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we’re still making stuff and also we look alike?

Guys, I don’t know what our problem is but we are DIY’ing our asses off lately.  Not only did we continue to make progress on our dining room table this weekend but we also made a bench to go along with it.  AND we did some plastic-surgery on our current bar stools to make them work with our new table.  I mean???  I’m not even sure who we are anymore.  A couple weeks ago we could barely hang pictures and now we could probably host our own home-improvement show.  Casey would be Tim Taylor and I would be Al Borland.  Although Al’s a bit of a snoozefest so maybe I’d be Wilson.  I do love a good flannel….


The downside to being totally awesome at building crap (which may or may not be a giant exaggeration) is that it takes forever and it’s kind of tiring for our 28-year-young souls.  Our weekends have been bogged down with sandpaper and screwdrivers – and not the vodka-y ones – so we’ve kind of sucked at having a social life the past two weekends.  Unless you consider interactions with the staff at Home Depot socializing?  Also if you’re curious, we’ve come to realize that we like Home Depot a lot better than Lowe’s because of their (much) friendlier staff, their ability to cut 4 x 4’s and the fact that they sometimes have popcorn.  I’m not sure how I got to this point in my life where I’d have a preference between the two at all… But really, Home Depot totally wins.  

Actually yesterday we were at Lowe’s returning a lamp with an edison lamp holder that just wasn’t meant to be, and midway through our $6.80 return transaction, the saleswoman just stopped and gave us the weirdest look and then asked Casey and me if we were related.  We told her we were married… to which she said she thought we had to be related because we were both making the exact same face at the same time.  She explained the look as being “scary”.  So…. there’s that.  I mean, I’m sure that we’ve picked up some of the same mannerisms over the past 9-ish years and I also know that Casey really loves to copy some of my slang and all-around awesomeness, but we’ve never been called out on it before.  I was kind of offended.  But then as we were leaving, I caught our reflection in the window and noticed that we both had on black hats and puffy vests and were carrying pumpkin spice lattes.  So she might have had a point.  I think… we need to get out a little more.  To somewhere other than the hardware store.

I’ll share pics when the table is done-zo but in the meantime!  Here are the only pictures are took this weekend.

Home Depot woodworkers [ SEE!  Different facial expressions.  Take that, Lowe’s lady ]home depot makes sunsets[ and this is the view on the way HOME from Home Depot. ]

Can you even handle how exciting it is?