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some thoughts on being a big kid, and other friday stuff.

shawnnathompson_nov21_2Happy Friday friends and loved ones!  I know what you’re thinking.  TWO blog posts in one week?  Who am I even?  Well, when the mood strikes and the baby is occupied and all the stars align – blogs will be blogged.

Let me just fill you in on the current state of affairs as I type this.  I’m curled up on the bed with the baby and both dogs spread out in various spots around me… I’m also pumping, Eddie is licking his bubbles, Gus is trying to climb over me to snag the napkin with leftover crumbs from my peanut butter toast breakfast, and Crosby is happy as a clam, staring at the wall.  We’re a classy bunch, we are.  But it’s nice really, when everyone is calm-ish.  I know it won’t last long… Crosby’s wall stares have a shelf life of about 15 minutes tops before he wants to move on to bigger and better things.  Like staring directly into the light, which is another one of his favorites.  It’s so sweet, how entertained he gets looking at nothing in particular.  Don’t you wish it were that easy for everyone?  Like, hey you’re bored?  Here, look at this piece of lint for the next 10-20 mins.  Problem solved.  Anyways, it’s so nice to see him happy and content, kicking around and make baby noises (some of them coming from his booty area).  One of my favorite things to do lately is to sit right next to him, say his name and then see how long it takes for him to find me.   ……….  So yah, maybe I am just as easily entertained as he is.

It’s a slow going morning and here’s why.  I went out with some pals last night and had two glasses of wine.  Two.  Rookie stuff.  Nevertheless, I woke up this morning with a smashing headache and the desire to lay in bed all day watching reruns of RHOBH (Jacquelyn! Jacquelyn! …It’s Joyce.)  But, guess what?  I don’t really have that option anymore.  I’ve got dogs to feed, a baby to change, boobs that need milking…  Ain’t nobody got time for my laziness.  I need to put my big girl pants on (literally) and take care of business.

It’s funny how adult-y having a baby makes you feel.  Sure, I technically was a grown up before Crosby… but now I just feel different.  Right?  Like, I have responsibilities beyond just myself now.  I’m responsible for another person’s well-being.  Sure, I could still each chips all day and have Bravo on in the background, but now those actions don’t just affect me.  I eat chips, Crosby eats chips.  I watch Bravo, Crosby watches Bravo.  And then his first word is “cougar”.  But you know what I mean?  I need to be responsible, at all times.  And I’m just so aware of that now.  Sometimes when I’m driving around with Crosby in the backseat, or I’m out grocery shopping and wearing him in his wrap, I’ll catch my reflection in a window and it’s shocking how grown up I appear.  I’m someone’s MOM.  People had better take me seriously.

All that said, I’m still just as ridiculously immature and sarcastic as I used to be so you should probably just disregard this entire post.

What else can I bore you with?  We just today realized that we missed Gus’s birthday.  It was on Tuesday.  He’s 3 now.  Considering he used to be our #1 pride and joy (in fact I wrote a whole blog post about him on his 2nd birthday), it’s pretty monumental that we’ve missed his big day.  So he’ll be getting extra belly rubs today.  And maybe I’ll even let him tear into that peanut butter napkin he’s still eyeing…

Now that I’ve no doubt bored you to tears with my terribly exciting stories, I will bid you adieu.  To yer and yer and yer. (Anyone that gets that reference gets 5 points in my book.  Of points.)shawnnathompson_nov21_1But first, indulge me in another picture of this chubby face.  Oh, and Crosby too.

an ode to gus, the two-year-old pig.

(disclaimer: i talk about my dogs a lot.  so sue me)


How are you and how are things?

Life has been busy up in Thompson-land lately.  Per usual.  In the past few weeks I’ve quit (yet another) job in my never-ending quest to find career euphoria, we’ve committed ourselves to far too many house update projects and most importantly, we celebrated our little Gus’s 2nd birthday.  Our first child is now 2.  Or 14, if we’re being dog technical about it.  Which is crazytown considering we got that little monster when he was a wee 8-week-old.  It’s true what they say ya know, where does the time go?  …single tear emoticon.

