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shit parents say: volume 2.

Crosby turned 7 months old this past weekend, which is crazy, exciting, bittersweet, etcetera etcetera. I thought 6 months was great, but 7 takes the cake.  It’s so true what everyone keeps telling us, it just keeps getting better and better.  Crosby smiles and giggles more every single day.  He still hasn’t mastered sitting but he is army crawling like a boss.  He babbles adorably and hits Mariah Carey-decibel high notes when he screeches.  He is interacting with the dogs more than ever, though the dogs aren’t really fans of his grabby hands.  They ARE, however, fans of his grubby hands, and of all the food he drops on the floor from the high chair as we explore the world of solids.

I could blubber on and on about how cool my little man is.  But for y’alls sake, I won’t.  Instead, in honor of this milestone, I bring you another edition of “shit parents say”.  These are just a few of the ridiculous things Casey and I have found ourselves saying over the past few months.  No surprise, still lots of talk of poop, boobs and toots.  Basically all the double o’s. (<—- Which could probably be added to the list…. )

So here we go!  shit parents say: volume dos.

“I found a piece of my hair in his dirty diaper, should I be concerned?”

“I just want to eat his face with a spoon!”

“What happened to the Baby Einstein Pandora station?”

“OMG buddy, I could have sworn you pooped but I guess it was just a really bad fart.”  (said by Casey almost every single day while checking Crosby’s diaper.)

“Make sure to wash his hands really well, I’m pretty sure he was carrying around a booger all day.”

“Sometimes I feel like if I let you look at my boobs, then I’m cheating on Crosby.”

“Who cares what I’m wearing… what’s Crosby going to wear??”

“Make sure to wipe under his balls, there is always poop caught up there.”

“There’s a piece of carrot in his ear.  He had carrot 2 days ago.”

(at bedtime) “Ok Cros, time to put on your pjizzles!  ….Wait….that definitely doesn’t sound right.”

“My boobs are exhausted.”
The end.
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Happy 7 months, baby guy.  I love you times a million.  But for your sake, I hope you never read this. xo
And in case you missed it, read shit parents say: volume 1 here.