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friday things.

:: casually sidesteps the awkward fact that she hasn’t blogged in 3 months… ::

1. Both of my kids are currently napping at the same time!  This doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I freak out about all the “free time” I have and then spend an inappropriate amount of time debating what I should do with said “free time”, which ends up being just a big fat waste of the “free time”!  I could take a nap too, but the few times I’ve tried that during the elusive double kid nap, I barely fall asleep before I’m woken up by human foghorns and then I just end up feeling like a piece of old sushi for the rest of the day. (<— what.)  I also kind of want to just watch TV or read a book or something… but I’m not currently into any shows (any recos?) and the book I’m reading is about parenting so that’s super boring.  (ha.)  I usually just end up doing chores… laundry, emptying the dishwasher, washing wine glasses, etc. etc.  But that stuff sucks, so today I’m letting the dishes sit in the sink so I can go back to my roots and do some good old-fashioned blogging on the interwebs.  Excuse me while I dust off my Mario Teaches Typing skills.

2.  annnnnnnd Crosby just woke up, so I’ll see ya again in 5 months!

**I’m back.  It’s 3 weeks later.  ::facepalm::

So let’s just try to get through this quickly, shall we?  (That’s what she said.) ((Sorry, I’m a little rusty.)) (((That’s what she said.))) ((((Ugh.))))

3. We FINALLY found and moved into our new house last month.  It’s a sweet bungalow in South Minneapolis, and we are absolutely, 100% loving it.  Eh…. make that 99%….. I just found some weird bugs in Willa’s room and I’m a little squicked out.

4. We took a family vacation to San Diego with my mom, stepdad, brothers + their fams a few weeks ago and it was super fun… we truly had a blast.  However.  A “vacation” with two small children…. can we actually call that a vacation?  It’s kind of like everyday life, in a different setting, doing much more exciting errands.  Actually, this old Huff Post article sums up my feelings prettttty perfectly.  No but seriously, we had a great time.  And if I had my shit together better I would have written a whole post about it with lots of photos… instead you’ll just have to use your imagination to picture us building Crosby a potty (AKA large hole) in the sand so we wouldn’t have to leave the beach to find a bathroom.

5. I wrote an article for a website a few years ago when we first moved to Portland about how hard it is to make friends as an adult.  And many years later, I feel like I’m reliving that yet again.  Don’t get me wrong, some of our very best friends in the whole world live within an hour or two of us right now, which is baller.  (<—- stop.)  But not many of them live super close by.  Like, bop on over for a quick playdate or a glass of wine close by.  So I’m still very much feeling the growing pains of moving to a “new” city.  I really haven’t made any new friends since we got back here and I’m kinda just like… howwwww do I do this?  Is there a dating site for making friends??  If so, ugh, no thanks… that actually sounds awful.  I’ll just have a drink by mahself.

6. Speaking of, I miss Portland daily.  That place has a large chunk of my heart.  And my stomach, actually. If someone could send me a pound of Stumptown, a salmon flight from Bamboo, a khati roll from Bollywood, some salted caramel ice cream from Salt & Straw, a Loukanika salami from Olympic Provisions, a bottle case of wine from Stoller, chicken wings from Pok Pok, an Arbor Lodge breakfast sandwich from The Big Egg, a poke bowl from Zupans, and all of my Portland friends, that’d be great!  (I promise I won’t eat my friends, though.)

7.  I really really love my dogs.  But I really REALLY enjoyed having a 3-month break from them.  I REALLY REALLY appreciate my in-laws for babysitting them for 3 months while we looked for a house.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to purchase some lint roller refills.

**Was interrupted by kiddos again.  It’s 4 days later, BTW.

8. Remember in Dumb & Dumber when Jim Carrey asks that guy if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world?  Well, my sweet Willa has perfected that sound.  Like, to a T.  She usually whips it out during the witching hour when all hell is already breaking loose.  It’s suuuuuper precious.

9. Speaking of my sweet Bill (unfortunate nickname that she’s stuck with, sorry gurl!), she is almost 8 MONTHS OLD.  Please excuse me while I sob into her newborn pj’s.  And my little Crosboy is going to be 3 in August.  How.  Why.  Etcetera.  Seriously though, I feel like time has flown by since we moved here.  Yet, somehow I haven’t aged a day.  :: she says as she tucks her boobs into her jeans and plucks a gray hair out of her eyebrow. ::

10. The other day Crosby pooped in the potty and wiped himself… with his hand.  And then wiped his hand on the wall.  I’m just going to leave you with that little visual.

