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friday things.

:: casually sidesteps the awkward fact that she hasn’t blogged in 3 months… ::

1. Both of my kids are currently napping at the same time!  This doesn’t happen very often but when it does, I freak out about all the “free time” I have and then spend an inappropriate amount of time debating what I should do with said “free time”, which ends up being just a big fat waste of the “free time”!  I could take a nap too, but the few times I’ve tried that during the elusive double kid nap, I barely fall asleep before I’m woken up by human foghorns and then I just end up feeling like a piece of old sushi for the rest of the day. (<— what.)  I also kind of want to just watch TV or read a book or something… but I’m not currently into any shows (any recos?) and the book I’m reading is about parenting so that’s super boring.  (ha.)  I usually just end up doing chores… laundry, emptying the dishwasher, washing wine glasses, etc. etc.  But that stuff sucks, so today I’m letting the dishes sit in the sink so I can go back to my roots and do some good old-fashioned blogging on the interwebs.  Excuse me while I dust off my Mario Teaches Typing skills.

2.  annnnnnnd Crosby just woke up, so I’ll see ya again in 5 months!

**I’m back.  It’s 3 weeks later.  ::facepalm::

So let’s just try to get through this quickly, shall we?  (That’s what she said.) ((Sorry, I’m a little rusty.)) (((That’s what she said.))) ((((Ugh.))))

3. We FINALLY found and moved into our new house last month.  It’s a sweet bungalow in South Minneapolis, and we are absolutely, 100% loving it.  Eh…. make that 99%….. I just found some weird bugs in Willa’s room and I’m a little squicked out.

4. We took a family vacation to San Diego with my mom, stepdad, brothers + their fams a few weeks ago and it was super fun… we truly had a blast.  However.  A “vacation” with two small children…. can we actually call that a vacation?  It’s kind of like everyday life, in a different setting, doing much more exciting errands.  Actually, this old Huff Post article sums up my feelings prettttty perfectly.  No but seriously, we had a great time.  And if I had my shit together better I would have written a whole post about it with lots of photos… instead you’ll just have to use your imagination to picture us building Crosby a potty (AKA large hole) in the sand so we wouldn’t have to leave the beach to find a bathroom.

5. I wrote an article for a website a few years ago when we first moved to Portland about how hard it is to make friends as an adult.  And many years later, I feel like I’m reliving that yet again.  Don’t get me wrong, some of our very best friends in the whole world live within an hour or two of us right now, which is baller.  (<—- stop.)  But not many of them live super close by.  Like, bop on over for a quick playdate or a glass of wine close by.  So I’m still very much feeling the growing pains of moving to a “new” city.  I really haven’t made any new friends since we got back here and I’m kinda just like… howwwww do I do this?  Is there a dating site for making friends??  If so, ugh, no thanks… that actually sounds awful.  I’ll just have a drink by mahself.

6. Speaking of, I miss Portland daily.  That place has a large chunk of my heart.  And my stomach, actually. If someone could send me a pound of Stumptown, a salmon flight from Bamboo, a khati roll from Bollywood, some salted caramel ice cream from Salt & Straw, a Loukanika salami from Olympic Provisions, a bottle case of wine from Stoller, chicken wings from Pok Pok, an Arbor Lodge breakfast sandwich from The Big Egg, a poke bowl from Zupans, and all of my Portland friends, that’d be great!  (I promise I won’t eat my friends, though.)

7.  I really really love my dogs.  But I really REALLY enjoyed having a 3-month break from them.  I REALLY REALLY appreciate my in-laws for babysitting them for 3 months while we looked for a house.  I REALLY REALLY REALLY need to purchase some lint roller refills.

**Was interrupted by kiddos again.  It’s 4 days later, BTW.

8. Remember in Dumb & Dumber when Jim Carrey asks that guy if he wants to hear the most annoying sound in the world?  Well, my sweet Willa has perfected that sound.  Like, to a T.  She usually whips it out during the witching hour when all hell is already breaking loose.  It’s suuuuuper precious.

9. Speaking of my sweet Bill (unfortunate nickname that she’s stuck with, sorry gurl!), she is almost 8 MONTHS OLD.  Please excuse me while I sob into her newborn pj’s.  And my little Crosboy is going to be 3 in August.  How.  Why.  Etcetera.  Seriously though, I feel like time has flown by since we moved here.  Yet, somehow I haven’t aged a day.  :: she says as she tucks her boobs into her jeans and plucks a gray hair out of her eyebrow. ::

10. The other day Crosby pooped in the potty and wiped himself… with his hand.  And then wiped his hand on the wall.  I’m just going to leave you with that little visual.

