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bumpdate: 21 weeks

21weeks_blogWeeks: 21. Which means the fetus is now of legal drinking age.
Baby is the size of:  A pomegranate.
Weight gain: I have no idea – I’ve been scared to step on the scale since before my last doctor’s appointment.  I can only assume I’ve gained 93 pounds in the last week because that’s how things seem to be going.
Cravings: The green sun chips phase has turned into something of a phenomenon – thanks in large part to our parents.  I mentioned last week that Casey’s mom and dad brought me a bag when they came to visit.  Then my dad and stepmom also heard my cry for help and sent me 3 BAGS in the mail.  That totals 4 bags of green sun chips in about a week and a half, all of which may or may not be gone already, but that’s not the point.  The point is, parents: you guys are the coolest.  The baby and I thank you for keeping the spirit of french onion alive in Portland.
Sleep:  I had no insomnia nights last week!  Not a single one.  Might be a fluke, or maybe the insomnia phase has passed?  Let us all knock on several pieces of wood in hopes that I haven’t jinxed myself.
Movement:   The baby’s been moving around about the same amount as it was last week.  Although it does seem to have shifted positions and taken up permanent residence on my bladder in the last few days.  I actually imagine that my bladder is like the bean bag chair of my baby house… and the kid is just lounging on it.  And probably sipping a limeade and reading What to Expect When You’re a Fetus.  Meanwhile, I’m trying not to pee my pants.
Symptoms:  Is yelling at your husband at Home Depot a symptom?  No reason, just curious. (see also: bless Casey’s heart.)
Missing:  SUSHI. I daydream about running into a sushi restaurant, jumping and sliding over the glass of the sushi bar (because I’m the definition of stealth right now), grabbing a giant slab of raw salmon in one hand and a bottle of soy sauce in the other, and then running back outside to eat it by the curb like a homeless person.
Happenings:  I bit into a cherry tomato today and dribbled tomato seeds on my shirt.  Directly over my right boob.  An hour later, I accidentally swiped red pen across my left boob.  This has nothing to do with being pregnant (except that my boobs are huge) but it did remind me to put some bibs on our baby registry.  For myself.

Shawnna + Baby T, signing off.

P.S. Thanks to you lovely people who have sent me such kind words about this here blog. And bless all your hearts for continuing to read my dumb words.  High-fives and salmon rolls for everyone!

texas-sized sushi rolls for the win.


Howdy partners!  Happy Humpday!  Also, it’s October.  How in the…..?

So, Day 2 of the cleanse has come and gone and I’m still peeing like the wind!  (<– that’s not right, is it?)  I’ll spare you any more details.  For today.

This past weekend we had one of our dear friends visiting us, all the way from the land of cacti.  We met Tony in Arizona when he and Casey were in the same grad school program together.  His goofiness (and appetite) has no limits so the weekend was spent giggling and indulging in all kinds of goodies.

Tony’s food rating scale is always a topic of debate between us three and it typically correlates with how much things cost.  Let me break it down for you.  If something is pretty good AND expensive, then it’s just ok.  If something is pretty good and cheap, then it’s the best thing he’s ever had.  You feel me?  He and Casey get in some heated conversations about the value of food versus its worth and it sort of makes me laugh and want to punch myself in the face all at the same time.

Anyways we brought Tony to our favorite hole in wall sushi joint on Friday that serves Texas-sized sushi rolls.  I’m not kidding.  The first time Casey and I went there we saw people leaving with leftovers and we were totally thinking that we were surrounded by a bunch of amateurs.  Who takes leftover sushi home?  Who HAS leftover sushi?  Pshhhhhh.  However you should see this stuff.  Spicy tuna rolls the size of a newborn.  Nothing wrong with that though, am I right?   And it’s the same price (if not cheaper) than normal-sized sushi places.  So!  In a nutshell, it was probably Tony’s favorite stop on the whole trip.  Averagely good sushi + a decent deal + jumbo-sized?  Total win in his book.

We also took him to one of our favorite brunch spots, Gravy.  If you’ve been here to visit us and we haven’t taken you there yet, then we must not like you very much.  Or we must not think you can handle the inevitable 1+ hour wait.  It’s definitely one or the other.

What else?  Enso wine bar!  I found my mecca.  So many times we’ve gone on brewery tours and to beer fests beer tastings and only twice have we been to wine country.  But we found the most adorable little wine bar that is sure to being seeing my face again.  And might I add that Tony was more obsessed with the cheese plate than the wine?  I mean, he has a point.  It was good.

Good gawd I miss cheese!!

AND on Saturday night we went to this restaurant that specializes in fancy mac and CHEESE!  I can’t even talk about it without salivating on my keyboard.

We also hit up a comedy club on Saturday to see a show that Casey had been looking forward to for ages.  The comedian (Joey Diaz) was someone he’d been introduced to when listening to his beloved Joe Rogan podcast.   Sigh… I fear that love affair may never end.  Anyways, the show itself was mmmmmaybe a 6 out of 10.  I’ve definitely seen funnier.  But Casey was pretty smitten, especially when we got a (very dark and blurry) picture with Joey outside the club later.  Casey claims that he said something like, “good show” but I didn’t hear it.  I think someone got a little star-struck.

Without further ado!  A few photos from the weekend.

IMG_0382 IMG_0391 [ This “side” of biscuits and gravy was just good, but only $3.  In other words, it was fantastic.  Are you following along? ]IMG_0392IMG_0395 IMG_0413   IMG_0406 IMG_0419 IMG_0411diaz[ Notice my hand on Joey’s belly.  It was so big and round and just begging to be patted. ]IMG_0404IMG_4627phontimes[ Last but not least, Sunday Pho-nday! ]

Until next time my little Asian friend…