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¡Crosby’s birthday fiesta!

IMG_5323So Crosby’s first birthday has come and gone and I’m still sort of adjusting to the fact that I now have a toddler.  Did you know that a 1-year-old is considered a toddler?  I didn’t!  I could have sworn that toddlerhood didn’t happen until 2.   Ugh, what do I know?  A year into this madness and I still have no idea what I’m talking about.  But so yah, I guess I have a toddler now!  I mean, seemingly it’s just a title change but for an over-thinker like me, it is a big deal.

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s always crazy to me how these kinds of transitions happen overnight.  There’s no easing into it.  One day I’m the mom of a baby, and the next day I’m the mom of a toddler.  And I don’t know, it just seems… different.  Right?  Like… I picture a baby mama in her bathrobe, softly humming to her tiny bundle while she rocks him to sleep at 3am.  I picture a toddler mama chasing her popsicle-mustached kid down the sidewalk, loudly hollering at him to SLOW THE $%@! DOWN.  Calm down, I’m just being dramatic… I would never give my kid a popsicle.

Do you know what I mean though?  The difference between baby and toddler is kind of significant.  Shouldn’t there be a grace period of 3-6 weeks for moms to get used to the idea that their baby isn’t a baby anymore??  Maybe I should start a Kickstarter for that.

Ok in all honestly, I’m pretty ok with the this transition.  But what really concerns me the most… is that moms of toddlers definitely can’t get away with Day 3 hair as much as moms of babies.  So, I have some major soul-searching/shampoo buying to tend to.

Well so anyway the real point of this post is that Crosby turned 1/became a toddler and so we threw a party for him!  Or, to be more accurate, we threw a fiesta for him!!   err… sort of.  I casually flirted with the fiesta theme but didn’t go too overboard.  Hashtag I didn’t have the budget to go overboard.   Hashtag my husband loves a budget.  Hashtag finance major.  Hashtag nerd alert.  (Gross, I promise I’m done spelling out hashtag.  <— Last one, I swear.)

Anyhoo.  We threw a little fiesta at our house with about 35 of our Portland pals.  We’d planned on having the party outside but of course mama nature decided to weep on Crosby’s birthday (apparently she was having a tough time with the baby/toddler transition too) which meant we had to move the party inside and act like sardines.  Luckily there was plenty of Jarritos, cervezas, and margaritas to refresh our souls.  And listen, I know some people might find it inappropriate to serve booze at a first birthday party.  I hear you.  But!  Most of our guests were adults.  And also… this party was kind of a celebration for Casey and me, too.  The past year has been bananas and all things considered, I thiiiiink… we did pretty good job.  And doing a pretty good job at raising a baby deserves a mediocre marg.  Which is now my new Instagram bio.  (No it’s not.)

Gracias so much to our Portland friends for making this day so special for us and Crosby.  We love you, amigos!  And gracias to our families for all the cards/gifts/calls/video chats.  We love you and miss you, familia!

How ‘s about that’s enough of speaking in broken Spanish?  Although I did tell Casey in perfecto Spanish that “I like food at our Thompson house for my family”.   And he was impressed.  So.  ::hairflip::

And with that!  Here we go with the pictures, if you care to see…
IMG_5322IMG_5320IMG_5380I’ll never be one of those super pinteresting moms (heh heh) but at the end of the day, a margarita is a margarita, no matter what kind of mason jar/plastic cup it’s served out of.  Is my new Facebook bio.  (No it’s not.)

IMG_5333IMG_5330IMG_5326Trying to get four 1-year olds to sit still for a picture is like… trying to get four 1-year olds to sit still for a picture.

IMG_5372lolz. real lyfe. 

IMG_5373 IMG_5349IMG_5356Homeboy DUG IN to his cake.  I initially was going to make him a vegan/gluten free/sugar free/healthy smash cake monstrosity but after googling them for 2 minutes I threw my hands in the air and headed straight for the Betty Crocker aisle.  I mean, it’s only one day, man.

IMG_5352IMG_5357IMG_5355IMG_5358IMG_5369IMG_5362We eventually had to take the cake away from him, or he probably would have devoured the whole ding dang thing, which resulted in my favorite tears I’ve ever seen him cry.

IMG_5339My hombres.  And I’m not sure what the seriousness is that’s going on behind them…but I like to think that they’re giving one of the little kids the stink eye for taking the last sombrero hat.


It was such a fun day, celebrating our toddler guy.  Feliz cumpleaños, Crosby.

happy first birthday, baby boy.

shawnnathompson_crosbyturns1Dear Crosby,

Today is your first birthday.  You are one whole year old.

