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fulfilling my fall duties.

You’re like, oh great… more photos of leaves. And I know, I know. I feel like fall barfed all over my instagram feed lately. But I don’t even care because it’s just so pretty! And let’s be honest… if you don’t take a million pictures of the leaves changing, did it really happen?

I have to say that this is the first time in 9 months that I’ve thought Minnesota beats Portland. (My parents are probably cheering.) It is just so mother effing beautiful around here lately. I mean, yes the leaves changed in Portland and it was gorg, but it was also rainy and soggy at the same time. You can hardly build a cannonball-worthy leaf pile with sloppy leaves. Ya feel?

So yes… the fall status here is bananas beautiful right now. And I’m very aware of the fact that it will be over in about 7 seconds so I’ve been really enjoying the heck out of it. I’m taking any opportunity I can to shove my kids into patches of brightly lit leaves and force them to take pictures. As any good mother would do.

We have a giant tree (don’t ask me what kind, I’m no horticulturist.) in our front yard that’s weeping the most beautiful orange and red leaves. So yesterday I did my kiddos a solid and raked them into a pretty epic leaf pile. Crosby had it to himself for a bit while Willa finished her nap. He brought a few of his favorite Daniel Tiger stuffed animals into the pile with him and alternated between shouting “this is so fun!” and screaming “mama, where’s margaret and daniel!?!?!? they’re lost in the leafs!!!” Once Willa woke up, I put her in some snowpants (naturally) and plopped her in the pile too. She wasn’t quite as sold on the fun though, especially when Crosby would pummel her with handfuls of leaves. She’s seriously such a trooper, he can be such a dweeb to her sometimes.

Also worth mentioning? While the kids were playing in this gorgy pile of deceased foliage, my dog Gus was in the house getting into our food cupboard. Again. The first thing I saw when we walked into the house was a container of cocoa powder spilled all over the floor… which is obviously a real big no no for dogs. Even though it looked like he didn’t really eat much of it at all, he did have cocoa dust on his nose, so I knew that he had probably eaten at least a little bit. We’ve had to get Gus’s stomach pumped before and it’s not fun (or cheap) so I did a quick google search and found a DIY vomit inducing tutorial for dogs. (WHAT IS MY LIFE.) Anyways! Cutting to the chase, it worked. He hurled. He’s good. The cocoa powder is now up on the highest shelf in the universe.

And on that note! MOAR PIKCHURS OF LEAFS.

And here we have Willa’s progression into eff fall, in 3…2….1….

The rest of these pictures are from sweet Bill’s bday… in which we went to the park and she was like, meh.

Ok, now I’ll leaf you alone.

It’s just that the trees are so pretty, I could yellow bout it.

Orange you glad you’re still reading this?

Sorry.  Bye.

fall slumps and reindeer pj’s.

Oh hey, remember me?  In the middle?  Heh heh.  Just a little blog humor to rev the engines.  Vroom vroom.  Fasten your seatbelts.

Sorry, I’m a little rusty.

There’s something about this time of year, every year that makes me fall into a slump.  I mean, yah, fall is supremely lovely for a couple of weeks… but then daylight savings ends and the sky turns perma-gray and the beautiful golden leaves turn into a brown mush that sticks to my dog’s paws and I find myself wanting to lay face down on a pile of wine every day by 4pm.  Eh, more like 3pm.  I mean, 2pm.  Ok fine, noon.  10am.  Breakfast.  Mimosas.  Blood Mary’s.  Margaritas.  Mojitos!

What were we talking about?

Unmotivated.  Is probably the best way to describe it.  Unmotivated to do anything other than the bare minimum.  And this year is especially punchy because I now have an extremely active little person to keep entertained/alive amidst the seasonal slump.  The last thing I want is for him to feel slumpy.  Nothing worse than a slumpy toddler.  Except maybe a teething toddler.  Or a sick toddler.  Or a tantruming toddler.  AKA Crosby last Tuesday.  But anyways!  Sheesh.  The point of all this is not to complain but to explain where I’ve been the last couple of weeks.  Which is, knee-deep in a vat of merlot with a toddler on my hip.  I’m JUST kidding.  It’s pinot.