Have a great day!

thursday things.

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1. You guys.  This is big.  The new Gilmore Girls episodes have an official premiere date of November 25th.  If anyone needs me the day after Thanksgiving, I’ll be glued to the couch, eating leftover turkey sandwiches and hanging with Rory and Lorelei.  Oh, and taking care of a newborn.  NBD.

2. Mothers of small males… help me.  What’s the official rule with swim diapers and swimsuits in public places?  Do little dudes always need a swim diaper on with their swimsuit?  Or only when their swimsuit doesn’t have the meshy part?  I can’t seem to figure it out.

3. Speaking of my adorable small male… I have a love/hate relationship with this age/phase of his life. Am I allowed to say that?  Let me be clear, I love HIM more than anything… but this PHASE is kinda gnarly.  The thing of it is, he’s so fun and sweet and charming!… like, 60% percent of the time.  The other 40%, he’s crying and whining NON.STOP and for no apparent reason.  I think that it’s a combo of his inability to communicate everything he wants to + testing his boundaries and the such, but for the love of mozzarella sticks, it’s so frustrating.  For all of us.  I know it’s tough on him too, and I’m trying so so hard to be patient and talk him through as much as possible.  But for a person with high anxiety (hi!), the constant sound of whining and crying is like taking a cheese grater to my nerves.  We’ve all been practicing taking a lot of deep breaths lately.  Anyway.  Anyone that I mention this to who has older kids is like MWAHAHAHAHA just wait until he’s 2/3! and I’m all like, shove it.  Maybe this will be his most frustrating age?!  Maybe?!!!!?  MAYBE!  Yah, I doubt it too.

4. Ok, thanks for letting me vent.  Now let me talk about how cute my kid is.  If you follow me on instagram, you maybe saw this video.  He’s been saying new words almost daily and it is so so fun.  But my favorite by far is his “ohhhh yesss”!  Which he says with just a slight lisp.  Sometimes when he says it, I think he sounds like an old-timey fortune teller.  It’s truly the greatest and it makes me want to lick his face.  Is…. that weird?

5. Portland friends, where is the best place to get fried chicken?  I’m asking for a friend…

6. I have something kind of crazy to tell you… I love Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook Cravings.  I started following Chrissy on social media a while ago because 1) she’s hilar and 2) she was always talking about and cooking amazing-looking food.  My two criteria for best friendship status.  Then I found out she had a food blog that I started following, and then she came out with Cravings and I gotta say…. it’s awesome.  I’ve made probably 10+ things from it in the last few weeks and we’ve loved (almost) everything.  Homegirl like’s her shiz spicy though, so I learned the hard way to cut back on some of the peppers/hot sauces.

7. Speaking of spicy, and also something I put on instagram…. sometimes I tell Crosby that things are spicy if I don’t want to share them with him.  Don’t you judge me!  I’m pregnant!  It’s the baby’s fault!

8. When we were in Paris I made sure to stop into a few French pharmacies to check out their famous skincare products. I picked up a couple of things but I have to say that the Embryolisse face cream I bought is magnificent.  I’m so in love with it.  I’ve been using it for about a month now and my face feels like Crosby’s ass.  (??!?)   Anyways, I just started to get worried about what I would do once I ran out but a quick google search taught me that it’s sold at Sephora. HA!  Serves me right for thinking I was being all cool and Franch when I bought it.  But I don’t care because now I know I can buy it whenevs!  And so can you!  Though it is much more expensive here than it was in Paris.  Maybe I need to go back and stock up?  Casey?  Thoughts?

9. Have you guys been watching the Bachelorette?  Ugh, I’m so invested this season and it’s kind of driving me nuts.  I love Jojo but…. she’s been making some really questionable decisions.  In my professional opinion, she just sent home the 2 guys that she has the most actual potential with.  The final two are just duddly duds… with beautiful abs.  Also, I’ve loved Chase from Day 1 but I think watching him crack a beer after being dumped was the most hilarious shit ever.  I love him even more now.  Sometimes I feel the urge to do episode recaps here on the blog but then I remember that I still want you guys to like me.

