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bumpdate: 23 weeks. oh and also, we’re having a…

HEY!  How are you?  Me?  I’m just 23 weeks pregnant over here.  I know, I know, I have been such a delinquent preg lady this time around.  Poor baby #2 has no baby book, no bumpdates up until now, and I’ve done approximately 0-1 things to actually prepare for their arrival.  But to be fair to myself, it’s been a crazy past few months with this little bundle.  Let me start out by saying that everything is fine, but we did have a stressful scare a little over a month ago that has just recently resolved itself.  I’m fine, the baby is fine, and we’re just super thankful and happy to be moving on from an intense few weeks.

You’re probably like, wtf that’s the most vague paragraph ever.  And you’d be right.  Sorry bout that.  And maybe someday I’ll write more about it.  But for now we’ll just scooch on past it.  BUT.  We do have some really great news that came out of all the nuttiness from the past few weeks… we decided to find out the gender!  Finding out was something that we flip-flopped on so much with this pregnancy.   I just always assumed we’d keep it a surprise like we did with Crosby.  But, I found myself really really wanting to know this time.  And in the midst of all the craziness that was going on with this pregnancy, we thought we could probably use some good news.  So, at one of my ultrasounds, we had the tech put the “results” in an envelope to take home and open later… but then someone (coughmecough) got super impatient and opened it before we even left the room.

You’re probably like, wtf tell us already.  Ok here it goes… baby Thomps #2 is an itty bitty teeny weeny cutie patootie lovey dovey baby GIRL!!  That’s right my friends, in a few months I will no longer be surrounded by weewees.  And I seriously couldn’t be happier.

So here we go sweet baby girl, our first official bumpdate!

Weeks: 23
Baby is the size of:  A Nalgene bottle. (I discovered and LOVE the Ovia app for this pregnancy!  You can choose a theme for the weekly “size” updates… ((my theme is fun & games and so far the baby has been the size of a troll doll, a paper airplane and a video game controller, among other things)) and it gives you a little graphic of how big the baby is getting based on its hand size.  And just in general, it’s awesome.  Highly recommend for my fellow pregs out there.)
Weight gain: I have honestly no idea… maybe 10ish pounds?  Split equally between my belly and my bra.  Worth noting, I definitely feel like I’m getting bigger faster and carrying higher this time around.  All fun things.
Cravings: Nothing super specific but so far I’m consistently loving fruit, just like last time.
Sleep:  Ugh. Gah. Oof.  Waaah.  Sleep has been so hit or miss.  Due to uncomfiness and just overall stress and anxiety.  And on top of that, my toddler typically wakes up before 6am every morning.  So what I’m trying to say is, coffee and under-eye concealer have been my bffs this pregnancy.
Movement:  Baby girl has been moving a shitload.  (Can I say that?) I remember Crosby’s first movements felt like a sweet little butterfly in my lower belly.  Compared to baby girl, who seems to be practicing her flipturns since week 15.
Symptoms:  Oh, hey hormones!  I probably have more hormones pulsing through me than a Justin Bieber concert.  Or something.  I’ve been an emotional rollercoaster since day 1 of this pregnancy, and then because of all the craziness that happened, it’s been amplified by like a hundo.  It’s ridiculous.  I’m ridiculous.  Anyways, if I cry the next time you ask me what time it is, don’t take it personally.
Missing:  It wouldn’t be a true TMITM blog post if I didn’t talk about wine.  I miss wine.
Happenings:  Erm, like I said… we’ve done so very little to prepare for little miss’s arrival.  But I thiiiiink I’m going to try to potty train Crosby before she gets here?  Probably right around his 2nd birthday?  Did I mention I miss wine?  I know that 2 is on the younger side for training, but I’ve been reading the book “Oh Crap: Potty Training” and it has me fairly convinced that I should do it now rather than waiting until after baby girl is here and I’m even more sleep deprived and not in the mood to teach a little boy to aim his pee stick into the toilet.  Ya feel me? So anyways, any tips and tricks for potty training would be much appreciated!

Speaking on my firstborn… here he is in all his anti-photo-taking adorable glory.  

Bumpdate 2.0, over and out.

here we go again!

Processed with VSCO with x1 presetSurprise! I’m pregnant! Or… maybe it’s not such a surprise? I say that because at least 5 people have told me that they suspected I was pregnant… because of the fact that I hadn’t mentioned wine in my last few blog posts. ::facepalm:: That’s embarrassing. But guess what? Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I can talk about wine again. Or rather, the lack of wine in my life. Not to be confused with whine, which there is PLENTY of in my life these days. Hahahahahahaha. Ha. Haha. Ha. Hello?