Lately I’ve been wondering if the way we’ve raised Gus is a sign of the way we’ll raise kids… Calm down parents, this is merely an observation.  But I do think about it.  As much as we’ve (tried to) train that little pup, he still barks incessantly at any dog/person we come across on our walks.  Does that mean our kids will throw tantrums in public?  And he freaking hates to take a bath or have his teeth brushed.  Does that mean our kids will be dirtballs?  He still tries to eat literally every single thing he comes in contact with (hence the nickname “piggy”).  Does that mean our kids will be fatties?  (I’d love them no matter their squishiness)  And he absolutely loves to demolish our underwear.  Hopefully there’s no human equivalent to that…

But he’s also the sweetest little cuddler.  And he loves to give us kisses.  And he always always wants to keep us in his sight, never wandering too far or straying off on his own.  He loves his parents.  So those are good signs right?  So even if we have chubby, dirty, tantrum-throwing kids, we can be sure that they’ll be sweet and affectionate and love us unconditionally.  That’s the important stuff right?

On that note – please oogle over our little birthday boy.  He accepts gifts in the form of dental chews, dirty underwear and extra-crunchy carrots. IMG_0840[ that chin roll….. is everything ]IMG_0850 IMG_0853 pup kiss

Happy Birthday little piggy.  If you had opposable thumbs and could read blogs, I’m sure you’d think this post was the coolest.


greetings from doglandia.

Well hello there strangers!  Sorry for the radio silence here on That’s Me for the past however long.  I blame it on having 2 dogs now that take up all my times.  That’s what kids dogs are good for right?  Using as an excuse?  No?

It’s not so much that the Eddie addition is that much more work, I think it’s more that we’ve just been concentrating on getting he and Gus acclimated and spending some QT time with them to get them comfortable with their new situations, etc.  AKA more family time, less free (blog) time.  Also, it’s reallllly difficult to take out and about pictures when you are being pulled in opposite directions by two high energy pups.  There’s a (more than usual) amount of flailing about and tripping over sidewalk cracks on our morning walks, that’s for sure.

But!  Since I’ve last checked in, we’ve celebrated one birthday (Casey has officially entered the last year of his twenties!) AND Halloween.  Can you believe it’s November?  Starbucks has holiday cups already!  Everyone knows that that is the official start of the holiday season.

We’re gearing up for a little vacay as well – which couldn’t come at a better time.  In just three days we’re headed to good ‘ol Tucson, Arizona to ring in Homecoming with some of our pals from back in Casey’s grad school days.  We haven’t been back since we left in December of 2011.  Again, can you believe?  We’re so freaking excited it’s stupid.  There are about 15 of our favorite people that are headed back for the weekend so it’ll definitely be a fun little reunion.  A few of our favorite couple friends are bringing their infant children so I’m anticipating a change of pace from our usual pub-crawling, tailgating priorities.  There will definitely be a lot of kid talk on the horizon.  Although I can definitely relate to cleaning up poo and obsessing over every cute thing that my kid dog does.  AMIRIGHT dog owners?

In conclusion – here are some pictures of my very cute KIDS DOGS!

IMG_0648 IMG_0653IMG_0661 IMG_0676 IMG_4891

The end. Woof.


and eddie makes four.


In addition to having the brosef and family in town this past weekend, we also made an addition to our family…. in the form of doggie #2.  Internets, meet Eddie!


Eddie stole our dog-lovin’ hearts the moment we set eyes on him.  We found him on a beagle rescue site about a month ago, had a meet and greet, made sure he and Gus got along (they hit it off like gangbusters), waited until he got fixed up at the vet, filled out the paperwork, picked him up, brought him home, and loved him forever and ever the end.