10. What should one do if she finds a gray eyelash?  I’m asking for a friend…

friday things.

1. I’m sure I’ve said this a million times on the blog, but this stage of Crosby is so much fun. His little personality is the very best. Lately whenever I tell him I love him he responds with “doo doo”. Which… when I type it out, it looks… weird. But he says it in this sweet little voice like he thinks he’s telling me he loves me back. It breaks my heart and makes me so happy all at the same time.

2. Speaking of doodoo. You know what I realized the other day? No matter how much I boss around or scold or command my dogs, at the end the of the day, I’m the one that has to pick up their shit. So who really IS the boss in this equation?

3. I was talking to a girlfriend earlier about the physical feeling of relief that I sometimes get when I finally put Crosby to sleep for the night.  Especially if it’s been a doozy of a day.  It’s like as soon as I shut his door for the night, my entire body releases all this tension that I didn’t even know I had.  You know?  …Oh, you don’t know?  I’m just an awful parent who gets a little high from putting her kid to bed?  Ok, bye.

4. Casey and I and a couple of our friends went to see the play Annie on Broadway the other night.  I was obsessed with that movie as a little person, so of course I loved seeing it live.  Casey and our guy friend weren’t quite as enthused, though they did perk up during “hard knock life” and were both like hey, this is a jay-z song! We’re a well cultured bunch.

5. I mentioned this on the Facebooks a few weeks ago, but Casey and I are going to Europe next month! Oui oui bonjour baguette mademoiselle! (They’re going to hate me over there) One of my best friends is getting married in Paris (!!!) so we’ll be spending time there and in Amsterdam. I’m so so excited to go but also nervous to leave Crosby for that long/that far away. I’ve taken a few trips without him over the past year but this one is a bit more significant. I mean, there will be an ocean between us! And probably bays and estuaries and wetlands and other things! I just have to stay focused on the positives. Which are… best friends, baguettes, croissants, and cheese. Now please dear friends, if you’ve been to either of these places, tell me what we should do while we’re there. Please and thank you! S’il vous plait and merci!

6. I know we’re really late to the game here, but we’ve finally started (binge) watching Homeland. Oh man guys, it’s so good! But also… it gives me terrorism/bombing/ugly pantsuits anxiety. (No but really, Claire Danes’ pantsuits are real bad.) Anyway, the Homeland anxiety was really getting to me, to the point that I was having nightmares and had to request that we put it on hold until we come back from our Europe trip. I’m ridiculous.

7. I finally busted out my maternity jeans for the first time last weekend. This pregnancy has me growing outward bound MUCH faster than the first one. But let’s be honest… maternity jeans are so mother-effing comfortable, I’m not too mad about it. Though I have this theory that maternity pants make me look much more pregnant than regular pants. Does anyone else feel this way? Why is that?? Does the belly panel act as a push-up bra for your belly? Or something? Must look into this…

8. Speaking of bras… My boobs have gone up 2 sizes already during this pregnancy.  In case you were curious.

9. And speaking of buns in the oven.  I had a thought the other day when I was figuring out what to make for dinner.  See, we had hotdog buns, but no hotdogs.  And ground beef, but no hamburger buns.  And as I was considering if I should pull a Steve Martin, I wondered, has anyone in this same situation ever just formed their hamburgers into hotdog-like shapes?  It seems like a win/win to me…

10. I’ll just go ahead and stop talking now.



thursday things.

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1. A couple of weeks ago my friends and I were talking about celebrity crushes, and I realized that mine are apparently not as normal as others.  My list includes guys like Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin James (aka Paul Blart Mall Cop) ((don’t judge me)), Jerry Ferrara, John Krasinski…  I think it’s very safe to say I have a definite “type”, right?  Funny fellas with sweet faces.  I mean listen, don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely Netflix and chill with Channing Tatum if he asked nicely.  (Or not nicely, heyo!)  But in general, I’m much more drawn to dudes who make me laugh and whose faces are adorable.  It’s a wonder I ended up with Casey then… ba-dum-tshh!  I’m JUST KIDDING CASEFACE YOU ARE THE CUTEST FUNNIEST BOY I’VE EVER KNOWN LOVE YOU PICK UP SOME ICE CREAM ON THE WAY HOME PLEASE BYE.

2. Crosby started saying please the other day, which comes out more like “easssse!” and it kind of makes me want to tackle him with hugs.  Manners are so cute, guys.