Anyways, let’s get back to my uterus! I’m approximately 15 weeks prego ragu and my due date is November 4th. We’re pretty sure we aren’t going to find out the sex, just like last time. Though it seems harder this time around to not find out. I think it’s because we/I was so distracted by the newness of pregnancy the first time around, and not finding out the sex was part of the package. This time I sort of know what to expect with the pregnancy, so finding out if it’s a boy or girl is more top of mind. Ya know? I will say though, that not knowing the sex was so helpful the first time around during Crosby’s crazy birth. It gave me something positive to focus on and look forward to in the midst of pure chaos. So… that’s a good reason to not find out. Plus, I’ve always felt that waiting to find out until your babe is born is one of life’s few REAL surprises. Anyways, what do you think, should we find out this time? Or not? What did you do? What did Mila Kunis do? Because I’ll just probably do what she did.

So far, I’ve felt pretty ok. I’ve managed to avoid morning sickness again but I’ve been so incredibly tired. Seriously, the fatigue this time around has been absurd. Intensified by the fact that my job is to chase a squirrelly toddler around all day. On more than one occasion I’ve been out doing something with Crosby and I’ve been so tired that I had to literally tell myself to put one foot in front of the other. It’s nuts. I’m finally in the second trimester though so my energy levels should skyrocket any second now. Right? RIGHT!?! In general though, this pregnancy has felt pretty similar to the last one. Which makes me feel like it might be another little boy. Except that I’ve been MUCH more emotional this time around. Which makes me think it might be a girl. Or a Nicholas Sparks novel.

So far it seems like Crosby is thrilled to have a new baby in the family. Once we found out I was pregnant, we got him a babydoll to play with and he immediately poked it in the eyes. See!? Thrilled! We’re trying to explain to him that he’s going to be a big brother and that mama has a baby in her tummy, but he’s only 20 months old so he’s not really catching on. Or maybe he’s just not very bright… ;) No but really, if anyone has any advice or books (for him or me) to read about bringing a new kiddo home, please let me know! I’m so unprepared. Also, the idea of Crosby not being my “baby” anymore makes me want to shove him up my shirt for the day.

Yikes. I feel like this post was so scattered. Mom brain + pregnancy brain = my brain looks like an episode of Hoarders but good thing was we are now working with a wonderful brand to make woman feel beautiful and sexy, its a really fresh thing where you can find makeup and the new Lush 2 for your intimacy moments.

PS Thanks so much for all the well wishes on our newest addition! We’re honestly so very thrilled.

PPS A few more photos from my Mother’s Day…

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Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

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Processed with VSCO with x1 preset

Cheers to breeding! xo

bumpdate: 34 weeks

shawnnathompson_34weeks_bumpMan, I’m really slacking on the bumpdates lately. Remember back in the day when I was posting them every single week? Back when the idea of putting on public-appropriate clothing and smiling for the camera every few days didn’t see quite so…. difficult.  I’m just seriously slowing down lately.  Everything takes a whole lot more effort… and will power.  It’s to the point where I dread going pee because I know that after I go, I will need to eventually stand back up.

I’ve juuuust now started to freak out about how much we have to do yet before the baby gets here. I’ve been cool as a cucumber up until a few days ago, when I had the realization that I was almost (and now am) 6 weeks from D day. And this kid could totally decide to show up early (although I’m fully preparing myself for overdueness because that’ll likely be my big FAT luck). Anyway, 6 friggin weeks away!  We need a mattress for the crib!  We need to vacuum the car!  Hang bookshelves!  Do we know baby CPR?  NO?!  Then we need to take a baby CPR class!  Stock up on dog food!  Stock up on human food!  Wait, now I’m hungry!…  I currently have about 7 million to-do lists floating around my general vicinity and we actually are crossing things off those lists but it’s hard when all I want to do when I get home from work is lay in bed with my feet propped up on 7 pillows with a giant glass of ice cube water (like, a whole tray of ice cubes in a mason jar) and do nothing.  I know, I know.  Realistically I probably have some time to get all these things completed but I have a tendency to think about things as a whole instead of just one thing at a time. And I know I need to practice patience and be realistic about what can be done now vs. later vs. …. meh, never. I mean, is it really necessary to talk about having a garage sale when we don’t really even have a garage or things to sell? Probably nope.

But along with the freak outs comes the overwhelming excitement that we’re so so close to meeting our little one! It gives me the shivers to think that we’ll have a kid NEXT MONTH. It’s basically like today is Thanksgiving and the baby is Christmas. That’s the timeframe we’re looking at. And who isn’t excited for Christmas!?! Cute, tiny, adorable, shitting, barfing, time-sucking, nipple chewing, sweet, baby Christmas?!

