt real good.  Except immediately after our first workout, which felt real sweaty.  But you know, otherwise good.

We were so proud of our accomplishments that we promptly rewarded ourselves with mexican food.  As one does.  The sun also decided to reward us by coming out of hiding.  So the bulk of Saturday was spent outside, wandering around our neighborhood and then meeting some pals at an Oktoberfest celebration at a brewery nearby.  Gym + mexican food + german beer = a pretty fulfilling day if you ask me.

Anyway anyway.  We also had high hopes for Sunday…  and we DID actually get up to watch football at 10am like we planned.  We put on our party pants and downed some bloody mary’s at a sheisty old pub that smelled of feet and served some pretty questionable cheese fries.  The people watching was fantastic; lots of squirrely football fans throwing out eff bombs and drinking tequila shots before noon, so that was something.  But then we then went home and sat down… for the rest of the day.  For reasons.  Or not.  Regardless, we have some catch up to do on laundry and yardwork and you know, just being productive in general.

But that’s what shitty old Monday is for, right?

Without further ado, here’s a few pics from our Saturday Don’tmatterday.

sweat[ #swass #swoobs #swack ] IMG_0275

IMG_0278 [ put a knob on it ] IMG_0285 IMG_0287[ the news ]IMG_0296  IMG_0299IMG_0300 [ sangria blanca from ¿por que no?… yes please and thank you every day of the week ]IMG_0308IMG_0294 [ Saturday’s are for buying hats and prancing around with this guy… ♥ ]IMG_0282 [ Finally found a store that serves both my incense and my axe-ing needs ] 

So, here’s to another week.  May it be filled with more sweat and mexican food.  Preferably at separate times.

oh hi! i have a blog and here is a post. also, lindsey was here.

Hi, my name is Shawnna and I’m a shitty blogger.  It’s been 10 days since my last post.  I’m having withdrawals.

Sorry for the MIA-ness lately.  It’s been cray cray town up in the heezy for the past few weeks.  Or let’s be honest, more like the past few months. Summer, man, am I right?

So here we are.  Thursday in September.  Who saw that one coming?  Not me…  And Portland is totally being a shit and is all like Oh, it’s September?  Ok cool I’ll be suddenly rainy and just deal with it!


Let’s take it back a few days though, shall we?  Back to the days of the sun.  This past (sunny) weekend one of my besties and her BF came to stay with us for the long holiday weekend.  And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one of my top 4 Portland weekends with them.  So much fun, those two are.  I think my flabs are still a little sore from all the giggs.  If there’s one thing my little LA and I are good for, it’s making each other snort laugh to the point of hurt-face.  I love her so…

We spent the weekend bike riding along the waterfront, hanging at breweries, nerding out at arcades, clearing out bars at karaoke, then having karaoke-induced hangovers, exploring, humdingering, hiking, cliff jumping and stuffing our faces at food carts.  A true Portland experience.  And the weather did it’s little thing where it makes people all googly-eyed and wonder what it’d be like to move here… and we did our little thing where we made this little/big city seem amazinger than usual. So I’m not-so-secretly hoping the weather and I fooled LA + boyf just enough to make them move here.  (cue the evil laugh)  Mwahahahaha!


funny frands



rizzijumps  punchbowls[ love you to the moon and back lindspoop. ]

So after that weekend of verbal debauchery, we’ve been laying low, getting back into the swing of things, and you know, in general just being amazing at life.

Tonight we’re headed to our first broadway play in Portland.  We bought season tickets this year so we’ve got 6 plays on our horizon.  Our rainy horizon.  Sigh…. Can’t win em all, can you Stumptown?  (I initially wrote that ‘can’t wine them all’… so we all know where my head is at today.)


weekend recap: from montana, with love.

And we’re back!  Nice to see you.  Although I can’t believe the weekend is over and it’s Monday, again. Must it happen every week?

So we were in Montana for a wedding this weekend, which was so much fun. The ceremony was beautiful, the company was top-notch and lierally all the fun was had. Great Falls itself wasn’t exactly as I had pictured though. In my head it was all mountains and rivers and wildlife… and Jake Gyllenhaal in a flannel, drinking a Coors Lite at the local watering hole. In reality, it was very middle-America looking, the wildlife consisted of flies and squirrels and there were no mountains in sight. And as far as Jake G…. well, there were men, and there was Coors Lite, and that’s where the similarities end. Good thing I had my husband there as a back-up.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. Not at all. It just wasn’t what I was expecting. And in fact I felt happy there because it actually took me back about 10 years to my midwest roots. We went to Dairy Queen for the first time in years, I heard the Cranberries playing on the radio (twice) and beers were $2.50 at The Max, our bar du’jour for the weekend. Which I believe makes me Kelly Kapowski. (Just go with it.) And in case you didn’t hear me the first time, $2.50 beers! …the heck?