3. Tip of the day: how to make your store-bought hummus taste better!  You know how store-bought hummus can taste kinda… meh?  Well, the trick is to mix in a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt, and I promise it’ll taste a bajillion times better.  #hippiestuffs

4. There is literally nothing worse in life than my dog Gus’s breath.  In case you were wondering.

5. Anyone watching Fuller House on Netflix?  We watched a couple of episodes last weekend… and don’t hate me but I kind of liked it?  Even though DJ’s voice drives me apeshit.  She sounds like she’s yelling at a normal speaking volume.  At all times.  And yes, the show is still all kinds of cheese, but I can appreciate that some of the humor is a little less G and a little more PG13.  I mean, Kimmy Gibbler made a joke about dropping acid, so at least there’s that.

6. My whole day basically consists of me counting down the hours until I can take my bra off.

7. Speaking of which, does anyone recommend a good wire-free bra?  Much appreciated.

8. Can you believe the last episode of the Bachelor?!  I really do love sweet vanilla Ben, but homeboy is undoubtedly going to be in a shitload of trouble with whoever he actually asks to marry him on the finale.  Poor girl gets proposed to, and THEN has to find out/watch episodes of her fiance telling another woman that he loves her too?  Ugh.  Ben, you doofus.  Anyways, I’m a big huge fan of Jojo but without question I think he picks Lauren.  The guy turns into that emoji with heart eyes whenever he sees her.  They’re cute.  So #teamjojoforbachelorette !!

9. Realizing I talked about Netflix and TV a lot in today’s post.  Note to self: must get out of the house.  Come ON already, SPRING!

10. WTF is Persicope and should I be using it?  Is it like Snapchat?  Or not at all?  Ugh.  Technology is an annoying beast.  If only it had a sweet face and great sense of humor.

thursday things.

1. There’s a reason chip bags are made out of that super loud crinkly material… it’s for fools like me who try to “sneak” a bowl of chips in the middle of the night and wake up their whole family in the process. It’s like the bag is shouting at me.  And shaming me.  They should make the bags out of extra soft cotton so that us lost souls can enjoy the pleasure of artificial flavors and red dye #40 without alerting the whole neighborhood… and then when we’re done stuffing our faces we can use the bag to wipe our tears when we realize how many dog walks it’ll take to work off the calories.

2. This is really hard for me to admit, so I’m just going to come out and say it. Ok, here it goes. I’m officially a fan of Justin Bieber. It’s really not my fault though, the dude just keeps dropping banger after banger and my ear holes can’t get enough. Help. Why.

3. Crosby’s newest word is poop. He’s started to say it while he’s actually pooping (#genius) and I’m sorry, but it’s seriously so cute. Especially because he pronounces it like “pppppoop!”, which sounds like a high-pitched horse noise. Is the best way I can think of to describe it.

4. Do you guys watch the Bachelor? This made me lol.

5. Here’s something.  There are two brothers in Crosby’s music class whose names are Gus and Teddy.  Which is mildly hilarious because our dogs names are Gus and Eddie… and we often times call Eddie, Teddy or Tedward. Is this a funny thing that I can share with their mom? Or is it awkward? I obviously love the names, for dogs or children, so I think it’s ok. Thoughts?

6. The other night, Casey poured us each a glass of wine and left them on the kitchen counter while we got Crosby ready for bed. And somehow when we weren’t looking Crosby climbed up onto his wooden tower stool, grabbed one of the glasses and dumped it all over himself and the kitchen. Parenting Fail.  Crosby was totally fine and everything was semi-easily cleaned… but there was definitely a moment as I was applying OxiClean to my toddlers wine-soaked sweatshirt that I questioned my parenting skills.

7. The only silver lining to that wine spill was that I got to use my brand new washing machine to clean Crosby’s clothes! You know you’re adulting real hard when getting a new washing machine is the highlight of your month. The night that it was delivered and installed, I put the first load in and sat on the floor in front of it and watched the clothes spin for a while. I could literally see my last few shreds of street cred being washed away in a warm high-efficiency spin cycle.

