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whatdya know? more rain. and more visitors!

IMG_1490The thing about Portland is, you get used to the rain. The gray and the drizzle become familiar.  Wearing rain boots to the grocery store is part of the routine. And it becomes second nature to carry around a stocking cap (although I’ve been told that calling it a “stocking cap” makes me sound verrry midwestern) lest your hairs be all frizzy when you get to brunch.  But that’s Portland.  That’s what’s it all about.  Kind of like the hokey pokey.

But then there are the days where you look up at the sky and you see that spot… that spot where the sun should be, but isn’t.  And you shake your pale fists at that gray piece of sky and curse the raindrops that are landing in your freshly-applied mascara.  Because really Portland, enough is enough.

This weekend it rained like mother-effing crap, again.  Big surprise.  BUT this time it was totally, definitely, absolutely bearable because temps reached the low 60’s!   Baby steps, people.  Tiny, rainy baby steps.  Combined with the fact that we got to move our clocks ahead an hour (cheers to driving home from work in the daygraylight!) and the fact that my little bro and his lady are here visiting for their spring break (cheers to a cray spring break in rainy Portland!) we had a pretty lovely weekend.  Real great, in fact.

The young ones are here with us for most of this next week so we’re sending them on some exciting little day trips while we go have to go to work.  Blerg.  I’m excited though to get home and hear about their adventures.  And to see Portland through their fresh, young, un-bagged eyes.  And to find out if they had anything for lunch that I should know about…  But really, it’s so fun to have them here, exploring our city.  Because at the end of the day, we really love this little Stumptown.  And having family come visit it and love it as well makes our rain-soaked hearts happy.

IMG_1468 IMG_1466[ and then all my dreams came true. sea salt caramel pepcorn. ] IMG_1459

IMG_1457 [ ^^ this one is for you ned! peas enjoy this greeting curd.^^ ]bridgepeopleIMG_1470IMG_1474beer1[ ^^ differing views on ipa’s ^^ ]IMG_1477 [ ^^ til death do us part ^^ ]thompsies

Peas out!


I definitely jinxed myself with all the talk of sun and weather is neat! in my last post because since then it’s been raining pretty consistently.  Big deal though right… it’s Portland, it’s to be expected.  However, when you bike to and from work most days, the rain can be a real beeotch to deal with.  Yesterday’s bike ride home left me looking like something that was pulled out of a clogged drain.  I.was.drenched.  Luckily though, I had my trusty backpack cover to protect all my backpack goodies…

photo (30)[ And by backpack cover, I mean garbage bag. ]

I’m sure I was quite the spectacle on my way home: hood on over my helmet, pants glued to my legs, feet slipping off the wet pedals, and giant garbage bag on my back.  But again, it’s Portland – so I’m sure people just assumed I was homeless or collecting rain water on my back for my farm co-op.

This morning wasn’t so hot either.  It wasn’t raining when I left home so I figured I’d be safe… but the Rain God’s decided to dump a few billion buckets of water down halfway through my ride.  Again, drenched.  I had to change immediately into the only dry things in my backpack – the result of which is that I’m now wearing yoga pants with heels.  It’s really cute.

photo (31)[ Yup, that’s Gus as my screen saver.  I’m a proud mama. ]

I’ll save you the torture of looking at this rats nest otherwise known as my hair.  Also, is it normal to find mascara on your earlobe after a bike ride?  Bottom line, I’ve been looking pretty stellar for the past 2 days.

Maybe by writing this post I can jinx myself the opposite way back into some sunshine?  Rain is awesome and junk!