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to the tulips!


My mom is here visiting us for a few days (yay!) and since the weather has been killer lately we decided to take advantage and head to a tulip festival that’s in a town a little ways outside of Portland.  Now, before we go any further, here is a little tip from me to you.  When driving to a tulip festival that’s in a town a little ways outside of Portland, do not, under any circumstances, miss your exit.  Because it will tack on an extra 24 mins to your already 45 minute trip.  Which will push your drive time from  leisurely-day-trip to we-should-have-packed-a-change-of-clothes-trip.  There just seems to be a huge difference between under an hour drives and over an hour drives. Right?  Especially when you have a 1 1/2 year old and only so many cheese sticks in your diaper bag.  But, this is exactly the kind of scenario in which grandmas come in handy.  They excel at the art of child distraction, and they also convince you that you aren’t a tool for missing a very very obvious exit.

So anyways, we made it in one piece and were greeted with a dream come true of more tulips than you’ll ever see in your lifetime.


I am quite possibly the least knowledgeable flower/plant person in the Pacific Northwest, but I can tell you this one bit of information that I do in fact know… tulips bulbs are poisonous for dogs. I learned this fun fact a few years ago when my dog Gus devoured a package of bulbs I had intended to plant… but instead I probably went to happy hour or something… and which led me to google things like “are tulips poisonous for dogs” and “will flowers make my dog’s breath smell better”.  Luckily Gus (ahem) “rejected” the bulbs all over our bathroom floor, so he avoided a trip to the vet.  And you know, death.

Well that got dark.

But so anyways!  The tulip festival was so fun!  Beautiful sights and lots of fun little activities for the little ones.  And kettle corn for me.



Crosby took his first pony ride… and by the look on his face you’d think he was sooo over it.  Except that when I took him off the horse at the end, he cried because he didn’t want to leave!  See, he does enjoy things!


I love that little poker-faced boy of mine.

The only downside to the whole event was that I lost Crosby’s sweet little sunglasses that he just got in his Easter basket.  Not a huge deal, but they were so cute.  Plus, that’s 5 whole dollars that I’ll never get back.  I mean, that the Easter Bunny will never get back.  ::side-eye::  We went to look for them at the lost and found station and the lady in charge was like, oddly protective over the box of found eyewear. She pretty much refused to let me look in it… like she was afraid I’d pocket some of the goods.  Which was far from likely since the box seemed to consist mostly of reading spectacles and bifocals.  Because hello, we were at a tulip festival.  Crosby was the youngest one there by 76 years.

IMG_0455 IMG_5857 IMG_5859^^I mean… if this doesn’t ignite your ovaries, I don’t know what will.^^


Til next time, tulipalooza!