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hikes and beds and the dogs who own us.

IMG_1691.jpgWe took advantage of the kick-ass weather this weekend and made the trek out to Saddle Mountain to go on one of our favorite hikes.  We’ve done this hike once before (in the dead of winter, we’re such dummies) but this time was a bajillion times better.  It was nice and sunny, there wasn’t any hail, we had pants on, etc.  It was great.  Except that I must be pregnant or something because I kept getting super winded after about 10 steps.  To give myself some credit, this hike is tough.  It’s a pretty steep trek to the top, so I know it’s difficult for just about anyone.  But I still felt like one of those squishy kids from the movie Heavyweights as I wheezed my way up that damn mountain.

Also worth noting on this hike: I had my very first stranger ask me if I was pregnant.  She was walking past us and said something like, “Good for you for doing this hike when you’re pregnant!”.  I didn’t say anything for a second because I was totally caught off guard which led her to then say “OMG you are pregnant, aren’t you?”.  To be honest, I really didn’t mind that she asked me, but I definitely think it’s PRETTY ballsy when strangers comment on pregnancies.  There are so many unknown factors to consider before you ask someone if they’re expecting.  I myself tend to stay away from commenting on anyone else’s midsection unless I’m certain that they actually are indeed cooking up some cells in their uterus.  Some telltale signs that a woman is pregnant:  she’s wearing a shirt that says “baby on board”, she’s got the maternal hand-on-belly action or subsequent hand-on-lower-back waddle, she TELLS YOU that she’s pregnant, or you know, if she’s crowning.   If it’s not that blatantly obvious, then you should probably just zip it.  Anyways, anyways.  The woman’s comment was sort of a defining moment in my pregnancy.  Strangers can actually tell that I’m pregnant?  Does that mean I can start using the “Expectant Mothers” parking spaces at Home Depot?

Some fotos of the day…















In other weekend news, we attempted to kick the dogs out of our bed for the very first time on Sunday.  They’ve always slept with us but we’ve been talking about transitioning them to a dog bed on the floor for a while now.  Purely because we’re having a kid that will probably be passing out in our bed from time to time, and we think 3 humans + 2 dogs in one bed sounds excessive?  So anyways, this weekend we tried the dog bed.  We tucked both pups in on the floor and then we crawled into our human bed and in less than 2 seconds, Eddie had jumped up to join us.  (Gus is a little too full-figured to jump up on the bed on his own so he just sat at the foot of the bed giving us puppy dog eyes.)  We brought them both back to their dog bed, and 2 seconds later, Eddie had jumped back up on our bed.  This happened about 10 more times over the course of 5 minutes and each time we’d bring them back to bed and they’d sit there and give us these looks like they were auditioning for a Sarah McLachlan animal cruelty commercial.  I’m fairly certain “Arms of an Angel” was playing somewhere in the distance… And so we caved.  We’re such weenies.  Ugh.  We failed, they won.  They continue to own 95% of our bed.  The kid won’t mind sharing, right?  I heard infants are pretty small anyways.

I mean… just look at these poor tortured souls.  They clearly need a king-sized pillow-top mattress in order to survive.


next time we’ll bring pants.


Last Saturday we woke up early and decided to take advantage of the sunny sunshine that was pouring through our dog-nose-smeared windows.  Portland is good for many things, but hiking is at the the tippity top of the list of JUST DO IT.  I’d been drooling over and dying to go to Saddle Mountain since I first set eyes on it.  On instagram, of course.  So we decided to make a day of it and we packed up the pups and some sammiches and set sail in the ‘ol Ford Focus towards the mountain.  Halfway there we noticed the clouds.  3/4 of the way there, the rain decided to show up.  And as we pulled up to the the trailhead, we opened our car doors and were greeted with a 20 degree temperature drop and a breezy mist that set up shop in our bones immediately.  Twas cold, if you catch my drift.  Casey’s gym shorts were suddenly feeling a little foolish.  So after giving each other a few terrified looks of fear and hypothermia, we got back in the car and after a bit of deliberation decided that the best thing for everyone involved was to just eat our sandwiches (duh) and head home.  About two seconds before we put the car in reverse, we noticed another car pull up and two dudes in their shorts and t-shirts got out and made their way to the trail and we decided hey, if they can do it…

So we turned off the car, gathered our ballz, and off we went.  Luckily the first bits of the hike were extremely steep because the uphill-ness of the situation is what kept us warm for the better part of that trip.  Eddie was in his zone.  He was an outdoor-only dog before he got to us and that boy was not going to let cold or rain or 45 degree angles stop him.  So, with Eddie as our leader, we forged on.  And man, it was beautiful.  Ugh.  Portland and it’s freaking scenery.

We did quite well, if I do say so myself, until we were almost to the top of the mountain.  That’s when the fog rolled in.  And the hail made an appearance.  And soon enough we couldn’t see further than 10 feet in front of us and were getting pelted from every direction with pea-sized chunks of ice.  Again, Casey’s shorts, feeling pretttttty misplaced.

We made it to what we think (??) was the top-ish of the mountain.  But who could really tell with that fog.  And after a few obligatory “woohoo’s”, we headed back down.  Which in theory sounds easier than uphill?  But two beagles pulling you down a steep, wet, slippery hillside with edges that you can’t see past?  Gah.  Scurry stuff.

We made it back down the mountain in record time, piled into the car and after cranking up the seat warmers and swapping out some wet clothes, decided to swing by the coast since we were so close.  Mother Nature decided to throw us a bone and stop the raining long enough for us to get pulled around the beach by the dogs for a bit.  And then we toasted to our rugged outdoorsy skillz with some liquid sugar coffee drinks and some yogurt dipped doggy biscuits for the boys.

We left the coast tired, wet and exhausted.  But, it was a really good day.  In fact, I think it’s safe to say that Saturday won.

IMG_4922 IMG_4930 IMG_4931 IMG_4933IMG_4934 IMG_4940 IMG_4936

And on that note, we deserve some REAL sun.  So, we’ll meet y’all back here after our trip to Arizona!  Which starts, right, now.