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the ‘oops i accidentally published this post without giving it a name’ post.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetOhai!  How are you, my friends?  I’ve missed you.  And I’ve missed bloggin.  But you know those times when work gets super crazy and the last thing on earth you want to do when you get home is jump on your friggin computer and try to create sentences out of your scrambled egg brain, so instead you get on your computer and watch endless episodes of the Good Wife and then pass out at 9:30?  Yah, me neither.

Truth is, work has been crazy the past few weeks.  And I’m cool with it.  I have an end game, which is that I have about a month and a half of work left before I’m on maternity leave.  That in itself is on a whole other level of crazytown.  It certainly makes these long hours and countless spreadsheets and bajillions of emails much more manageable.

So let’s catch up a bit, shall we?  Here are a few things that have been happenin’ these last few weeks:

Casey is considering buying a pair of Crocs.  I don’t really have much else to say on that topic.

Guys, it’s so hot.  Like ridiculously hot.  The past few weeks it’s been 80-90+ degree temps.  And you know what?  I’m not hating it.  I’ve been so nervous about becoming a sweaty hippo this summer and so far, I’m just a hippo.  The heat hasn’t affected me too much quite yet.  But please check in with me on Monday because apparently it’s going to be approx 100 degrees on Saturday and Sunday and I’ll be kicking myself in the hippo ass for even writing these words.

My country music craving has yet to subside.  I don’t even know.  Yesterday morning on my way into work I found myself singing along to the song “International Harvester” and I just about bitch-slapped myself.  It’s not so much that I’m embarrassed as I am confused.  At the rate I’m going I’m probably a week away from ordering Casey and I matching camo Crocs.

Casey did prenatal yoga with me the other day in our living room.  We followed along to a Youtube video and everything was going so well until the instructor informed us that we were about to do some kegels.  Casey was all I’m outta here and I was all come on can’t you just sit there and breath while I do vagina exercises?  And bless his giant Norwegian heart, he man’d up and finished the session with me.  Namaste Caseface.

A couple of weekends ago Casey painted the ceiling, walls and floor of the baby room.  And I spent the entire weekend bitching about the fumes and ordering baby stuffs to decorate the kids room.  For the record, we painted the baby’s room white and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re asking my opinion which you should because it’s MY kids room.  I feel like whenever I tell anyone that we’re painting the baby room white, they assume we’re just settling because we don’t know the gender.  They sympathetically offer pastel options (barf) and beige (double barf) and I kindly tell them that no no, white is our first choice.  SO BACK OFF.  And stuff.

In case you care, I plan to post a bumpdate in the next few days.  Because?  I’m now 31 weeks.  GULP.  I’m fully aware that I’m pretty much in the territory of this baby could crown at any time in the near future.  We should probably buy a car seat.

Tomorrow night we’re going to see Book of Mormon which I’ve been waiting my entire adult life to see.  Or you know, since it came out a few years ago.  Have you seen it?  What did you think?  What are the best kinds of snacks to eat while watching it?  Is the most important question.

This weekend my lovely friends are throwing me a baby shower.  We’re really lucky to have friends in Portland that like us enough to buy us baby junk.  No but seriously, we are.   I’m pretty excited for it – stay tuned for pictures of a sweaty hippo opening gifts ;)

And on that note!  Happy (almost) Friday my dear friends.  I hope your weekend is filled with peace, love and Jimmy John’s.

bumpdate: 26 weeks

Baby is the size of:  A head of lettuce, which does not coincide with my cravings.
Weight gain: TBD at next weeks Dr appointment.  I’m scared.  I FEEL heavy, like I could bust through my chair… or my shoes… or the earth at any moment.
Cravings: I’ve been craving BBQ lately, which is a strange one for me.  I’ve never been super into anything barbecuey before but lately I’ve been daydreaming about a big piece of salmon slathered in BBQ sauce with a side of cornbread and mac and cheese and baked beans.  I have yet to give into this craving, but something tells me it wouldn’t be hard to convince Casey to help me out with it.  
Sleep:  Sleeping like a baby the past few days.  Also having some truly bizarre dreams, which often end with me making out with complete strangers.  Should I be concerned?  Or should Casey?
Movement:  Baby is still wiggling around in there but I haven’t felt a big kick in a while.  I miss it.  Well, sort of.  I go back and forth.  When it moves too much I get worried that that means our child will be nuts.  But when it doesn’t move enough, I get worried that there’s something wrong.  I take it this worrying thing is something that I should get used to… eh?
Symptoms:  I’ve been listening to country music nonstop for the last week.  If you know me, you know this is not normal.  I used to listen to country way back in my growing up on a farm days but then I kinda hated it for a solid 15 years.  Or I guess until last week.  I don’t know what it is or why it’s happening, but it can only be explained by pregnancy.  Are music cravings a thing?  Between the country music and the BBQ, I’m fearing for my street cred a little bit. 
Missing:  Being able to walk into the freezer section of the grocery store without whimpering in nipple pain.  That shit hurts.
Happenings:  We have our very first baby class tonight, which I’m actually really excited for.  Although I’m terribly nervous that they’re going to show a birthing video, after which I might have to tell this baby to make itself comfortable in the ol’ uterus because it’s not going anywhere for the next 60 years.

26weeks_bumpdate_2Tips for preggers women: baggier tops or black tops minimize the amount of giant you will look during pregnancy.  In contrast, the tighter/lighter the shirt, the more you will look like you’re 16 months pregnant, instead of 6.

Thanks for tuning into the week’s installment of the bumpdate.  Much love to you and your midsections.