8. Speaking of home appliances… lately Casey has been obsessed with kitchen gadgets. Not like, refrigerators and stoves, but smaller little appliances that he thinks will save our souls. And I could honestly get on board with most of the stuff he wants, except for the fact that: 1. I don’t crap money and 2. We only have one outlet in our kitchen (our house is old as balls) which means that anything with a cord is squished onto one little countertop and it drives me apeshit bananatown if there are too many things cluttering it up. Anyways, just last week our toaster crapped out on us so Casey finally conquered his life-long dream of owning a toaster oven.  So I thought he’d be settled on the kitchen appliance front for a while. But no, no no. This week he’s decided we need a food scale AND something called a souve? I don’t even know.

9. Yesterday I was cutting up a pineapple and I had myself a little daydream about the person who was in charge of naming it. I imagine their thought process went a little something like this….  Hoooo-eeee!  This is delicious!  What’s it made of?  Pine?  Hmmmm…nope.  Does it have apple in it?  Don’t think so.  Ooh ooh!  I’ve got it!  We’ll call it pineapple!  ::pats self on the back:: / ::gets fired::

10. I’m heading to Las Vegas next weekend with my besties and I’m so so so excited! Though I’ve mentally started to pack my bag, and am now realizing that I am in no way prepared for Vegas. Unless it’s changed since the last time I was there. Tell me, are converse and raincoats and day-3 hair considered acceptable Vegas clubbing attire?

thursday things. on a friday.

1. The other day I made the flattest banana bread of my life.  I usually excel at banana bread.  (This recipe tastes like unicorn tears)  But this time, it only lived up to half of its potential.  Likely because halfway through making it, I realized that Casey had used the last of the eggs for his scrambled eggs that morning.  (But you’re a stay-at-home mom, don’t you make your husband’s breakfast everyday?  Hahahaha, no.)  And anyways, no eggs meant that my little banana bread came out all flat and sad-looking. I felt so bad for her.  I kept imagining how self-conscious my little banana bread might feel next a bigger, more well-endowed banana bread.  So I tried to make her feel better by telling her it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

2. I promise I have a life.

3. But speaking of well-endowment (??), does anyone remember that book where the boys give the girl’s state nicknames based on their boob size?  Like, the girl who gets Colorado has big tator tots and the girl who gets Nebraska is as flat as…. my banana bread.  It’s got to be a Judy Blume book, right?  Help!  This is going to bug me.

4. In regards to #3, I imagine that I used to be an Oregon, all mountainous.  But since having a kid, I’m more like a Pennsylvania… sloping hills and what not.

5. If I have any male readers left after #4, I applaud your stamina.  Let me take you out for a nice whiskey drink.

6. We got Crosby a play kitchen for Christmas (shh don’t tell him) and I’m fancying it up with spray paint and contact paper, because I’m a douchebag mom.  But anyways, yesterday I put on like a million coats of spray paint and now… my arm is sore.  I probably shouldn’t be telling you that.

7. Last week I took a freelance job so we had to send Crosby to daycare for a few days, which was only the second time in his itty bitty life that he’s gone.  And wouldn’t you know?  He got sick.  Then I got sick.  Then Casey got sick.  Then my dad (who was here visiting) got sick.  Then my stopmom got sick.  With a stomach virus.  It was a calamity of events that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  Except maybe Donald Trump.  Now he’s a real douchebag.

8. In addition to us all getting sick last weekend, our dog Gus got into my stepsister’s luggage and ate a bunch of her vitamins/pills… including Advil.  And if you don’t know, Advil is no bueno for doggies.  It can cause kidney failure, among many other scary sounding things.  So in the midst of my stomach bug, I had the distinct honor of bringing my dog to the vet to get his stomach pumped.  He ended up having to spend the night at the hospital for monitoring and fluids and such… and long story short, he’s going to be just fine.  We’re going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay for his vet bill, but hey, Crosby doesn’t need to go to college, right?

9. On a more exciting note!  We’re heading to Minnesota today for Christmas!  Uffdah you betcha doncha know!  (<—sorry)  I talked to my sweet grandma on the phone yesterday and she offered to make us a casserole when we go to her house for lunch next week.  I literally cannot wait.

10. By a show of hands, who thinks clogs are an acceptable footwear choice.  Because I currently have 2 pairs on my Christmas list.  #portlandproblems

thursday things.