Let’s bumpdate!

Weeks: 34 weeks
Baby is the size of: A butternut squash.
Weight gain: At my last dr appointment, I had gained 4 pounds in 2 weeks. So. There’s that.
Cravings: I’m so boring. Nothing new. Except like I said, a mason jar full of ice cube water. Oh, but I’m still really into ice cream. Uh, and coconut water. And friendship fries (which is what I call french fries because doesn’t that sound so much cuter and less greasy when you’re ordering them for yourself but pretending they’re for everyone?).
Sleep: Sleep, shmeep. I don’t think I’ll ever sleep comfortably again. Whatever. Sort of related…. I had a thought the other day that I haven’t had a single dream about our baby. That I can remember. Is this normal? I keep waiting for it to happen – for the dream gods to tell me if it’s a boy or a girl. And to tell me what to name it. And to maybe give me a hot makeout sesh with Ryan Gosling. Wishful sleeping.
Movement: SO much, all the time and Casey is officially freaked out by it. Because it’s not just sweet little kicks and hiccups… there seems to be sumo wrestling and full-force Elaine Benes dancing happening in there. I think it’s fantastic but I can see how it would freak out my giant manly husband.
Symptoms: Backaches like whoa.  Especially the lower, middle and upper back.  Know what I mean?  I actually had my first prenatal massage a couple of weeks ago… I’d been holding on to a gift certificate since Christmas, just waiting until the backage was good and ready for a nice rub down.  And seriously.  It was amazing.  Just being able to lay on my stomach for the first time in months was reward enough.  (They have a miraculous foam pad/belly hole type-situation that allows pregnant ladies to lay on their fronts during a massage without butternut squashing the babe) I now want to get a professional massage every single night.  Although I would maybe request a female next time?  Because getting a massage from a dude that is not my husband at 30+ weeks pregnant is less than ideal.  Unless it’s Ryan Gosling.  
Missing: WINE. My dad was here last weekend and we went wine tasting. And by that I mean I went Pelligrino tasting while Casey and papa drank wine. Being the lovely papa that he is though, he bought us a few bottles that we can enjoy post-baby and I’m already salivating just thinking about them. Do you think the doctor can inject an IV of wine into me as I’m pushing? Can I add that to my birth plan?
Happenings: LOTS of happs. We are done with baby classes and are now officially baby experts. Is what I’m telling myself. HA. The baby room is almost ready for its inhabitant. And yes family, I will post pictures soon.  We also met our pediatrician this morning. And were fully unprepared, of course. She asked us if we had any questions and we both just stared at each other like, oh yah we should probably have thought through what we wanted to ask the medical professional who is going to be caring for our baby’s health and well-being. Whoops. Also – it’s August!? Which means I only have 4 more weeks of work before I’m on vacation maternity leave.

Unrelated but sort of related: I know that there are a few prego ladies out there – so I’m curious if anyone would appreciate a post about my pregnancy must-haves or products? Yes, no, maybe so?



bumpdate: 28 weeks

28weeksWeeks:  28.  AKA third trimester. AKA ohmygawd.
Baby is the size of: An eggplant.
Weight gain: Yup.
Cravings: Nothing new.  Except I want to drink the shit out of this. How good does that look??  Now, who would like to come over and make it for me?
Sleep:  Meh.  Ok-ish.  Although I’ve been awoken by some gnarly charley horses in my legs more often than necessary lately.  Did you know that Australians call charley horses “corkies”?  Isn’t that something?
Movement:  I can see the baby moving through my clothes these days, which is sort of the coolest thing ever.  I find myself staring down at my belly quite often, waiting to see a little tap or a big shift… I’m sure I look really normal and not weird at all to anyone who might be observing.
Symptoms:  Heavy breathing.  No, but seriously.  Breathing is a challenge lately.  And I didn’t really understand this side effect until I saw a picture of how smushed pregnant women’s lungs get when there’s a human taking up all the space on the insides.  It’s pretty remarkable.  I had a really stupid day yesterday and came home from work feeling bummed and bloated and just altogether weird (yayyyy hormones).  As soon as I got home, I hoisted myself onto our bed, cried for no good reason and just heavy breathed for like, 30 minutes.  Casey brought me mac and cheese to make me feel better, and I kept thinking that if I happened to be on a reality TV show, my life in that moment would have been so hysterically depressing to watch.  So, anyway.  The moral of that story is heavy breathing.
Missing:  98% of my wardrobe.  I recently tried on a few of my pre-pregnancy dresses, in hopes of finding something to wear to one of my baby showers.  What a disaster. I knew that my belly had grown, obvi, but I clearly underestimated my basketball boobs and an ass that now requires it’s own zip code.  What I’m saying is, there’s a reason for maternity clothes, my friends.  And if I could please have all the Hatch pregnancy clothes, I’d happily stay pregnant forevs.
Happenings:  We made it through the dreaded birthing videos at our last baby class.  I was pretty nervous about seeing the videos, I’ll be honest.  I hadn’t ever watched an actual birth, from the angle of the, ahem, nether regions, and I was psyching myself up for seeing all kinds of mass chaos.  But really, the videos were pretty tasteful and there were barely any crotch-shots.  Which is all you can really hope for in life, right?