Eddie’s had a rough go of things up to this point.  His last owners were terrible and did some pretty mean things to him.  Those assholes.  But you’d never know it because Mr. Ed is the sweetest little guy you’ll ever meet.  Seriously, he’s such a little love.   But with that much sweetness comes great responsibility to have some kind of issues, ya know?   He’s still being potty-trained, he has a tendency to nose through the garbage and Good Lawd! that dog can clear a room with his toots.

But it’s all fine because he’s SOCUTEOMG.

The first 3 days have been nutty but awesome.  Some Eddie highlights include: jumping onto the kitchen counter, peeing on Gus’s head, and breaking down our dog-baby gate.  You guys, he’s not even that big, he’s like 25 pounds.  That mofo has some serious street skillz.

So I guess we are officially crazy dog-people?  Or does that status come after 3 dogs?  Not that we’d ever get a third.  Unless he was as cute as our two little piggies…IMG_4830IMG_4848family photoPS Is it normal to find dog hair in your pockets?  Like, a lot of it?  If so, then I’m extremely normal.


ramblings on the fall, and falling.

 gethappy[ just another day at the office ]

*Let me preface this post by saying I’m having a slightly off/stressful day, so below is a bunch of garbage thoughts put together into sentences.  Read on, if you must.

Let’s get right into it.  Have we talked about my embarrassingly undying love for the movie You’ve Got Mail?  Or any Tom + Meg movie, really…  They’re right up there with the Father of the Bride series and When Harry Met Sally.   I don’t care how many eye rolls are happening right now, those movies are fantastic masterpieces that never fail to put me in a good mood.  Much to Casey’s chagrin.  I’m not sorry that Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski don’t warm my heart the same way that 90’s flowery-romances do.  But back to You’ve Got Mail, one of my favorite parts is when NY152 (Tom Hanks) sends Shopgirl (Meg Ryan) a note about the fall…

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.”

So eloquent, that NY152.  Also, don’t you wish the internet was still safe enough to go into random chat rooms and strike up a conversation/become email pals/fall in love with someone?  Instead of worrying that that someone is actually a psychopath… or your mom… or (god forbid) Miley Cyrus!?  Scary.

Anyways the point to all of this, and there surely is one, is that I can feel fall today.  There have been signs of it everywhere over the past few weeks but today I feel it.  There’s that scent in the air.  You know the one?  Cold air mixed with trees?  Sexy, yes.  It immediately makes me think of school supplies, tall boots, football games and apple cider… all the fall stuff.  And is it just me or does everyone go out of their way to step on an extra crunchy looking leaf?  Fun fact: I love crunchy noises and leaves are easily at the very top of my favorite crunchy-sound list.  AND if you’re really curious, my very favorite crunchy noise is when Gus eats carrots.  OMG I love it.  But I detest when I can hear humans eat carrots….  ??  What a conundrum!  

Anyways, where was I?  Oh yes, fall.  I just overheard a coworker say “I can’t eat grilled cheese in the fall”.  Which doesn’t make sense to me because why not?  Grilled cheese seems like the perfect fall food.  I’m going to need to get to the bottom of this.


Last night we went out to dinner for one of our friend’s birthdays. And halfway through dinner I looked over just in time to see an older man with a cane fall while walking up the steps to the restroom.  My heart immediately busted into a million pieces because a) it was sad and b) I really love old men – and not in a creepy way, you freaks.  There’s something about their weathered faces, their big noses and gigantic ears, and their eyes… they always seem to have so much joy in them.  (Well, most of them anyways.  Some of them can be real a-holes, but dammit I still love them.  It might be a sickness. ) Anyways!  The old man fell and a couple of us ran over to help him.  He eventually got back up to his feet but not before I heard him grumble a few choice words under his breath…. which made me love him even more.  But of course he was embarrassed that almost the entire restaurant was staring at him in a moment of weakness.  Poor fella.

That story really didn’t have any point except that I’m still thinking about that guy and hoping he’s not too banged up today.  Perhaps he should NOT eat a grilled cheese sandwich to make himself feel better.  Or something.

