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resolving 2013.


We’ve covered Christmas, so let’s talk New Year’s!

First of all….yay!  You lasted another year and didn’t perish.  Good for you!

Did you make your resolutions for 2014?  I sure didn’t.   Eff that.  Last year, I attempted to take the pressure off and instead of making resolutions, I made a bucket list of sorts.  Just little a few things I wanted to do throughout 2013.   None of it was super unrealistic, but I still kinda failed at it.  Let’s take a look at how I fared, shall we?

  • Volunteer. (Sadly, no. But one time I offered to get Casey a glass of water.)
  • Take a cooking class. (Nope. Unless watching the Biggest Loser counts?)
  • Take a trip with my husband.  (Yes!  We went to Montana AND Arizona!  And Minnesota a couple times.  #dreambig)
  • Blog more. (Doubt it.  Sorry friends.  But I have been contributing to the apartments.com blog once a week, so maybe?)
  • See my best friends. (Yes! We finally made our first annual girls trip happen last March in Austin, Tejas.  And stay tuned because the 2nd annual trip is happenin’ in one month in LA!  We’re really doin’ it Har!)
  • Run another 1/2 marathon. (Oh, whoops I couldn’t quite read that one, there was too much french fry grease on my screen)
  • Keep a journal. (Does a mediocre blog count?)
  • See more live music. (We’ve actually been to a few live shows… but still not as many as I’d hoped.  We did, however, get season tickets to Broadway, which technically is live music?  For nerds.)
  • Swim in the ocean. (Does swimming in a pool count?  If so, I still failed).
  • Teach my dog to fetch. (Gus & Eddie can totally fetch my underwear out of the hamper. Win.)
  • Get a massage. (Oh, totally.  I got the best one ever from one of those massaging pedicure chairs at the nail salon last summer.)
  • Take more pictures. (Yes, definitely.  Especially since we became professional fotografers.)
  • Go on a road trip. (We drove to the coast a whole bunch of times, so I’m saying yes.)
  • Buy a house. (Nailed it!)

So… ya see.  I did ok.  But still not great.  Therefore I’m foregoing any kind of resolution so I don’t disappoint myself come 2015 (holy what!? that is crazy to think about).

This year I just want to focus on having a whole bunch of fun and adventures with my little family.

Gus and Eddie are totes on board.  Don’t they look like the ultimate fun-havers?…

fam fam

From my family to yours,

Peace, love and gym memberships.