I just read ^^all that^^ back and I sound like a Grumpy McWhinerson.  I promise it hasn’t been all doom and gloom around these parts.  Despite the fall slump, I must say that we are having more fun than ever with our little Crosboy.  (Yes, he was officially promoted from Crosbaby to Crosboy. And I have the gray hairs to prove it.)  This age is crazytown, but in the best possible way.  He’s understanding so much now (note to self: must stop swearing) and it’s so freaking cute to literally watch him learn things.  He’s waving, high-fiving, blowing kisses, dancing… all the ridiculously cute toddler tricks that are probably responsible for the conception of many second children.  (#notyet)   Right now, Cros is sitting quietly on the floor, paging through an upside down Men’s Health magazine.  Bedhead, reindeer pj’s, crusty boogers.  The works.  He’s my favorite.

And yes, I said reindeer pj’s.  Because it’s practically Home Alone/Christmas Vacation season!  Gah!  Who’s excited?  For any fellow Home Alone lovers, I just found out that it’s the 25th anniversary and apparently the movie was playing in select theaters for just two days… and I missed it.  Cue the sobbing emoji.  Did anyone go and see it?  I also discovered that there is a new illustrated book based on the movie.  Coughwouldmakeagreatchristmasgiftcough.  When my mom and I were in New York last month (which I will post about if I can ever figure how to get my computer and my camera to be friends again…) we were in Washington Square Park and there was a legit pigeon guy who would throw a giant handful of bird seed and hundreds of pigeons would flock to him.  It was so bizarre but I kept thinking that he and the HA2 pigeon lady would make a very handsome couple.  “Take the turtle doveshhhh”.

Ok welp, randomness is my middle name so I hope you expected nothing less from this blog post.  Me, out.


This weekend we took Crosby to the sweetest little pumpkin patch.  I know it’s super cliché but I love doing these kinds of things as a little family.  Pumpkin patches, Easter egg hunts, cutting down Christmas trees, beer festivals…. these are the moments people!   It was especially fun to bring Crosby back to a pumpkin patch this year since last year he slept through the entire thing.  (What a baby.)  I think he had fun this time?  It can be hard to tell because in certain new situations he pretty  much refuses to smile.  He’s super curious and wants to explore and check everything out… but smiling?  No thank you.  He can be such a ham sandwich sometimes.  Gawd, I love him.

We usually go to the pumpkin patch on Sauvie Island but we decided to try a new place this year.  There was so much junk to do!  There was hay rides and pony rides and farm animals and hay mazes (scary) and a giant slide and face painting.  Aaaaand a 24 Hour Fitness booth?  No seriously.  There were gym employees standing at a booth handing out flyers.  ???  I don’t know, I don’t get it either.  But it didn’t seem to be generating too much traffic.  Likely because it was parked right in front of the general store that sold apple cider and milkshakes and the best dang apple cider donuts you’ve ever had.  We bought a bag, which didn’t even last through the end of the day.  So I guess maybe I understand the reasoning behind the 24 Hour Fitness booth?  I mean, Halloween is basically the unofficial beginning of the holiday eating season.

Speaking of which, how ridiculous would it be to take my maternity pants out of storage and “repurpose” them as holiday eating pants?  Am I on to something?  Or am I on something?

So anyways.  Back to the pumpkin patch!  The only thing I didn’t love about this new patch we went to is that it actually wasn’t… a patch?  As in, you can’t actually go and pick your pumpkins.  Instead, they have pre-picked piles of pumpkins to choose from.  Which isn’t terrible, but I take pumpkin picking preeeeetty seriously.  I love the thrill of a good pumpkin hunt.  (I lead an exciting life.)  So choosing a pumpkin that someone else already picked didn’t exactly give me the same thrill as searching and finding the perfect one in a field.  And also?  When we were perusing the pumpkin piles, one of the workers brought in 3 giant bags of food from McDonald’s for the crew.  It was kind of off-putting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good french fry.  But watching people chow down on quarter pounders sort of took the charm out of the pumpkin hunting.  (More and more, I’m starting to understand the need for the 24 Hour Fitness booth.)

Ok anyways, pictures!

IMG_5536IMG_5515 IMG_5544IMG_5552


Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset


IMG_2480 2 IMG_5531IMG_5533 IMG_5527 IMG_5524 IMG_5519IMG_5543IMG_2482shawnnathompson_pumpkinpatch_1Kind of a smirk??

Happy pumpkin hunting season!

ramblings on the fall, and falling.

 gethappy[ just another day at the office ]

*Let me preface this post by saying I’m having a slightly off/stressful day, so below is a bunch of garbage thoughts put together into sentences.  Read on, if you must.