On Saturday we took a little trolley ride with our friends Teddy & Eileen so we could experience some of the Great Falls majesty.  Take a look if you’d like….IMG_0228IMG_0242IMG_0255IMG_0235 IMG_0234IMG_0254

And then we headed to a quaint little venue for the beautiful wedding.  And we got to laugh and dance and drink all night with some pretty great people. It’s hard to believe we only met these guys last summer…

IMG_4366 montanawut  IMG_4374 porkweddingOn that note, congrats Davenpork’s! We love ya. And CHEERS to the first set of married friends we now have in Portland!! We should probably start a game night and have a conversation about filing jointly on your taxes, cuz that’s what we married folks do.

(thanks Eileen for some of the photos.  and also for the “floss” :)

weekend recap: we camped our butts off.

Hullo there!  If you’ve made it over to this here site, congrats!  I feel as though the transition to thatsmeinthemiddle.com may be tough on a few of us.  Also, if anyone knows how to do any of this hosting, backend, SEO, xml transfer stuff, come teach me your skills because woof.  This stuff is cornfusing!

So let’s talk about something way more exciting.  Like camping!  We finally made it happen this past weekend, my boys and I.  And we loved it, as we usually do.

Did you know that some people don’t love camping?  Pshhh.  I was just chatting with a coworker who does not see the appeal in sleeping on the ground and building fires and not showering for 3 days.  I mean, I guess he has a point.  Camping can be dirty and cold and uncomfortable and I’m not exactly ecstatic that I can still smell campfire in my hair today.  But my midwest heart loves all of it.  And I’m lucky that Casey does too.  Gus could definitely skip it, he spends most of his time freaking out at passerby’s and nature and basically anything that makes any noise or movement.  Not much has changed since last year.

But I really love it.  The whole experience…. wandering through the woods, the crackle of a good fire, pulling on two pairs of socks and snuggling into my sleeping bag, roasting ‘mallows and of course, indulging in too many Coors Lites AND fire-pizzas.  It’s actually pretty incredibly how much bread we go through on our camping trips but I won’t talk about that because it’s camping and you need your nutrients.

Not to mention the place we went this weekend was by far the most beautiful of all the places. Don’t believe me?  Take a whiff…


I mean really, Oregon.

So we did all the camping things and came back a little heavier in the stomachs but a little lighter in the minds.  Which is a fair trade, if you ask me.  Throw in some hiking and it’s like the three four pizzas for dinner didn’t really make that much of a difference.  Right?

Also, can we talk about how pretty my pictures are?   Well my friends, that’s because we are now the proud owners of a fancy shmancy Canon!  That’s right, my main man did me proud and surprised me with it right when we got to our campsite.  He’s a keeper this one.


And now for the photo portion of the program.

IMG_0155pizzas[ fire-pizzas are my nostalgic camping food.  also, i don’t wear makeup when i camp.  sorry i’m not sorry. ]IMG_0156 IMG_0066uncoordinated[ of course Gus posed very perfectly for Casey.  for me though he had a faceplanting deathwish.  ]IMG_0135IMG_0181[ gus isn’t spoiled at all.  nor does he shed.  true story. ] IMG_0147IMG_0171

That’s it that’s all!  Thanks for stopping by and remember to tip your waiter.

weekend recap.

Hullo Monday!!  Let’s pretend we’re excited to see you, shall we?  Fake it til you make it, and stuff.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Ours was good.  Not fantastic, not god-awful, just plain old good.  You feel me?

We attempted to go camping on Mt Hood on Friday, but halfway up the mountain the weather switched from sunny to the Perfect Storm.  Like, scary, swirly, cartoon-style lightening and hail storm.  Dang it if I wasn’t excited to experience lightening and thunder though!  That’s (one of the) crazy things about Portland, it rains like whoa but there are never actually any thunderstorms.  I miss them so terribly much… Anyways!  It was creepy and we decided we didn’t really feel like death by lightening bolt so we turned around, went home and watched 3 episodes of Orange is the New Black instead.  Has anyone else been watching that show?  We’re obsessed.  Netflix has been killing it with their original series’s lately, don’t you think?

So no camping for us, but who doesn’t love to spend 5 hours in the car for no reason?

pup shoulder[ somebody really wanted to sit in the front seat with me. ]

family photo[ family photo of the camping trip that wasn’t. ]

We also hit up a driving range on Saturday.  It’s only been 3 years since I hit a golf ball and it’s kind of shocking how sore my back is.  I was pleasantly surprised though that I didn’t accidentally toss my club while swinging OR intentionally bash it into the ground out of frustration.  Neither of those things have ever happened before, of course.  (…side-eye….)  I’m NOT a good golfer, let’s just be honest here.  This is a safe space.

It was way more fun than I remembered though.  And we weren’t even drinking beers!  Riddle me that.

Check out all our skillz.

casey golfs[ he was really patient with me.  and he gave me most of the balls.  which sounds weird.  ]

golfer 1[ i’m so good and golf is serious. ]

golfer 2[ just kidding i’m terrible and weeee! ]

Is it Tuesday yet?