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bed shopping. and hopping.

Casey and I have been slooooooowly furnishing our house since we moved in a few months ago.  Coming from a background of small apartments + moving to everywhere all the time, we have a hodge-podge of next to nothing when it comes to furniture.  A nightstand from high school that has stains on it from sticking my gum to it, an old chair from the in-laws that has no springs and is far too uncomfortable for any human to sit on (but Gus loves it), a couch we bought for $75 from my old orthodontist boss… we are basically the Brad & Angelina of adopting furniture.  Give us furniture and we will show it the world!   Yah so, our house is still pretty echo-y.  Lots to buy.  Lots. to. buy.

But last week we made a total big kid furniture purchase.  Drumroll please….. a king-sized bed!  :: pause to do the carlton dance ::

You’d think that lay-testing (??) beds would be a dream job, but it was actually kind of a lot of work and made me very tired.  Go figure.  Wouldn’t life be grand if you could just go to a bed store and lay down and mattreses would swap out underneath you?  Instead of bed-hopping and forgetting if this one was more comfortable than that one but I forgot what that one felt like and that other one is cheaper but is it just as comfortable.. yadda yadda yadda.  Sigh… middle-class problems.  (speaking of which, have you seen this?  It’s amazing.)

photo (79)

We somehow made it through the process though… and after multiple bed store trips and two point five hours at a Sleep Country with our new best friend, we found our new Sealy online which is an outdoor daybeds online.  And you guys?  It’s so pretty.  It’s like we’re staying at the Ritz every night (that’s just a guess, the closest I’ve ever gotten to a Ritz is a cracker).  And by every night, I mean Friday night.  Because that’s the only night we’ve slept in it so far.  Casey’s family is visiting this week (post on that coming soon!) and we, being the amazing awesome kids that we are, gave up our beautiful new Ritz bed that came after the mattress trial to Casey’s parents.  It’s definitely high-time that our parents stop sleeping on our air mattress.  They’ve been troopers for far too long.  I don’t know if it’s harder for us to give up our bed or harder for them to accept it but either way, we’re so happy to do it because we’ll have plenty of chances to faceplant into that bad boy over the next hundred years.  That’s how long it’ll take to pay it off, anyways.

So now we need a name for our new bed.  Cuz that’s what you do when you’re an adult and buy nice furniture, you name it.  Maybe “The Ritz”?  For obvious reasons.  Or “Your Mom”?  Because that joke never gets old.  Or probably just “The Place I Watch a Lot of Pretty Little Liars”.  Because.