1. I’ve been attempting to read 4 different parenting books for the past 2 months.  But I can’t seem to make it through any of them… is this a bad sign?  That I’m not more enthralled by the books that are supposed to guide me in raising my small human?  Meh.  Can someone just please tell me how to keep my kid from tossing all of his food off of his high chair?  That’s all I really need to know, anyway.  I’ve got everything else completely handled. (hahahahahahahahahaha)

2. PSA of the day:  Just say no to the bulk candy bins at Ikea.  Trust me.

3. It’s Mr. That’s Me in the Middle’s birthday this weekend!  I have something planned for him but just realized that he likely won’t like anything I have planned unless it includes football and a couch.  So.  He’s gonna have a shitty birthday.

4. Last week I admitted my love for Felicity.  So it should come as no surprise that I also love the show Gilmore Girls.  (Every dude reading this is rolling their eyes, I’m sure.  All 2 of you.)   Anyways, have you heard the great news that Netflix is bringing it back?!!  Word is that they’re going to create four 90min episodes to air next year and I will probably binge watch them all in one day.  Any other nerds wants to join me?

5. Casey and I are on a fairly strict budget, and so I’m constantly trying to find cheaper alternatives to things.  One thing that’s been hard for me is coffee.  I’ve admittedly become somewhat of a coffee snob since moving to Portland.  I typically buy Stumptown, but that shiz is expensive, especially at the rate we chug it.  I’ve tried a few of the cheaper options from Trader Joe’s and they’ve all tasted like church.  So does anyone have any delicious, cheap, everyday coffee recommendations?

6. Crosby started walking last week! :)  While I was in New York. :(  The 5 days of his whole life that I’m not around and he takes off walking without me.  I mean sure, he’d taken 10-15 steps before I left so at least got to see his actual first steps. But he waited until I was gone to officially switch from crawling to walking.  Sob.  But on the bright side… there’s nothing cuter.

7. Speaking of New York, I have a bunch of pictures that I’ve been wanting to share.  But my storage is full on my computer and we can’t seem to transfer my photos to our hard drive and sometimes I really hate technology grumble grumble.  Sometimes I miss the days of disposable cameras and Nokia cell phones and zebra cakes.

8. I’ve had the song “Live Like You Were Dyin'” in my head for approximately 17 months.  Why.  Help. What is happening to me.  Is this what a stroke feels like.

9. I was going through old drafts in my email and I happened upon an old bumpdate that I wrote when I was 38 weeks pregnant that I never got around to publishing (because I ended up birthing a human that day, nbd.)  So crazy!!  Should I post it?  Would that be weird?  Probably?  Wouldn’t it be weirder to delete it though?  Maybe I should just save it?  Don’t you think?  Does anyone care?  Why aren’t you answering me?

10. Casey and I had an embarrassingly long conversation about fall daylight savings time the other day because we could NOT figure out which way we’ll need to adjust Crosby’s sleep schedule.  It was ridiculous.  But I think we’ve figured it out!  For any other parents that might be wondering, if you want to keep your kid on their normal schedule, you’ll need to push their bedtime an hour later in order to adjust to the time change.  I think.  But then reverse it, and then do it backwards.  Twice.  Now rub your stomach and pat your head and pray to the sleep angels for their sweet mercy.

thursday things.

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1. I pretty much never watch TV during the day but this morning I put it on for some background noise while writing this (Crosby was napping, chill), and I think it was meant to be, because the first thing I turned it to was a Felicity reunion on the Today show.  I love Felicity.  AND I DON’T EVEN CARE WHO KNOWS IT!  The show just has so much going for it… a complicated love triangle, a NYC college experience, some reeeeally amazing leather backpacks…!   And anyways, I’ve never been firmly on Team Ben or Team Noel.  I mean, Ben is BEN.  AKA hunky and dreamy.  But Noel is so sweet and comfortable.  And let me tell you, they both still look really good.  So the takeaway is, that I should probably start binge watching that show on Netflix again, huh Casey?

2. Speaking of NYC!  I’m leaving for a trip to the Big Apple (#tourist) on Saturday with my mom.  Eeep!  We took a lady trip there 5 years ago and had a blast so we’re finally making it happen again.  I’m incredibly excited.  Casey is on baby/dog doody duty and although I know he’s fully capable of taking care of everyone, I still find myself saying really obvious things to him… like, you have to remember to put pants on Crosby when you go for a walk.  He seems pretty chill about the whole thing, which is equal parts calming and terrifying.  Portland friends, keep an eye out for a tall guy walking two beagles and pushing a pants-less baby in a stroller.