(Pause for some hysterical sobbing.  No really I’m fine it’s fine everything is FINE.)

Way back when you were still in my belly house, I made a plan to write you a letter on your first birthday.  But it seemed so far off, almost to the extent that I couldn’t even imagine it.  And then I blinked… and here we are.  One year!  One year full of ups, downs, twists, turns, somersaults, cartwheels, bellyflops, and a whole lotta poop.  My favorite year, ever.

I’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic this past week.  I’ve been thinking about where I was and what I was feeling a year ago.  Exactly one year ago from the moment I’m writing this, I was waking up in the hospital from a restless night’s sleep.  I’d been induced the night before and I knew I would be meeting you today.  I was nervous, excited, scared, and so so incredibly eager to meet the little gremlin that had been kicking me in the ribs for the past 38 weeks.  After a pretty intense day, you finally made your way into the world.  When your papa told me “it’s a boy!”, I felt a joy that I could never even attempt to describe in words.  And I’ve felt that joy every single day since.

You, my boy, are everything.  You are the silliest, sweetest, most curious baby I know.  You are so independent, it amazes me.   You’re smart.  You’re confident.  You have the best sense of humor.  And you are already like, way cooler than I’ll ever be.  Every day I thank my lucky stars that I get to hang out with you for the rest of my life.  (Please don’t ever leeeeave me!)

Listen up kid, because this is the most important part.  If you should ever read this, I want you to know that I am so incredibly proud to be your mama.  I want you to know that I will love and support you unconditionally, forever.  I want you to know that your papa and I have become better people and a better team, because of you.  I really want you to know that we couldn’t possibly love you more.

We have a lot of life to look forward to with you, but until then… I want to wish you a very happy birthday, sweet baby guy.

I love you so.

crosbaby grows up and gets a horse.

Good morning to you! Good morning to you! You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too.

Casey’s mom used to sing that to him when he was a little one.  I think it’s kinda the sweetest and so we’ve sort of adopted it as our morning song to Crosby.  Sometimes we swap out the word monkey for Crosby or baby.  Or dumptruck, if he has a particularly… full… diaper.

Speaking of Crosby (always), we hit up baby group yesterday.  I’ve mentioned before that we go almost every Tuesday to meet up with moms and babies of similar ages so Crosby can play and I can ask the other mom’s things like, has your baby started playing with his penis too?  Group has been amazing for us.  Crosby literally grew up next to some of these other babies and I’ve become great friends with some of the fellow lady mamas.  But the sad news is that we won’t be going for much longer because it’s only offered for babies up to 12 months.  And guys?  Have you heard?  Crosby is 11 1/2 months old…!  I’m not sure how/when/how we made it this far, but we’re less than 2 weeks from celebrating Crosby’s first year of life.  I truly cannot believe it.  Also, someone hold me.

I’m in the process of planning his birthday party.  That’s in two weeks.  So far, I’ve sent out invitations.  That’s it.  Seriously, someone needs to hold me.  Somehow I don’t feel old enough (ha!) or mature enough (hahaha!) to be hosting a first birthday party.  It just seems like something a…. mom would do.   Not that I don’t feel like a mom, I totally do, I just don’t feel like a mom mom.  You know what I mean??  Yah, me neither.  I guess it’s just that I have only ever thrown parties for adults before.  True, most of the guests at Crosby’s party will be adults, but still.  This is a party for a baby.  My baby.  …Who’s not really a baby anymore.  Sob.  I’m probably going to weep into his birthday cake.  Maybe my goal for the day should be to try not to cry more than my 1-year old.

If any of the bday party guests are reading this they’re probably like, oh great this is going to be a reeeeeal fun party.

Crosby got his first present in the mail the other day.  A beautiful wooden rocking horse from his Pappy and Grammy (my dad and stepma) and some books from his aunt and uncles.  We contemplated holding on to the gifts until his actually birthday, but he’s a baby.  So whatever.  We FaceTimed with the fam so they could watch him opening his gifts.  He was so mesmerized by wrapping paper, let me tell you.  It was so sweet to watch him gently tear the paper.  But then it got boring so I shoved him aside and finished the job for him.  As moms do.  And anyways, he loves the horse.  Seriously loves.  Though he was a bit confused as to what he should actually do with it, at first.  As evidenced by my lovely, grainy, iphone pics…

What dis?

Hey ma!  What dis? 

Is dis how I do it?

Or maybe dis way….?

Oh wait, I’ve got it!…. 

Nailed it.

Thanks for the sweet gifts, family!  Crosby loves them, and you too.  xo