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bumpdate: 32 weeks.

shawnnathompson_32weeksWeeks: 32 weeks
Baby is the size of: a plastic scooterboard (lol wut)
Weight gain: This is a safe space, right?  So I’ll give it to you straight… I weigh almost as much NOW as I did when I gave birth to Crosby.  (!!!)  Honestly, I feel fine about the poundages, I’m not freaking out about it… but the thing is that I also feel so much bigger this time around.  If you don’t believe me, just look at today’s photo compared to my 31-week photo with Crosby.  Yikes.  Makes me wonder what kind of zoo animal I’m going to look like by 40 weeks….?!
Cravings: I’m in the ice water stage of pregnancy again.  In that I need it at all times.  Seriously, don’t even think of handing me a glass of water unless it has about a eleventy billion ice cubes in it.  Please and thank you.  My obsession is so ridiculous that I bought a fancy new thermos that’s supposed to keep your water icy for much longer than regular old lame cups, and then I even went a step further and got stainless steel straws that make your water even colder as you’re drinking it. #highmaintenance #getalife
Sleep: Good-ish. But I’ve been waking up on my back a lot, which really freaks me out.
Movement: Less but more.  Does that make sense?  Like less overall kicks and jabs, but much bigger movement/she covers a wider girth than before.  (Can we collectively agree that I never use the word girth again? Cool.)
Symptoms: Is nesting considered a symptom? If so, I’m suffering from it.  Ever since we got back from our trip to Minnesota a few weeks ago, I’ve been stressing about getting everything in order ASAP.   We don’t have a ton of things to buy necessarily (although if someone could gift us a double stroller, that’d be greeeeeeeat) but we have some general preparing, planning, and reorganizing of our house and sleeping situations in order to accommodate baby girl’s arrival.  I want to feel like my house/life is as organized as possible when she gets here.  That’s super easy to do, right?
Missing:  I want a big ol sliced turkey sandwich without the fear of listeria.
Happenings: 9 times out of 10, if you ask Crosby where his baby sister is, he very gently pats my boobs.  Close enough buddy, close enough. shawnnathompson_32weeks_2