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a tribute to our desert life.

So I’m a few days late… but we’re baaaaack!  Back from the land of cacti and cutoffs, and back to the land of pine trees and facial hair.  Our trip to Tucson was quick… quicker than I thought it’d be.  It actually went by so fast that I kind of can’t quite believe it happened.  Except that I have a quarter-sized bruise on my hip, some sand in my shoes and a fistful of receipts in my purse that prove otherwise.  Also, the state of my liver is, questionable.  Residual war wounds from a weekend well-spent.  That’s my excuse.

We had quite the turnout from Casey’s grad school class (+ the wives! holla.) and somehow it felt like no time had passed since we’d seen them, even though two of the wives now have 8 and 9-month old babies.  REAL babies!  But being with everyone, it all felt so… normal.  And just being in Tucson gave me the same feeling.  Like it hadn’t been 24 whole months since we had our last scorpion bowl at Kon-Tiki… or tailgated on the mall… or stood in line at Frog n’ Firkin… and it definitely didn’t seem like two December’s ago that we last locked the door of our apartment on East River Road.  But I think those are all signs that our time there was meant to be.  I have a theory that you shouldn’t stay in a place so long that you end up hating it.  I think we left Tucson at a time when we still really loved it, but were ready for something new.  Which makes going back that much more fun because we have nothing but good memories from AZ (except HELLO first year of marriage and never seeing my grad-school student husband!).  But really, I gots nothing but love for The Old Pueblo.

So.  This weekend!  Of course our agenda included eating as much Mexican food as our veggie bags could hold.  Literally once a day we had some type of guacamole, or enchilada, or (many) cervezas.  We also hiked!  8 miles!  In the middle of the day!  With only one bottle of water!  I think I’m still sweating!  No but really, we were so glad we did it.  Tucson hikes are so weirdly beautiful – kind of like a severely dehydrated Portland hike.  But with sun!  And many more rocks, it seems.  We actually made a little bet on the second half of the hike to see if we could make it back to the car without tripping more than 5 times each.  You know, like stubbing your toes from not picking up your feet high enough?  Yah, let’s just say that I stopped counting after 12…  I lost the shit out of that bet.

We all rallied on Friday night and shared some bowls of liquor at Kon-Tiki and then headed to 4th Ave, where we all acted like the college kids that we aren’t.   And the majority of us paid for it in change the next day.  There’s nothing quite like a Tucson hangover.  Something about the altitude and the dryness…  It’s a recipe for disaster.  Although have I mentioned Mexican food?  It’s kind of a cure-all.

And of course we went tailgating before the game on Saturday, which brought back all the memories of Coors Lites and shotgunning beers and dance parties and stick-on mustaches and bowls of chips infested with the germs of a thousand hands.  The glory days.  And true to form, this tailgate was just as much fun as I remembered.

Without further adieu….

hike 1
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hike 4
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az palm
az mall
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az bear
az frands

 Aren’t we fun???  Until next time, T-town…