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kate the great.


This is slightly random, but is anyone else following all stories about the William & Kate & the royal baby?  How could you not?  They’re everywhere.  That kid is already way more popular than Regina George.  Coincidentally, his name is also George.

But in case you’ve been living under a rock, I can fill you in real quick.  William & Kate had a kid.   The end.

If you really need more details, royal baby George was born on Monday and weighed in at a little over 8 pounds.  That’s approximately 12 US dollars.

Moving on.  You know what I love about Kate?  She has the ability to be pretty much perfect, but not in a way that makes me want to pull out my own hair.  Or her hair.  (I would like to touch her hair though, it looks so magical).  But she just seems like a genuinely amazing person.  Don’t you think?

Anyway, what brought on this post is when I saw the pictures of William & Kate leaving the hospital with their new little one, and I was so… happy… when I saw what Kate was wearing.  Stay with me.  These days women (mostly celebrities) pop out a child and 10 seconds later are back to wearing bikinis.  It’s so unrealistic.  Because from what I’ve heard, baby weight can be a beeotch.  And that belly sticks around for a while.  It’s sad to me that there is the expectation for women to snap back into shape immediately after birthing an actual human.  So, back to Kate.  She’s obviously a pretty slim lady but I was just so impressed that she wore a dress that accentuated her post-baby belly.  It was just natural.  She didn’t try hide it or cover it up, she was just there, doing her thing, and she looked great.  See for yourself:


kate the great

Am I right?  Nice work Kate.  Way to be even more awesomer than usual.  Cheerio!