Have a great day!

babymoon trip or whatever you want to call it.

shawnnathompson_babymoon_21Two weekends ago, we went on our babymoon.  It sort of makes me cringe to say that, because I think it’s a ridiculously stupid word.  Babymoon. Like I picture babies showing their butts and stuff whenever I hear it. But you know what?  A vacation is a vacation and I’ll take it and call it whatever the pregnancy god’s tell me to.  Baby butt vacation, sign me up.

We decided a looong time ago that we wanted to take a little getaway before Tiny Thomps arrived.  We started a little vacation fund basically the day after we found out we were pregnant.  Casey and I don’t go on many trips alone together.  Actually, the last one we took alone was our honeymoon OVER FOUR YEARS AGO.  (Apparently we only take trips with the word “moon” in them.  Read into it what you will.)  I mean, we’ve definitely gone places since then… to see family, to visit friends… it’s not like we never get away.  We just rarely get away just the two of us.  Since we’ve had a crazy busy summer, August was the earliest we could make it work.  And since August is right before September, and I’m due to birth a child in September, we didn’t think we should really travel very far.  Nobody wants to deliver a baby on a plane.  Or on the side of the road.  So we stayed somewhat close-ish to home and went to Sisters, OR for a long weekend getaway.  If you’ve ever been, you know how sweet and quaint and lovely it is.  We stayed at an amazing lodge right on the edge of town that had a movie house, brewery and spa on site.  So go ahead and feel a little jealous of us, we won’t mind.

shawnnathompson_babymoon_2shawnnathompson_babymoon_16 shawnnathompson_babymoon_4shawnnathompson_babymoon_20shawnnathompson_babymoon_7 shawnnathompson_babymoon_12You guys!  I got to ride an electric bike for ladies!  And when I say bike, I mean an adult-sized trike that was really only meant for the lodge staff to haul stuff around the grounds, but of course they let my charming pregnant ass borrow it.  I can’t quite put into words how excited I was to go on a bike ride, especially since I haven’t hopped on one since before I was pregnant for fear of falling off. (It’s happened before.)  I don’t really like to imagine what I must have looked like riding this thing but I loved every second of it.
shawnnathompson_babymoon_13shawnnathompson_babymoon_14shawnnathompson_babymoon_5shawnnathompson_babymoon_15shawnnathompson_babymoon_17shawnnathompson_babymoon_6shawnnathompson_babymoon_3We went on a little hike one morning, which lasted all of 1/2 of a mile before I panicked about going into labor in the middle of the woods and turned around.  I was then followed down the trail by a large-sized squirrel, who I can only assume saw me and figured I had massive quantities of food to share with him.  shawnnathompson_babymoon_1shawnnathompson_babymoon_9We treated ourselves to a couples massage – which was Casey’s first massage ever, which also must be documented.  Can’t you just feel his excitement?!  Also, please excuse my naked face. I didn’t wear makeup all weekend long – per Casey’s orders.  He actually like, insisted on it.  I still don’t get it but I love him for it. 
shawnnathompson_babymoon_10Another first… sorta.  This was Casey’s first hamburger in over 2 years, since we stopped eating meat.  Kind of a big deal.  He didn’t f*ck around either – this beast had bacon and gorgonzola cheese sauce and a whole pile of onions.  Cue the meat sweats.
shawnnathompson_babymoon_11shawnnathompson_babymoon_8shawnnathompson_babymoon_19We listened to some great live music at dinner on our last night.  Though I must say that the singer had somewhat of an… ugly singing face.  You know what I’m talking about?  Lots of singers have it.  Dave Matthews has it.  Jessica Simpson has it.  It’s as if their face is physically rejecting the music out of their body.  It’s really distracting and it makes me uncomfortable.  I have such problems.shawnnathompson_babymoon_18The thing of it is, it’s so easy to lose track of what it means to be a husband/wife in everyday life.  Things get busy and you fall into a routine and then you naturally take on these other roles that sometimes distract you from being couple… instead we become the dog walker, the cook, the bill payer, the errand runner, etc.  And we know that once the baby is here, it’ll be even harder to prioritize “us”.  So we truly appreciated and made the most of having this time alone to just be together with no distractions, no dogs, no yard work or meals to worry about.  It really was a great baby butt vacation. 

So. We’ve officially crossed the last of our big summer plans off our list!  Next up, childbirth.  No biggie.

a desert date with my gals.

