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an ode to gus, the two-year-old pig.

(disclaimer: i talk about my dogs a lot.  so sue me)


How are you and how are things?

Life has been busy up in Thompson-land lately.  Per usual.  In the past few weeks I’ve quit (yet another) job in my never-ending quest to find career euphoria, we’ve committed ourselves to far too many house update projects and most importantly, we celebrated our little Gus’s 2nd birthday.  Our first child is now 2.  Or 14, if we’re being dog technical about it.  Which is crazytown considering we got that little monster when he was a wee 8-week-old.  It’s true what they say ya know, where does the time go?  …single tear emoticon.

Lately I’ve been wondering if the way we’ve raised Gus is a sign of the way we’ll raise kids… Calm down parents, this is merely an observation.  But I do think about it.  As much as we’ve (tried to) train that little pup, he still barks incessantly at any dog/person we come across on our walks.  Does that mean our kids will throw tantrums in public?  And he freaking hates to take a bath or have his teeth brushed.  Does that mean our kids will be dirtballs?  He still tries to eat literally every single thing he comes in contact with (hence the nickname “piggy”).  Does that mean our kids will be fatties?  (I’d love them no matter their squishiness)  And he absolutely loves to demolish our underwear.  Hopefully there’s no human equivalent to that…

But he’s also the sweetest little cuddler.  And he loves to give us kisses.  And he always always wants to keep us in his sight, never wandering too far or straying off on his own.  He loves his parents.  So those are good signs right?  So even if we have chubby, dirty, tantrum-throwing kids, we can be sure that they’ll be sweet and affectionate and love us unconditionally.  That’s the important stuff right?

On that note – please oogle over our little birthday boy.  He accepts gifts in the form of dental chews, dirty underwear and extra-crunchy carrots. IMG_0840[ that chin roll….. is everything ]IMG_0850 IMG_0853 pup kiss

Happy Birthday little piggy.  If you had opposable thumbs and could read blogs, I’m sure you’d think this post was the coolest.