IMG_2405 IMG_2412 IMG_2418Fun story.  The espadrilles I’m wearing in these photos are a tad too big for me.  So in an effort to keep them on my feet, I tried to find something to stuff into the front of them to make them more snug.  I first tried toilet paper, but it sort of crumbled and then I had little bits of TP stuck to my feet all day.  Next I tried cotton, but that keep getting caught in my toes and was uncomfortable.  Finally, I found the perfect, soft, tiny solution.  Baby socks.  That’s right, I borrowed my unborn child’s socks and stuffed them into the front of my shoes.  I really don’t think the baby minds, and I fully intend on giving them back to him/her once they exit the womb and actually have the need for socks.

I’m already rethinking telling that story…



My dream has come true!  I’m eating for two!  Hey, that rhymes… I’m kicking ass at this mom thing already.

Yes, it’s true.  We are expecting a tiny Thompson in September and we seriously couldn’t be happier.  Well, I’d probably be a little happier if my pants weren’t so GD tight already.  And if I had an unlimited supply of chocolate chip cookies.  Other than that, I’m good.

I’m about 15 weeks/a little more than 3 months/a little bit into second trimester/a little bloated.  I’ve been lucky enough to bypass any morning sickness and so far the only real uncomfortableness is the ongoing growth of my tator tots and the pain level of said large tator tots.  Seriously folks (any men readers: earmuffs) my boobs are ridiculous right now. I’m afraid I’m going to give myself black eyes from just walking briskly.  I hear it gets worse?  Not sure that’s possible.

In all seriousness though, I’ve been lucky.  We’ve been lucky.  And now we’re havin a baby.

Casey and I found out the big news when I was 3ish weeks pregnant.  It was a Sunday morning, I had just woken up and had this sneaky suspicion that something might be happening in the ‘ol baby factory, so I took a test, and the rest is history.  Reading that pee stick will go down in history as one of my favorite moments in life.  Topped only by the absurd happiness I felt… and then the look on Casey’s face when he registered what was going on.  We were both just so happy.  And relieved, actually.  Getting pregnant is one of the only things in life you can’t just make happen.  Which is kind of obvious, but not totally understandable until you try.  It can be very frustrating and defeating, which we don’t have to talk about today.  But all those feelings of uncertainty only made the moment we found out that much more amazing.  Ugh.  I’m suuuuuuch a girl right now.  Well, I can’t even call myself a girl anymore.  I think I’m technically a mom?  Holy shit.

Moving on.

As much as I want to enjoy this pregnancy time, I’m pretty psyched for actually getting a baby bump.  Not, like, because I want to get big fast, I just want my gut to start looking like a 28 year-old’s baby bump and less like a 55 year-old’s beer belly.  Seriously, right now I just look like I ate a small child, rather than have one growing in me.  Nothing cute about that.

Cravings!  Cuz those are fun.  I’m currently craving all the chocolate chip cookies, ever.  I think I’ve eaten more CCC’s in the last 2 months than I have in my entire existence.  Also, fruit.  Which is pretty boring but tastes OMGDELICIOUS right now.  And of course, I’m taking full advantage of McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes until their 2014 season wraps up.  Single tear emoticon.

And now to wrap things up, a few preggers photos from the past 2 months….

[ i’ve never been so proud of something that i peed on. ]
[ casey also has never been so proud of something that i peed on. ]
[ things are definitely thickening up in the meat veggie bag region. ]
belly montage.jpg

[ and a few outtakes – because we’re durfy.  our kid has got a lot to look forward to. ]

Welp, that’s about enough uterus talk for one post – wouldn’t you say?

Since y’all blog readers are mostly long-distance friends and fam, I’ll try to keep you as updated as possible here.  For others who aren’t interested in baby shenanigans, I promise to still talk about my dogs and food and beer wine more food.