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and on our 4th anniversary we ate all the food in portland.

IMG_6363Yesterday was Casey and my 4th wedding anniversary and I must say, I think it was our best one yet.  We didn’t do anything crazy or out of the ordinary (unless you consider two stops for dessert out of the ordinary, which we don’t) but it was still just a real great day. It started out with us exchanging cards.  And by that I mean I left a really nice letterpress card by Casey’s bag before I left for my morning walk with the dogs, so that he’d be sure to find it before he left for work… and when I returned from my walk, there was a freshly homemade card waiting for me on the table that included some very artistic drawings of Casey and I (as bears), the dogs, and a tiny bear drawn inside my belly.  That card made me laugh, is what it did.  It’s a framer for sure.

And then I unexpectedly had most of the afternoon off of work – which was so great but what I did with that afternoon off was clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, read for about 20 minutes and then get some work-type writing done.  Not the most terribly exciting way to spend an afternoon off, but hey.  After all that excitement, the dogs and I were laying in bed waiting for Casey to get home and every 3 minutes or so I’d hear a fly buzz by and every 3.1 minutes or so I’d hear Eddie snap his mouth open and shut, trying to catch that fly.  Which I thought was funny, but really I’d be so grossed out if he actually caught it.  Eddie is also obsessed with the squirrels in our backyard.  Every morning when we let him outside he sprints over to our magnolia tree, climbs halfway up it and waits for squirrels.  And of course Casey and I look at each other and laugh but what the hell would we actually do if he caught a squirrel?  I would freak.the.fack.out.  Can you imagine?

So anyways.  Casey made it home in record time (5:30!) so we had the joy of leisurely making our way to dinner at a fancy Mexican restaurant we’d been wanting to try.  It was a perfect 75 degrees out and we got a coveted spot on the patio and all was well in the world.  Although at one point when we were ordering our meals the waiter interrupted us and pointed at me and say “oh hey, you’re…. congratulations” as he pointed directly south of my neck.  He obviously had caught a glimpse of my baby belly, but it caught me off guard because really only the top half of my stomach was visible above the table and so what I thought he was pointing at was my tator tots.  I thought he was congratulating my boobs.  So he’s standing there pointing at my chestal area and my face turns 50 shades of red and I basically just respond by saying “I’ll have the special”.  And that’s the end of that story.  But the food was great!  And they whipped me up a virgin mojito which made me fee like a girl of 21 again.  So fun. The best part was definitely the company though (awwww).

We followed up dinner by driving to NE Portland to a restaurant that’s known for their bread pudding.  And if you know Casey, you know that bread pudding is his mistress.  We seriously considered ordering the fried pickles along with the bread pudding, because Casey loves anything fried and I love anything edible at this point.  But we refrained and stuck to the dessert which was ridiculous… I can’t really think about it without drooling down my shirt.

After we rolled ourselves out of that joint, I had the brilliant idea of hitting up a bakery we’d been wanting to try because it was still open and we were in the neighborhood and when all the stars align like that, you just have to do it.  So off we went to food stop #3 where we bought a piece of toffee to share and some cinnamon rolls for this morning and like I said.  It was the best anniversary, ever.

anniversary4_3anniversary4_2[ they served our bread pudding with a side of corn bread. which we ate, of course. can’t be rude… ]
anniversary4_4[ And one throwback picture from our wedding because that’s what you do when you blog about anniversaries. ]

Love you times a million, baby daddy.  xx


The weather in Portland lately has been top notch.  I’m talking 70’s and sunny for weeks now (with the occasional misty shower because it IS Portland mygosh) and we’ve been lurving it so much.  Portland is great anytime of the year but when it’s nice out, watch out!  The hipsters love to come out and play in the warm weather.  And we happily scamper alongside them in our skinny jeans and tank tops and wayfarers.

Why is it so much easier to just, like… live, when it’s nice out?  Like no matter how bad work is or how much yard work you have to do or how naughty your puppy is being, it’s always easier to deal when you’ve got a bright shining blob of vitamin D shining down on your skin.  Or in my case, my see-through winter skin.  Which is now turning a lovely shade of red due to unevenly spread sunscreen while doing yard work.  But who cares because SUN.

You know what else has resurrected with this warm weather?  My pure, unconditional love for ice cream cones!  Good lord, where have they been hiding for the last 5-7 years?  We recently found a brewery/restaurant near us that has vanilla ice cream cones on the  menu and holy bananafins – it’s like ice cold butter.  Don’t judge me – it tastes like actual heaven.  Pure clogged artery heaven.  As I type this, drool is hitting my keyboard.  So f*cking good.  Sorry for the swearing but this cone deserves it.  Also, can someone manufacture just the bottoms of ice cream cones?  Everyone knows that’s the best part.  Every time I finish one I just want to start all over again.  And sometimes I do…

Anyways, here are some pictures of us enjoying warm weathery things.


1. The fruits of our yardwork labor.  Green bean plants galore!
2. Catching some rays with my little sidekick. Gus likes to lay down right next to me – I’m talking side to side – when we lay outside.  It’s sweet.  Also, sweaty.
3. Dipped. Not nearly as good as ice cold butter, but it did the job.
4. derp derp.
5. Beer tasting, always.  This is also the place with the butter cones.
6. Fresh fruit is having its heyday at the farmers markets.  I recommend eating it sliced, while wearing reindeer pants.
7. That guy.  Supa cute in any kind of weather.  Especially when he rides his bike all the way to my work because I locked my keys in my car (again).  That may or may not have just happened…

Everyone! Quick! Go have an ice cream cone!  But save me the bottom.


You know how when you say a word over and over again it starts to lose it’s meaning?  I just did that with the word ‘happy’ while trying to think of a name for this blog post.  I’ve now forgotten what it means and how to pronounce it.

The End.

Just kidding, I’m back.  Phonetics restored!

So, the husband and I just watched the documentary Happy last week.  And I must say, it was a good ‘un.  The director, Roko Belic, spent several years tracking down happiness and what actually makes people happy all around the world.  Not surprising, money and status had little to no influence on people’s overall happiness.  In fact, the average American is no happier than a rickshaw driver living in the slums of India.

The whole film really made me think about why I put so much value on certain things that ultimately will not make me any happier (like clothes)… and why I don’t devote the time and energy to things that I already know will (like really really cute clothes friends and family and good health).

There’s a personal mantra of sorts that I’ve been saying to myself lately – “Play an active role in your own life”.  Instead of allowing myself to wallow in negative feelings, I should be doing things that I know will make me happier.  Whether that means getting my arse outta bed to work out in the morning… or not freaking out because the toilet paper is sitting on top of the dispenser and not actually on the dispenser (!!!!!??!!!!!!!)

…..deep breaths everyone…..

Anyhoodizzle, I highly recommend the film.  It most certainly influenced me in a positive way.  And that’s the whole point, right?  Right.

Now, please repeat anyhoodizzle over and over and over again and see if it loses it’s meaning…