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weekend recap: sweating and other things.


So right, it’s Monday again.  Classic.

First, let’s get one thing out of the way since I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath… I’m happy to inform you that we DID get a gym membership this weekend.  It felt good.  Felt real good.  Except immediately after our first workout, which felt real sweaty.  But you know, otherwise good.

We were so proud of our accomplishments that we promptly rewarded ourselves with mexican food.  As one does.  The sun also decided to reward us by coming out of hiding.  So the bulk of Saturday was spent outside, wandering around our neighborhood and then meeting some pals at an Oktoberfest celebration at a brewery nearby.  Gym + mexican food + german beer = a pretty fulfilling day if you ask me.

Anyway anyway.  We also had high hopes for Sunday…  and we DID actually get up to watch football at 10am like we planned.  We put on our party pants and downed some bloody mary’s at a sheisty old pub that smelled of feet and served some pretty questionable cheese fries.  The people watching was fantastic; lots of squirrely football fans throwing out eff bombs and drinking tequila shots before noon, so that was something.  But then we then went home and sat down… for the rest of the day.  For reasons.  Or not.  Regardless, we have some catch up to do on laundry and yardwork and you know, just being productive in general.

But that’s what shitty old Monday is for, right?

Without further ado, here’s a few pics from our Saturday Don’tmatterday.

sweat[ #swass #swoobs #swack ] IMG_0275

IMG_0278 [ put a knob on it ] IMG_0285 IMG_0287[ the news ]IMG_0296  IMG_0299IMG_0300 [ sangria blanca from ¿por que no?… yes please and thank you every day of the week ]IMG_0308IMG_0294 [ Saturday’s are for buying hats and prancing around with this guy… ♥ ]IMG_0282 [ Finally found a store that serves both my incense and my axe-ing needs ] 

So, here’s to another week.  May it be filled with more sweat and mexican food.  Preferably at separate times.

wut up weekend.

sad pup

Look at me, posting two days in a row!  Who am I even?

Not much to share since yesterday except hi, how are ya.

GUYS, it’s Friday guys!

Should we move on to a fully phrased sentence now?  K.

What are your weekend plans?  We’re going to play billiards tonight.  That’s “shooting pool” to the layman.  Whatever, i’m terrible at pool.  Or anything in general that requires a sports machine.  Yes, a pool stick is a sport machine in my book…  Of sports machines.

We’re also hoping the rain lets up juuuuust long enough to go on a hike.  I might even try to convince myself to actually DO the cliff jump from last weekend.  Stay tuned…

In other news we ARE getting a gym membership this weekend.  This summer has been brutal on the meatveggiebag.  So, this time next week you can expect me to be all, “oh i work out like everyday etc.”

Also on the agenda this weekend, all the football.  Starting at 10am on Sunday.  Which means… it’s bloody mary season betches!

What else?

Yesterday I actually shouted the words “share the road!” while biking next to an a-hole driver. And with that one phrase, my transition to a true Portlander is complete.  Fred Armisen would be so proud.

Have a great weekend! Make good choices.