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oh hi! i have a blog and here is a post. also, lindsey was here.

Hi, my name is Shawnna and I’m a shitty blogger.  It’s been 10 days since my last post.  I’m having withdrawals.

Sorry for the MIA-ness lately.  It’s been cray cray town up in the heezy for the past few weeks.  Or let’s be honest, more like the past few months. Summer, man, am I right?

So here we are.  Thursday in September.  Who saw that one coming?  Not me…  And Portland is totally being a shit and is all like Oh, it’s September?  Ok cool I’ll be suddenly rainy and just deal with it!


Let’s take it back a few days though, shall we?  Back to the days of the sun.  This past (sunny) weekend one of my besties and her BF came to stay with us for the long holiday weekend.  And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have one of my top 4 Portland weekends with them.  So much fun, those two are.  I think my flabs are still a little sore from all the giggs.  If there’s one thing my little LA and I are good for, it’s making each other snort laugh to the point of hurt-face.  I love her so…

We spent the weekend bike riding along the waterfront, hanging at breweries, nerding out at arcades, clearing out bars at karaoke, then having karaoke-induced hangovers, exploring, humdingering, hiking, cliff jumping and stuffing our faces at food carts.  A true Portland experience.  And the weather did it’s little thing where it makes people all googly-eyed and wonder what it’d be like to move here… and we did our little thing where we made this little/big city seem amazinger than usual. So I’m not-so-secretly hoping the weather and I fooled LA + boyf just enough to make them move here.  (cue the evil laugh)  Mwahahahaha!


funny frands



rizzijumps  punchbowls[ love you to the moon and back lindspoop. ]

So after that weekend of verbal debauchery, we’ve been laying low, getting back into the swing of things, and you know, in general just being amazing at life.

Tonight we’re headed to our first broadway play in Portland.  We bought season tickets this year so we’ve got 6 plays on our horizon.  Our rainy horizon.  Sigh…. Can’t win em all, can you Stumptown?  (I initially wrote that ‘can’t wine them all’… so we all know where my head is at today.)