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and eddie makes four.


In addition to having the brosef and family in town this past weekend, we also made an addition to our family…. in the form of doggie #2.  Internets, meet Eddie!


Eddie stole our dog-lovin’ hearts the moment we set eyes on him.  We found him on a beagle rescue site about a month ago, had a meet and greet, made sure he and Gus got along (they hit it off like gangbusters), waited until he got fixed up at the vet, filled out the paperwork, picked him up, brought him home, and loved him forever and ever the end.

Eddie’s had a rough go of things up to this point.  His last owners were terrible and did some pretty mean things to him.  Those assholes.  But you’d never know it because Mr. Ed is the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet.  Seriously, he’s such a little love.   But with that much sweetness comes great responsibility to have some kind of issues, ya know?   He’s still being potty-trained, he has a tendency to nose through the garbage and Good Lawd! that dog can clear a room with his toots.

But it’s all fine because he’s SOCUTEOMG.

The first 3 days have been nutty but awesome.  Some Eddie highlights include: jumping onto the kitchen counter, peeing on Gus’s head, and breaking down our dog-baby gate.  You guys, he’s not even that big, he’s like 25 pounds.  That mofo has some serious street skillz.

So I guess we are officially crazy dog-people?  Or does that status come after 3 dogs?  Not that we’d ever get a third.  Unless he was as cute as our two little piggies…IMG_4830IMG_4848family photoPS Is it normal to find dog hair in your pockets?  Like, a lot of it?  If so, then I’m extremely normal.