3. Also speaking of NYC, Shake Shack.  Worth it?  Or not?

4. Have y’all ever tried the Tracy Anderson arms video?  A couple of months ago I got into a routine of doing it almost every day and then just… stopped.  And anyways, I did it yesterday and now even typing is torture.  Damn thank you, Tracy.

5. Crosby is not the biggest fan of vegetables.  He usually spits them out or throws them overboard.  But I made this for dinner last night and he chowed down on the broccoli.  Highly recommend!

6. I posted a new profile picture to Facebook the other day and 2 of my friends, within minutes of “liking” it, texted me and asked if/when I was going to have another baby.  Now, this could be purely coincidental but it seemed a little curious to me.  So I looked at my picture again and after further lady-like scrutiny, I’m wondering if they mistook my apple cider donut bump for a baby bump.  Maybe?  Anyways, if anyone else is wondering, no, there is no bun in my oven at the moment.  Just coffee.

7. Aaand speaking of coffee, I just found a cheerio at the bottom of mine.

8. Last week I was pushing Crosby on the swing at the park and I got stung by a bee on my foot.  It’s been a while since I’ve been stung but have bees changed or something?  Because I don’t ever remember it hurting that bad.

9. Yesterday I was walking the dogs and in a span of 2 minutes, Eddie peed on Gus while Gus was peeing, then Eddie stepped in Gus’s poo and then stepped on my shoe, and while I was picking up said poo, Gus somehow maneuvered his way out of his harness.  He’s kind of a dummy though so once he wriggled out he just sort of stood there on the sidewalk looking at me in bewilderment like, what I do now mama?  Yes, he calls me mama.  He’s sentimental like that.

10. Has anyone seen my headphones?

thursday things, on friday.

shawnnathompson_thursdaythings_9251. Over the past week, I’d been working on an essay on being an unexpected stay-at-home mom. I finished it last night and when I went to publish it this morning, it had disappeared.  I almost weeped.  And it was kind of an emo post, so not really one that I could bang out quickly again. I don’t know what to do.  Rewrite it?  Write the jist of it here in this list?  Let’s see if I run out of things to talk about…

2. Thank you all so much for the podcast recommendations!!  So far I’ve listened to (and loved!) the Longest Shortest Time and Call your Girlfriend.  AND I also started listening to Limetown.  Have you heard of it?  It’s the same kind of investigative reporting setup as Serial but it’s fiction and it’s a little more sci-fi-ey. (<—- what?)  There are only 2 episodes available so far and even though some of the… acting?… is questionable, it’s still pretty great.  At the end of Episode 2, I got the shivers so bad and was legit scared while walking down the street. Like, I kept looking behind me and walking faster and faster.  It was mid-day and there were people everywhere, but #imababy.

3. Ok, ok so I finally started snapping.  Snapchatting, that is.  Snap-C-ing.  Snap-sizzle!  Ok, I’m done.  It’s mostly pictures of Crosby and coffee so if you’re into cuteness and caffeine, feel free to follow along!  I’m @shawthomps over der.

4. Have you heard of the book the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?  I’ve been wanting to read it for months but I was #9 billion on the waitlist at the library and it just finally came available this week.  I’m ready for it to change my life!  Or so everyone who’s read it says.  So far I’m about 40 pages in… my house is still messy and honestly I’m just kind of annoyed with how much the author says the word “tidying”.  It’s such a funny little word and reading it so much has made it lose all meaning to me.  To the point where I pronounce it wrong in my head sometimes… as tid-ying.  And then I feel like a perv.

5. Speaking of the library!  Before they let me check out my book, I had to pay off $33 in overdue fines.  I’d somehow managed to dodge paying since I hit the $20 limit.  So… you might say that I’m the nerdiest rebel around.  ::shoots an imaginary gun and then blows off the gun smoke and puts it in an imaginary holster::  ::then reads a book::

6. And speaking of guns… Casey is on his way to Minnesota right now for some good old-fashioned duck hunting.  Yeehaw!  While I’m not the hugest hunting enthusiast (my dad and brothers are totally laughing and nodding their heads reading this) Casey really loves ducking hunting so I’m super excited for him.  And quite a bit jealous that he gets to see some of the fam.  So if anyone in the Portland area wants to come keep Cros and I company this weekend, let me know!  We can sit around reading books about TY-DEE-ING.