Let’s get right into it.  Have we talked about my embarrassingly undying love for the movie You’ve Got Mail?  Or any Tom + Meg movie, really…  They’re right up there with the Father of the Bride series and When Harry Met Sally.   I don’t care how many eye rolls are happening right now, those movies are fantastic masterpieces that never fail to put me in a good mood.  Much to Casey’s chagrin.  I’m not sorry that Pulp Fiction and The Big Lebowski don’t warm my heart the same way that 90’s flowery-romances do.  But back to You’ve Got Mail, one of my favorite parts is when NY152 (Tom Hanks) sends Shopgirl (Meg Ryan) a note about the fall…

“Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. On the other hand, this not knowing has its charms.”

So eloquent, that NY152.  Also, don’t you wish the internet was still safe enough to go into random chat rooms and strike up a conversation/become email pals/fall in love with someone?  Instead of worrying that that someone is actually a psychopath… or your mom… or (god forbid) Miley Cyrus!?  Scary.

Anyways the point to all of this, and there surely is one, is that I can feel fall today.  There have been signs of it everywhere over the past few weeks but today I feel it.  There’s that scent in the air.  You know the one?  Cold air mixed with trees?  Sexy, yes.  It immediately makes me think of school supplies, tall boots, football games and apple cider… all the fall stuff.  And is it just me or does everyone go out of their way to step on an extra crunchy looking leaf?  Fun fact: I love crunchy noises and leaves are easily at the very top of my favorite crunchy-sound list.  AND if you’re really curious, my very favorite crunchy noise is when Gus eats carrots.  OMG I love it.  But I detest when I can hear humans eat carrots….  ??  What a conundrum!  

Anyways, where was I?  Oh yes, fall.  I just overheard a coworker say “I can’t eat grilled cheese in the fall”.  Which doesn’t make sense to me because why not?  Grilled cheese seems like the perfect fall food.  I’m going to need to get to the bottom of this.


Last night we went out to dinner for one of our friend’s birthdays. And halfway through dinner I looked over just in time to see an older man with a cane fall while walking up the steps to the restroom.  My heart immediately busted into a million pieces because a) it was sad and b) I really love old men – and not in a creepy way, you freaks.  There’s something about their weathered faces, their big noses and gigantic ears, and their eyes… they always seem to have so much joy in them.  (Well, most of them anyways.  Some of them can be real a-holes, but dammit I still love them.  It might be a sickness. ) Anyways!  The old man fell and a couple of us ran over to help him.  He eventually got back up to his feet but not before I heard him grumble a few choice words under his breath…. which made me love him even more.  But of course he was embarrassed that almost the entire restaurant was staring at him in a moment of weakness.  Poor fella.

That story really didn’t have any point except that I’m still thinking about that guy and hoping he’s not too banged up today.  Perhaps he should NOT eat a grilled cheese sandwich to make himself feel better.  Or something.

Ok, so let’s recap.  Today you’ve learned that I love cheeseball romance movies, when my dog eats crunchy foods and old men.  What can I say?  I warned you…

I hope you’re all having a day that’s so great you can’t even believe it’s real. 

ode to scarves.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with September.

On one hand, it’s JUSTNOTFAIR that summer is coming to an end.  The hubs and I hit a turning point this spring/summer when we actually started to meet and build some pretty great relationships with new people that we’ve met in Portland.  And we find ourselves constantly busy with festivals, happy hours and hikes.  (Please don’t read too much into this – I can still count my Portland acquaintances on one hand… and one of those acquaintances may or may not be my husband.  And another one may or may not be my dog, Gus.  And a third may or may not be the Starbucks barista who notices when I’ve worn heels one day and flats the next.)

On the other hand, I love fall!  Crisp air… golden leaves… and pumpkin lattes at every local coffee shop.  I also find myself much more physically active when the temperature cools down a wee bit.  It’s so much easier to go for a run when I’m not weighed down by the 17 food cart delicacies I tried the previous day at one food fest or another.  Fall is also the time when I can get away with shaving my legs every other (ok, maybe every 3rd) day.

But the bottom line is, my scarves are getting a little peeved that I’ve been weeping into them nightly, telling them how much I miss them.

So, for the sake of everything cotton/polyester blend, I am fully embracing fall with open arms.  As long as those arms are chock full of pumpkin spice lattes.  And scarves.