IMG_0062Last weekend I took a trip to Palm Springs/Yucca Valley with some of my best pals to celebrate babies, birthdays and just other regular life stuff.  It was amazing, and I’m still coming down from the high of hanging out with some of my favorite people in one of my favorite places.  We stayed with my crazy beautiful auntie Jules who lives outside of Yucca Valley about 10 miles. Technically in Rimrock, just past Pioneertown, if we’re talking logistics.  Take a right at the tumbleweed and a left at the 82nd joshua tree, kinda living.  It’s out there.  She so very kindly hosted us at her vacation rental house, which is conveniently situated right across the “street” from her house.  For 3 days we wandered back and forth down the sandy dirt road between the two houses and got completely lost in the beauty and quiet of the high desert. Except… when we weren’t quiet.  Which was often.

I can’t even explain how much I love spending time there.  For the most part, there’s no cell reception, which is just sort of everything.  And as I mentioned, it’s so damn quiet.  Save for the neighbor’s rooster who really has no sense of timing.  Also, the STARS.  The stars just show off out there, totally strutting their stuff.  We definitely saw some galaxies and shit.  But there’s just something about being out in the middle of the desert, away from all the buzz and hum of regular life that makes you appreciate life.  It just gives you the ability to THINK about appreciating life.  Ya know?

I’d been jonesing for some real productive girl’s time lately.  You know the kind where you start talking and don’t stop for 72 hours?  Every man’s worst nightmare.  But last weekend lived up to every ounce of expectation I had for us to just, word vomit all over each other.  In the most ladylike way possible, of course.  I have to say that I have an amazing group of friends – they are by far the most intelligent, driven and beautiful people that I know.  And every time I hang out with them, I leave feeling inspired.  To be a better person, to live healthier, to find joy in my family and career…. this time I also left feeling like I need the next 7 weeks to fly by so I can have a damned glass of damn wine dammit.  Because being the DD is getting a little old?

Speaking of which, you may ask yourself why a 7.3 months pregnant lady would choose Palm Springs as her vacation destination in mid-July, and the answer is whatever.  I’d been wanting to see auntie and my gals and it worked out just so.  Plus, I still haven’t gotten to the point where I’m cursing the heat.  Yet.

Here come the photos, are you excited?


We took a trip to the Integratron, which is just past the 12th palm tree and over the 72nd hill in Landers.  Have you been?  The sound bath experience is freaking crazy amazing.  You hang out in this sound chamber that supposedly has these special geomagnetic forces and lay down with a bajillion pillows while someone plays crystal bowls and it’s just like this mind explosion for your nervous system.  Pure hippie heaven. If you’re juuuust pregnant enough you’ll want to find that special position on your side and pass out for 20 minutes before your bladder starts barking.  Which will happen if you indulge in the Integratron well water.  The Integratroners are ALL about their well water.  Or something.


IMG_0030IMG_2488IMG_0039IMG_0046IMG_0009Did I mention that Jules has 4 dogs?  FOUR.  Snuggle heaven. IMG_0036IMG_0053IMG_0055We spent our last night at Pappy and Harriet’s in Pioneertown, which is just the ultimate high desert experience.  With some pretty great mac and cheese if I do say so.  The best kind of way to wrap up a weekend with a bunch of crazy bia’s.


Until next time, sweet sunset.

THANK YOU Julesy, for the best baby shower weekend.  You are one in a million. OMGMF! xo

every day should be floriday.

IMG_6449Every time I type Florida, I end up adding a “y” to the end.  Floriday is way cuter, they should probably change it.

So we’re back in Portland after the longest/shortest vacation in Florida.  You know when it feels like you were gone forever, yet you just left yesterday?  That’s the feeling.  And can we all agree that there are few things worse than coming back from a great vacation?  It’s quite depressing actually.  There’s so much build up to the trip and then you have this really great time and then all of a sudden you’re on the plane coming back home and looking at work emails and it’s back to business as usual and it sucks.  Not a fan.  Whenever I come back from vacation and I’m feeling bummed, I remember the time my (guy) friend cried on our way home from spring break in college because he was so bummed that it was over.  At least I’m not that big of a weenie… ;) 

Anyway, anyway.  The trip to the Keys was amazing. On the guest list: my mom, stepdad, little bro and his girlfriend, big brother, sister-in-law and two nephews.  It was our first time to that part of Florida, and it was pretty incredible.  The sun was freaking hot, the sand was warm, and the humidity was out of control.  All the fixins for a great tropical vacay.
Here’s a little recap of our trip, in pictures.  If you’d care to see….
First up.  The house we stayed at was amazing.
florida_1 IMG_1849
The house was right on the water, but we spent most of our time in the pool.  Partly because it was way awesome, and partly because it was hot as balls. florida_4.jpgI attempted to crawl across this stellar foam floatie path.  I only made it onto the first floatie before effortlessly sinking.  Le sigh.