7. On the way home from dropping Casey off at the airport this morning, I saw a rainbow.  Which is no huge thing but it made me smile and feel like hey, today is going to be a good day!  And THEN.  I swear this is true… the song Somewhere over the Rainbow came on the radio.  I swear!!  (I had the “coffee shop” satellite station on.) And I was all, wow, today really is going to be a good day!  BUT THEN!  I literally saw the rainbow disappear.  The clouds covered it up in about 10 seconds.  I’ve never seen a rainbow disappear in action before.   It was kind of eerie and poetic and what does this all mean?  Am I going to have a good day?  Or was the rainbow disappearing behind clouds an omen?  TBD people, TBD.

8. You know what I was thinking about last night?  When I was trying to fall asleep?  That someone should rename “bedtime” as “the time of day when you should be going to sleep but instead you go over all the conversations you’ve had that day in your life and think about what you should have said instead of what you actually said”.   Ya feel me?

9. Have you seen or heard about these adult coloring books that are making their way around the various blog-o-spheres on the interwebs?  I’m really intrigued.  But considering I still haven’t finished a paint-by-numbers that I bought 6 months ago… it might not be the best investment for me.

10. Ok, so I tried the new Starbucks drink, the Toasted Graham Latte.  And I gotta say, it tasted exactly like a vanilla latte to me.  Sorry, ‘Bucks.  Maybe it’s because I ordered it with soy milk?  I don’t know, I didn’t think it was all that special.  And it wasn’t just me… Crosby didn’t really like it either.

Calm down!  I’m kidding.

He loved it.


thursday things.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

1. Yesterday I realized that the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is the same as the tune of the ABC song.  And also basically the same as Baa Baa Black Sheep. Did everyone know this but me?  The saying is true, you do learn something new every day.  Especially when your kid has 3 xylophones.

2. The other day I spent a solid 15 minutes rummaging through our house looking for a pencil.  I never found one.  Which kind of amazed me.  How do we not own a single pencil?  Are we just that far removed from the days of pencil-using?  How did I think this was interesting enough to write about?  How are you even still reading this?

3. Crosby has an alter ego that comes out when he’s either extremely grumpy or causing trouble. We call him Crosley Hutchinson.  Hutch, for short.  Hutch has a tendency to make an appearance between 4 and 6pm every night and for the most part, he has an aversion to wearing pants.

4. You know how sometimes when you eat a piece of gum from the bottom of your purse and it tastes like… purse?  Well, the other day I ate a mint at the bottom of the diaper bag (it was in a plastic wrapper, you dirtballs) … and well, it tasted like diaper bag.  So, lesson learned.

5. The other day, the dogs and Crosby and I were on our daily early morning walk when I got an alert on my phone that tickets to a show I wanted to see were going to be posted online in 5 minutes.  We were about 20 minutes from home, so I needed to haul ass.  Of course that was the day that I had somehow left the house without a bra on (I have no idea how?) so hurrying home was just not in the cards.  I attempted to power-walk as smoothly as possible and got home 7 minutes after the tickets were posted, and they were all gone.  Whomp whomp.  My boobs and I are really disappointed.

6. Speaking of our morning walks, does anyone have any podcast recommendations for me?  I’ve pretty much listened to every single episode of Mortified and Nerdist and I need something else to fill my earholes.  I like things that take little-to-no effort or brain power.  Derp derp.  Please and thank you.

7. Remember when Crosby used to sleep flat on his face?  That was a fun phase.  Thankfully he’s past that… but now he sleeps with his baby blanket (spare me the lecture), and every so often I’ll look at the monitor and see that he’s somehow managed to get it wrapped around his dang head.   I always rush in his room and unwrap him and he’s fine, but his head is gushing sweat.  I don’t want to take the blanket away from him though because he loves to fall asleep holding on to it.  Might be time to install the sleep monitor again.  Might also be time to stock up on more wine.

8. Casey and I just finished watching season 1 of the The Comeback on Amazon Prime.  Has anyone ever seen it?  Omg, it is the most uncomfortable thing to watch.  Like, I get anxiety watching it because Phoebe is so awkward.  (Is that how you guys feel reading my blog??)  It’s kind of awesome.  Try it!

9. So hey, who here is on snapchat?  I am, but I just creepily follow people and don’t actually… snap…?  Truth is, I don’t get how to do it.  I tried once but it’s too confusing.  I miss the days of pencils.

10. How much coffee is too much coffee?  Like, per day?  A friend is wondering…