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twenty-nine and one day.

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I celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday.  It was a really great day but you know what?  I feel a little sorry for 29.  It seems like kind of a lost cause because all it really means is that the countdown to 30 has begun.  Or at least that’s what everyone kept telling me…. “it’s the last year of your 20’s!”….”NEXT YEAR is the big one!”… “you’re old!”…. blah blah blah.   But in all honesty, I’m pretty pumped for 29.  I feel like I’m in a really good place in my life and this next year will be a reflection of that.  I know, I know, it’s going to be nuts with the little one coming into our lives but I still think it’s going to be a pretty bitchin’ year.

You hear that 29?  I have high hopes for you.

Last night Casey asked me what my favorite parts of year 28 were… and it was honestly hard to say because so.much.happened.  In the past year I’ve had 3 jobs, bought a house, adopted another dog and got knocked up.  I also fell off my bike and we hosted lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of visitors, among other things.  But who’s counting?  For real though, that’s kind of a lot of major events to cram into 365 days.  We crossed a lot of things off of the list of life and I’m both proud and scared of how much we accomplished.  That said, I definitely want to take it easier this year… keep things simple.  So my only goals for year 29 are simply to birth a kid and win the lottery.

I read back on my 28th birthday post from last year and it’s crazy to think that in one year from today, I will probably look back on this post too.  I imagine I’ll be reading it on this very same laptop, from the comfort of my living room (which will be spotless) with my perfect, healthy, beautiful baby on my lap (who doesn’t ever cry and sleeps 10 hours a night) while sipping a kale smoothie (cuz I’ve already got my pre-baby body back, duh).   Or not.  You know.

Quick birthday recap:

strollinBefore birthday dinner last night, we picked up the stroller that we ordered – the Baby Jogger Summit x3 – which we scored on super sale.  This is the very first baby thing that we’ve bought so far.  Pretty exciting stuff.  Eddie concurs.

birthdateCasey took me to the sweetest little Italian restaurant…  which I don’t have any pictures of because I was too busy inhaling my food.  And flicking splatters of white wine sauce on my new maternity shirt.

Here’s to the next 365….!