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on turning 30.

IMG_0153This post is coming to you live from the front lines of my 30th birthday.  Gah!  It’s weird to see it typed out… today I am 30.  The big three-oh.  Dirty 30.  I’m 30, flirty and thriving.  30…. nope, that’s all I got.

30 seems like such a monumental birthday, don’t you think?  It’s such an abrupt departure from 29.  And from your 20’s, in general.  It’s like saying goodbye to an entire chapter of life.  An entire decade of life!  It’s also kind of like saying goodbye to your youth?… if you’ll oblige me in being deep for a moment.  But, don’t you agree?  Turning 30 just seems so significant.  And you know, I guess it is.

To be honest though, I ain’t scurred.  I’m actually pretty excited to turn 30.  In my mind, people in their 30’s have it together, man.  They’re mature and know what they want out of life and don’t take crap from anyone.  They have SUV’s and stock options and can keep plants alive longer than a week.  They have their shit together.  They know things.  And now that I’m 30, I guess I will too.  …Keep in mind though, I was just in my 20’s yesterday.   So, don’t expect me to have all the answers yet.  But check back in next week, I’m sure I’ll have it all figured out by then.

Casey and Crosby took me to a delicious dinner last night to celebrate, and we ate things like deconstructed olives and oxtail.  Because those are the types of things sophisticated 30 year olds order.  Crosby stuck to cheese sticks and potato wedges though, because he’s a baby.  And babies definitely don’t have their shit together.

Other birthday haps: My best friend is flying in from Texas today to hang out with me for a few days.  Yeehaw!  And on Saturday afternoon Casey’s organized a pedal pub birthday celebration with some of our Portland pals.  So it’s safe to say I will probably have a buzz for the rest of the week/end.  A sophisticated buzz, that is.

Happy my birthday to you!

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