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thursday things.

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1. I pretty much never watch TV during the day but this morning I put it on for some background noise while writing this (Crosby was napping, chill), and I think it was meant to be, because the first thing I turned it to was a Felicity reunion on the Today show.  I love Felicity.  AND I DON’T EVEN CARE WHO KNOWS IT!  The show just has so much going for it… a complicated love triangle, a NYC college experience, some reeeeally amazing leather backpacks…!   And anyways, I’ve never been firmly on Team Ben or Team Noel.  I mean, Ben is BEN.  AKA hunky and dreamy.  But Noel is so sweet and comfortable.  And let me tell you, they both still look really good.  So the takeaway is, that I should probably start binge watching that show on Netflix again, huh Casey?

2. Speaking of NYC!  I’m leaving for a trip to the Big Apple (#tourist) on Saturday with my mom.  Eeep!  We took a lady trip there 5 years ago and had a blast so we’re finally making it happen again.  I’m incredibly excited.  Casey is on baby/dog doody duty and although I know he’s fully capable of taking care of everyone, I still find myself saying really obvious things to him… like, you have to remember to put pants on Crosby when you go for a walk.  He seems pretty chill about the whole thing, which is equal parts calming and terrifying.  Portland friends, keep an eye out for a tall guy walking two beagles and pushing a pants-less baby in a stroller.

3. Also speaking of NYC, Shake Shack.  Worth it?  Or not?

4. Have y’all ever tried the Tracy Anderson arms video?  A couple of months ago I got into a routine of doing it almost every day and then just… stopped.  And anyways, I did it yesterday and now even typing is torture.  Damn thank you, Tracy.

5. Crosby is not the biggest fan of vegetables.  He usually spits them out or throws them overboard.  But I made this for dinner last night and he chowed down on the broccoli.  Highly recommend!

6. I posted a new profile picture to Facebook the other day and 2 of my friends, within minutes of “liking” it, texted me and asked if/when I was going to have another baby.  Now, this could be purely coincidental but it seemed a little curious to me.  So I looked at my picture again and after further lady-like scrutiny, I’m wondering if they mistook my apple cider donut bump for a baby bump.  Maybe?  Anyways, if anyone else is wondering, no, there is no bun in my oven at the moment.  Just coffee.

7. Aaand speaking of coffee, I just found a cheerio at the bottom of mine.

8. Last week I was pushing Crosby on the swing at the park and I got stung by a bee on my foot.  It’s been a while since I’ve been stung but have bees changed or something?  Because I don’t ever remember it hurting that bad.

9. Yesterday I was walking the dogs and in a span of 2 minutes, Eddie peed on Gus while Gus was peeing, then Eddie stepped in Gus’s poo and then stepped on my shoe, and while I was picking up said poo, Gus somehow maneuvered his way out of his harness.  He’s kind of a dummy though so once he wriggled out he just sort of stood there on the sidewalk looking at me in bewilderment like, what I do now mama?  Yes, he calls me mama.  He’s sentimental like that.

10. Has anyone seen my headphones?