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new year weekend stuffs.

shawnnathompson_ny_coast_5Happy first Monday of the year!  Whomp.

How was your New Year’s Eve’s’s’s’s?  Glittery and champagney and Carson Daley-ey?  What did you do and who did you see?

Our good friends had a NYE party, so we loaded up Crosby and all his gear and schlepped it over to their place.  We got to show the baby off for a bit and then we tucked him in to sleep in a nice quiet room so that we could go off and have drinks and play flip cup.  Because nothing says “responsible parent” like a game of flip cup, two levels below your sleeping baby.

Also, nothing says “responsible parent” like missing the countdown because you’re breastfeeding your kid in your friend’s spare bedroom at 11:58pm.  When the clock struck midnight, Casey and I were upstairs with Crosby and we had no idea.  We all of a sudden heard our friends cheering from the living room and so we looked at the clock, then looked at each other and said “oh.. I think it’s 2015 now?” / “should we kiss?” / “sure.”  So, we leaned in and gave each other a smooch, lightly smashing Crosby’s face into my boob in the process.

Happy first New Year, little guy.

Anyhoo.  I really have no resolutions this year (what kind of blogger am I?) because I feel like I have enough to occupy my mind these days.  But we are doing Whole 30 for the month of January because dammit I need to lose those last few pounds of baby weight that are still hanging on for dear life on my stomach/ass/legs/arms/chins.  I think that about covers it.  My fingers have slimmed down quite nicely though, thanks for asking ;)  Anyways, we’re 5 days into the diet and so far so good.  Although it’s expensive and I feel like I’ve pretty much eaten the same things for my last 15 meals.  And I just want a block of cheese for the love of Harry Potter!  Other than that, it’s not too bad.  I have to admit though that we cheated and each had a few beers this past weekend because we refuse to let this diet ruin our social life.  So, you know, priorities.

Other weekend haps: we took a trip to Cannon Beach on the coast. It was Crosby’s first trip there and he was so very pleased.  And by that I mean he stared at things with the same impassive look he wears 99% of the time.  He totally pulls it off.  OH!  And the whole way to and from the coast (and then basically for the rest of the weekend) we listened to Serial.  We became obsessed!  Have you guys listened?  What do you think?  I still don’t know what to believe even now that it’s over.  Gah!

Picture time? Sure, why not.

shawnnathompson_ny_coast_8 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_6 IMG_3866shawnnathompson_ny_coast_3 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_1 shawnnathompson_ny_coast_2 IMG_3925 IMG_3912 IMG_3905 IMG_3898 IMG_3897 IMG_3880 IMG_3877 IMG_3875shawnnathompson_ny_coast_4

Peace out 2014!