IMG_2004IMG_1977My 2-year old nephew Harmon is fearless and would jump into the pool every chance he could.  And every time we’d hold our breath as he’d miss the edge by about a half an inch.  Truth be told, I was a little jealous of those kiddos though.  I would have given anything to be able to jump carelessly into the pool, instead of slowly rolling my fatsuit body into it.
Isn’t my mama a beaut?  I gotta find out her secret one of these days…
florida_6.jpgIMG_2048florida_8The amount of swack and swass happening in the above picture is probably record breaking.  That’s what 90 degrees and one million percent humidity will do to a family of midwesterners.
IMG_2169IMG_2171IMG_2167Aren’t brothers the best?  Mine are, at least.  Also, I could drink virgin pina coladas for dayz.  Until this trip, I’d never really thought too much about how pregnant ladies have to drink “virgin” cocktails.  Seems kinda judgy, don’t you think?  

I’d pay some good money to be back at this place with these people right meow.  I love you, family.

Random sidenote.  Today marks my 2nd anniversary of this here blog.  And I want to say thanks a million to you all for reading my stories week after week.  You give me a reason to keep doing this silly writing thing that I love to do.  Fist bump emoji… xo


bumpdate: 24 weeks

This post comes to you from the sunny shore of the Florida Keys, where Casey and I are on vacation with my family for the week.  The trip so far has been nothing short of amazing and the thought of leaving on Saturday makes me want to punch a bird.

We’ve rented a beachfront house in Islamorada and it’s pretty ridiculous.  It’s rusticly charming, yet beachy and large and just perfect for the 10.5 of us.  There’s a really great pool situation and a perfectly sandy beach right off our giant front porch, and a shoreline so clear and shallow, you can walk out a 500 feet and still only be up to your knees in warm sea water.  There’s also a hammock right off the water, wedged between two perfect palm trees, and if you close your eyes tight enough, you forget that there’s a cluster of coconuts right above you that could drop at any moment.  We like to live on the edge.

The first two days included some major pool time and some really major sunburns.  Hashtag tourists.  I’ve also been on a personal quest to conquer my dreaded humidity hair which is letting its freak flag fly on this trip.  Tell me Floridians, what’s your secret to avoiding looking like a chia pet at all times?

I intend to post some pics of the trip once we’re back home, in the meantime, let’s totally go on a bumpdate!

Weeks: 24.5
Baby is the size of:  A cantaloupe.  Which is large.
Weight gain: Up 3 pounds at my last doctor appointment.  Likely up 12 at my next one due to fish tacos and key lime pie.
Cravings: Nothing new to note.  Although I did enjoy myself a nice little sipper of pickle juice last week.  I blame a coworker (who is not pregnant) who did it first.  And that’s that.
Sleep:  It’s currently 4:34 am, so you know, that insomnia bitch is back.  Though I blame Casey, because his alarm clock went off randomly an hour ago.  Lots of blame going on in this bumpdate so far… I blame the baby for that.
Movement:  So much movements!  I keep telling Casey that I’m afraid that this child already weighs 8 pounds because it feels like there’s a full-grown child bouncing around in there sometimes.  Casey felt legit kicks when he put his handy on the belly last night, which again caused him to pull his hand back and freak out.  It’s funny how foreign the feeling was to both of us at first, but then it becomes like, the best thing ever.  
Symptoms:  Blaming people for stuff?  In addition to the fuzzy hair on my belly, I’m also starting to develop the nice darkish line that runs down the middle of it.  At first glance it’s hard to tell whether it’s a nice long treasure trail, or even an imprint from my maternity pants (all lovely options) but trust that it indeed is the dark line of preggernancy.
Missing:  Cannonballing into the pool.  
Happenings:  The crib is up as of last week!  So now we have a crib and a stroller.  Two places to put our kid.  We’ve also “finished” our registry, which is exciting because we have a couple bebe showers coming up in June.  Registering for a wee one is tough because there are so many choices for every single thing.  And everyone seems to have a different opinion on what we should use.  (Let me rephrase, everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING related to having a baby.  I’m told I should get used to this?  Yay.)  But I think we’ve accounted for all the most pertinent registry items… although I wish it was acceptable to register for junk food because that’s really what the baby wants.