Ok, so let’s recap.  Today you’ve learned that I love cheeseball romance movies, when my dog eats crunchy foods and old men.  What can I say?  I warned you…

I hope you’re all having a day that’s so great you can’t even believe it’s real. 

wut up weekend.

sad pup

Look at me, posting two days in a row!  Who am I even?

Not much to share since yesterday except hi, how are ya.

GUYS, it’s Friday guys!

Should we move on to a fully phrased sentence now?  K.

What are your weekend plans?  We’re going to play billiards tonight.  That’s “shooting pool” to the layman.  Whatever, i’m terrible at pool.  Or anything in general that requires a sports machine.  Yes, a pool stick is a sport machine in my book…  Of sports machines.

We’re also hoping the rain lets up juuuuust long enough to go on a hike.  I might even try to convince myself to actually DO the cliff jump from last weekend.  Stay tuned…

In other news we ARE getting a gym membership this weekend.  This summer has been brutal on the meatveggiebag.  So, this time next week you can expect me to be all, “oh i work out like everyday etc.”

Also on the agenda this weekend, all the football.  Starting at 10am on Sunday.  Which means… it’s bloody mary season betches!

What else?

Yesterday I actually shouted the words “share the road!” while biking next to an a-hole driver. And with that one phrase, my transition to a true Portlander is complete.  Fred Armisen would be so proud.

Have a great weekend! Make good choices.

catching up. and tator tots.

What up doods!  Let’s catch up a bit, shall we?

Can we all take a moment to rejoice in the fact that it’s Thursday!  Which means the weekend is almost upon us.  (Fistpumphighkick!)

So, we’re in the process of adding a closet to our master bedroom.  And by we, I mean our super nice contractor and his buddy with the dreadlocks (who is also a cat person…?).  They’re great guys but is it ok that I still feel weird about leaving pseudo-strangers alone in my house all day?  I don’t really worry that anything creepy is going on, it just feels strange ya know?  This morning, right after they’d arrived, I noticed a roll of toilet paper on the dining room table.  I wasn’t really sure what it meant… do they think they can’t use ours?  Is ours not plush enough?  Not enough plys?  Whatever the reason, I made a joke to one of the guys like, “you know, we have plenty to spare” as I pointed at the roll on the table… and all I got was a confused stare in return.  Either he didn’t get the joke OR I’m now wondering if maybe I actually left it on the table?  If I did, I have no idea why.  Casey, did you leave it there?  Regardless: awkward.

Let’s see, what else?

Tomorrow Casey and I are going to Montana for a wedding, which I’m super excited about.  I haven’t been to Montana since I went on a roadtrip with my family in the third grade.  Luckily this time we’re flying and not driving an astro van.   I’m also excited that we have our fancy new camera to take with us, so hopefully there will be some fancy new camera pictures to share next week.

On a totally un-related note, I went bra shopping earlier.  (Disclaimer: Dad/brothers/any men related to me/any men in general may not want to read past this point. You’ve been warned.)  I’ve been feeling like the old boulder holders have been ill-fitting lately so over my lunch break I headed to Nordstrom to get properly fitted.  Not the most fun experience in the world, especially when you’re standing half-naked in front of a stranger, in lighting that resembles that of a truck stop bathroom, in a shitty old bra.  The saleswoman was a saint though and made it seem as normal as possible… if that’s possible… to be measuring my boobs.  And it turns out I’m a whole cup size larger than I thought?  Crikey.  So the saleswoman (AKA my new breast friend) brought me some stuff to try on and voila!  I am now the proud new owner of a pretty brassiere that allows me to bend AND snap.  Reese Witherspoon would be proud.  It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and my tator tots seem to be comfortably happy in their new home.

Well, if you made it past that story, you’re a true friend.  Or a truly bored enemy.

On that note!  A daily dose of Gus, the world’s worst assistant: gus the great

Signing off,
Shawnna and her boobs

today’s walk.

