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bumpdate: 22 weeks

22 weeks.jpg

Weeks: 22
Baby is the size of:  A papaya.  I’d be more excited if I had any idea how big a papaya actually is…
Weight gain: TBD at my Dr. appointment next week.  Let us pray.  
Cravings: Still shoving as much fruit and limeade into my face as possible. 
Sleep:  Great!  I’ve had NO insomnia nights this past week!  Maybe we’ve outgrown that phase?  Or maybe it’s because I’ve been having Casey punch me in the face as hard as he can before bed every night…  You never know.  
Movement:  The kid is making bigger and bigger movements lately.  It’s a lot less fluttery and a lot more roll-y.  If that makes any sense?  There’s honestly nothing more exciting than feeling it move around in there.
Symptoms:  The combo of this nice warm weather we’ve been having + getting pregnanter is causing my feet to get real fat.  My sneakers are getting snug, I’m getting major sock lines, my sandals are getting harder to slip on and off.  It reminds me of when Casey and I were coming back from our honeymoon in Greece… we were stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours before we even took off on our 12 hour flight back to LA.  When we landed, my feet and cankles had swelled up so much, I looked like a cabbage patch kid.  I pointed it out to Casey and his immediate response was “JEEEEEEZUS!”.   Love you too, new husband.  Anyway, I’m trying to pound water to offset the water retention, but I’m anticipating full Fred Flintstone status in the next month or two.  Any tips or tricks to combat this lovely side effect would be much appreciated!?
Missing:  Leinie’s Summer Shandy.  Especially when the weather is kicking freaking ass and we’ve been doing tons of yard work and all I want to do at the end of the day is slam 2-3 Summer Shandy’s as fast as possible.  This is where the limeade comes in to save the day.
Happenings:  I celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Sort of.  It’s kind of a gray area – I’m not quite a mom, yet there IS a kid currently stepping on my bladder.  I think I at least deserve a pastry for incubating a baby on Mother’s Day.  Right?  Right so Casey took me out to breakfast and we talked about how next year at this time, we’ll be parents of a 7 month old.  Bananatown.  Is what that is.  

More pictures from my sort-of Mother’s Day, if you care to see!

mamacita_day1.jpg[ i promise i don’t have white tights on in these pics ]
bumpdate22_3IMG_1803IMG_1784 IMG_1782IMG_1785IMG_1800[ we had this great idea of getting a picture of the two of us this year and then going back to the same place next year with the baby and taking another picture.  but the woman taking our photo had apparently never operated a camera before and got all flustered, which made me flustered and so Casey and I just ended up looking like two people who don’t really know each other that well but were forced take a picture together.  cool stuff. ]

bumpdate22_2[  fam of 4.5 ]