24weeks_2 This is what 2 cups of regular coffee looks like. [ fist bump emoji ]

a weekend in LA with my loves.

IMG_1276A couple of weeks ago, my high school lady loves and I successfully completed our second annual girls trip.  Which is a big deal for us. Planning a trip with four ladies, at various stages in life, in separate states in America, with liberty and justice for all, takes some major planning.  It also takes multiple forms of childcare, significant other compliance, dog sitters, flight coordination and lots and lots of group text messaging.  But we did it and it was so much fun and now it’s over and I’m depressed the end.

Last year we hit up Austin.  This year was LA’s turn.  And she did not disappoint.  Although the weather could have been a teensy bit warmer?  (I should not be complaining because the weekend I was gone, Portland received 2 inches of snow and the city subsequently shut down for 3 days.  Amateurs.)

We kinda did it all when we were there.  Except not really because it’s LA and you could do something different every day for 12 years without repeats.  But still, we kept it moving.  We played super tourists at the Hollywood sign and the Chinese Theater.  (Who knew that Adam Sandler had such dainty feet?….. We ate our faces off (Umami Burger, Villa Blanca and Lemonade won the weekend. And chocolate chip cookies everywhere.)  We shopped hard at places like Marc Jacobs and Topshop and the Grove…  and Dylan’s Candy Bar.  Because candy.  Ya know.

We also pampered ourselves at Drybar… or in my case, went through some kind of torturous hazing at Drybar.  Among many other things… my stylist dropped foam on my shirt, then told me I should take my shirt off so she could wash it before it stained, then seemed confused and surprised when I didn’t immediately comply with her pushy demands to disrobe.  But seriously, I was wearing that one ratty, hole-y tank top underneath my shirt… you know the one we all have but it’s not worth throwing because it’s worn in juuuust right… but anyway there was no way I was wearing just that in front of a salon full of strangers so I ended up just wearing my leather coat with nothing else for the remainder of my visit while someone washed and dried my vintage shirt in a shampoo sink.  Sigh.  But don’t worry everyone, I powered through and didn’t let my professional blowdry/styling appointment ruin my trip.  Hashtag middle class problems.

We also hit up the Laugh Factory, front row style, where we were heckled by no less than 6 comedians.  One of them being Dane Cook.  Who might want to invest in some more forgiving t-shirts.  But MAYBE he got hair foam on the shirt he was planning to wear and then his only option was to wear his tightest one?  I hear it happens?

We also spent a good chunk of our last day in Malibu at Zuma Beach.  I love Malibu with the force of a thousand suns.  It was the perfect way to wind down the trip and contemplate moving down the coastal ladder from Portland to Los Angeles.  Wouldn’t that be something?  But don’t worry family, we’re not going anywhere.  For now.

It was the best trip.  Ladies, I love you to the moon and back.  You’re the bestest, covered in awesome sauce.   IMG_1296IMG_1323IMG_1318IMG_1285girlies1IMG_1370beach1chinesetheaterbeach2IMG_1344

And a special special thanks to Kali B for hosting us.  Your home became our home and it was perfect.

reunited and it feels so good!

Yesterday I had a severe case of the Mondays.  Likely because I’d just had one of the best weekends ever – hanging with my fav girls in Austin, TX.  Us four ladies have been the bestest of friends since high school and have managed to stay close despite the sheer amount of life that has happened since then.  I’m talking 3 weddings, 4 babies, 6 cross country moves and countless jobs, all of which has left us somewhat broke busy.  Until last Thursday we hadn’t all been in the same place at the same time since my wedding, which was almost three (!!!) years ago.  Bananas.  But we finally made it happen.  And it was a blast.ola.  I barely took any pictures, but the ones I did (and that were sent to me) recap our trip pretty accurately.

Lots of girl talks…

photo2[ sans makeup ]

a healthy amount of cocktails…photo11

and then more cocktails…photo6

and some lipstick. and bangs.red

Oh, and Austin was pretty kewl too.  photo9

photo3You guys are the loves of my life, my sisters.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.  I miss y’all so so much already!

photo4Until next time….

P.S. Thanks for hosting us CarolNed, Bryno, Tada and Ivy El!  You guys are the best.  Even though you saved the 80 degree weather for the day after we leave… ;) xo