Lately I’ve been taking Gus for long walks every morning.  That’s the beauty of working at a place where 9:30 is considered the official start of the work day.  I actually get to start my day before I start my day.  I’m usually up around 7, I make myself some coffee to go, throw my rat’s nest hair into a bun and head out for a walk around the neighborhood with the pup.  Gus is the worst walker, which means that I spend most of the time being yanked and pulled all over the street, but it’s still a pretty stellar way to start the day (unless of course I forget to put a bra on and then it’s just painful).

This morning was kind of weird for us though… about two minutes into our walk, Gus pounced on and then started savagely eating what I can only assume was a human bone that he found in the street.  It was so big, there’s no way it came from a bucket of KFC… nope.  It was definitely a human femur.  Creepy and gross because I had to try and pry it out of his mouth.  Nothing like a little carcass to start your day.  And during our tug o’ war, he must have gotten some of it lodged in his throat because he coughed/threw up a little on my foot.  Which is disgusting obviously, but even worse when you have nothing to clean it up with.  So I just rinsed it off with my coffee.  

No big deal, dog barf is part of the job.  Onward!

A few minutes later, we stumbled across this big old house that is clearly under renovation.  It was so weird though because there were approximately 10 people working on the porch at one time.  At first I thought that they were all going to break out into song/choreographed dance because it was seriously the stage for a working-class musical.  But THEN I looked up and saw an old lady sitting and staring out of one of the second floor windows.  Maybe I’ve been watching too much Pretty Little Liars lately (actually, that’s not a maybe.  i HAVE been watching too much of it.  it’s embarrassing.  please help.) but now I’m fairly certain all those workers were there to clean up a crime that the old lady was trying to cover up.  It was ca-reepy.  She was staring RIGHT at me.  So what’s a girl to do?  Take a picture of course!

mrsbates[ she’s hard to see but she’s there.  oh yes, she’s there. ]

Luckily Gus yanked us the other way before we were murdered, so that’s cool.  Again, onward!

Ok, so I must have some kind of naked lady karma because AGAIN!  We were minding our own business, walking down the sidewalk and just as we were passing this one house, someone opened their door.  And there they stood, a fully clothed dude and fully nude lady, making out.   Her (ahem) backside was facing us so Gus and I got a nice clear shot of her toosh.  Seriously, WHO makes out with someone in front of their wide-open front door NAKED?  What is happening.  I applaud her creative way to send her husband off to work – but c’mon.   I’m a stranger and I saw her butt!  So, what’s a girl to do?  Take a picture of course!


Get your head out of the gutter, I did not take a picture of that.

You know, just your typical walk around the neighborhood.  The one good thing that happened though is that we ended up at this really pretty overlook.  In a neighborhood called Overlook.   So we… looked over.  It was purty.  It made all the vomit, crime scenes and buttcracks worth it.


Oh but then while I was getting ready for work I found a cluster of gray hairs on my head… like 7 of them all in a 1-inch radius.  That has nothing to do with the dog walk but it was f*cking traumatic, to say the least.  If this is happening in my twenties, I can’t imagine what’s going to happen in my thirties.  I’m going to look like George Clooney by the time I’m 38.  Which actually makes sense since I have this uncanny ability to attract naked ladies.  HEYO!

** Sidenote.  I do not discriminate against naked men.  In fact, Casey and I saw a man’s business the other day when he decided to pee right next to us on the sidewalk of a very busy street.

And on that note, Portland is awesome!  Everyone come visit!  Bring your kids!

brats & hot dogs.

On Saturday we went to a barbecue in the park that was hosted by some friends from MN who also now live in Portland.  It was technically their yearly “Bratfest”, which is so perfectly midwest of them.  They provided all the brats and tofurkey dogs and everyone else brought side dishes.  Definitely took me back to my roots – although I have to say that I may prefer a Portland potluck over a midwest one.  There tends to be a bit more fresh and a little less butter…

And here we go AGAIN with the amazing weather.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

arrowphoto (41)

photo (34)

photo (36)Since it was in a park, we thought it’d be cool to bring the Gus monster.  By park standards, it was fine to bring him.  But by socially awkwardness standards, we should have left him at home.  We were totally those people with that kid.  You know, the kid who’s screaming on the airplane or throwing a tantrum at Target or talking during a movie and the parents are just sort of sort of oblivious.  But let’s be clear, we as dog parents weren’t exactly oblivious to Gus’s shenanigans – we’re just used to his eccentricities that apparently terrify/sound alarm to the rest of the population.

photo (39)[ don’t let the smiling fool you… not for one second. ]

There of course was the howling – which happens anytime there is any other animal within a 100 mile radius of Gus.  He will bark incessantly until they’re either out of sight or they come over and engage in the tooshie-sniffing dance for 8 whole seconds before Gus gets bored and moves on.  It’s a lot of build up to not much actual interaction.  But the howling… it’s cute at first because he’s so funny and beagle-y, and then it’s just not.  So there was that.  Pretty much consistently throughout the afternoon.  We got a lot of side-eye action from the fellow brat-goers.

photo (38)At some point, Casey and I got into a game of bocce ball and midway through we noticed that Gus was doing this… thing… where he snorts uncontrollably.  It typically happens when he gets a little too wound up and in this case, I think it was a combination of all the excitement around him + the 80 degree weather because the snorting?  It came out in full force.  I’m going to say there was at least a solid minute of it.  We’re so used to it though that it didn’t really phase us, but there were some other people at the party who were all “he’s overheating!” and “get him some water” and “is he choking?” and Casey and I were all “no”.  All the judgy friendly people learned their lesson when they tried to console Gus, at which point he was suddenly FINE and all up on their plates of brats and in their cups of beer.  That boy loves his beer.  I mean, it was nice that they were concerned but we unfortunately knew better.  Gus is special.

caseyfoodOh Gus.  How can you be such a d-bag and so cute all at once?

Also, just a little public service announcement.  Did you know that if you initially title a blog post “bratfesting” and leave it up on your computer, your co-worker will walk by and think it says breastfeeding?  You’ve been warned.  You’re welcome.

easter weekend was all kinds of great.

photo (28)Let’s give a nice big shoutout to Mother Nature this past weekend because as predicated,  she was magnificent.  Mid-70’s, sunny, perfection.  All.weekend.long.

There was a trip to the largest dog park in the universe where we spent almost 3 HOURS on Saturday morning.  The seasoned enthusiasts call it “Disneyland for Dogs” and I can see why… Gus friggin’ loved it.  And it’s so big that we barely saw anyone while we were hiking around even though there were probably hundreds of people/pups there.   Thankfully, no one but us saw when Gus decided to rub his entire body all over a dead skunk.  I’m not kidding.  He also ate a chunk of horse poo.  ……….. That’s all I have to say about that.

photo (30)

Among many other more respectable activities, we were also invited to a friends’ parents house for Easter brunch.  I hadn’t given much thought to Easter this year, probably because it’s generally a family holiday and we have no family out here.  But it was a nice surprise to be invited to the burbs by our friends – especially since what we thought would be a maybe-awkward, mostly-family gathering was actually a mix of their closest pals and neighbors.  It turns out that this group of people, who have all lived in that neighborhood at one time or another, have been getting together for holidays for years.  I’m talking 25+ years.  Most of them are Oregon-transplants who don’t have much family in the area so they’ve all basically adopted each other and each others’ children as their family.  It was so sweet to hear their stories and see photos of the same group of people from Easter, 20 years ago.  It definitely gave us hope for our future in Portland.  Because it can be so hard to be away from our families.  Especially knowing that we’re missing out on holidays and memories.  (do you hear tiny violins playing yet because I sure do.)  Seriously though, the “family” that we met on Sunday made me excited to continue making friends so great that even if were aren’t able to be in MN for a holiday, we’ll still have our own Portland family to celebrate with.

So, all that being said, who wants to hang out with me for Memorial Day?  No pressure.photo (27)