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thursday things.

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1. A couple of weeks ago my friends and I were talking about celebrity crushes, and I realized that mine are apparently not as normal as others.  My list includes guys like Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Kevin James (aka Paul Blart Mall Cop) ((don’t judge me)), Jerry Ferrara, John Krasinski…  I think it’s very safe to say I have a definite “type”, right?  Funny fellas with sweet faces.  I mean listen, don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely Netflix and chill with Channing Tatum if he asked nicely.  (Or not nicely, heyo!)  But in general, I’m much more drawn to dudes who make me laugh and whose faces are adorable.  It’s a wonder I ended up with Casey then… ba-dum-tshh!  I’m JUST KIDDING CASEFACE YOU ARE THE CUTEST FUNNIEST BOY I’VE EVER KNOWN LOVE YOU PICK UP SOME ICE CREAM ON THE WAY HOME PLEASE BYE.

2. Crosby started saying please the other day, which comes out more like “easssse!” and it kind of makes me want to tackle him with hugs.  Manners are so cute, guys.

3. Tip of the day: how to make your store-bought hummus taste better!  You know how store-bought hummus can taste kinda… meh?  Well, the trick is to mix in a couple of tablespoons of greek yogurt, and I promise it’ll taste a bajillion times better.  #hippiestuffs

4. There is literally nothing worse in life than my dog Gus’s breath.  In case you were wondering.

5. Anyone watching Fuller House on Netflix?  We watched a couple of episodes last weekend… and don’t hate me but I kind of liked it?  Even though DJ’s voice drives me apeshit.  She sounds like she’s yelling at a normal speaking volume.  At all times.  And yes, the show is still all kinds of cheese, but I can appreciate that some of the humor is a little less G and a little more PG13.  I mean, Kimmy Gibbler made a joke about dropping acid, so at least there’s that.

6. My whole day basically consists of me counting down the hours until I can take my bra off.

7. Speaking of which, does anyone recommend a good wire-free bra?  Much appreciated.

8. Can you believe the last episode of the Bachelor?!  I really do love sweet vanilla Ben, but homeboy is undoubtedly going to be in a shitload of trouble with whoever he actually asks to marry him on the finale.  Poor girl gets proposed to, and THEN has to find out/watch episodes of her fiance telling another woman that he loves her too?  Ugh.  Ben, you doofus.  Anyways, I’m a big huge fan of Jojo but without question I think he picks Lauren.  The guy turns into that emoji with heart eyes whenever he sees her.  They’re cute.  So #teamjojoforbachelorette !!

9. Realizing I talked about Netflix and TV a lot in today’s post.  Note to self: must get out of the house.  Come ON already, SPRING!

10. WTF is Persicope and should I be using it?  Is it like Snapchat?  Or not at all?  Ugh.  Technology is an annoying beast.  If only it had a sweet face and great sense of humor.

thursday stuff.

 friday things[ A #selfie gone terribly wrong. ] 

  • I originally published this post with the title: friday stuff.  Wishful thinking.
  • I forgot to take a 23 week bump pic last week.  And by “forgot” I mean I just didn’t want to do my hair and put on a clean shirt and take a picture.  So there won’t be a bumpdate this week.  Dry your eyes, little grasshoppers.  Next week I’ll have double the amount of ridiculousness to catch up on.
  • You know how mom’s have cat-like reflexes when it comes to protecting their kids?  Like when they stop short in the car and throw the “mom arm” out to keep the kid from flying forward?  I think I’m starting to inherit that trait.  I dropped a chocolate covered almond earlier and my mom-arm reflexes kicked in and I caught it about 3 inches before it hit the ground.  Fastest I’ve moved all day.  But I saved that almond, yes sir.  Saved it for MAH MOUTH.
  • That chocolate covered almond turned out to have not one but TWO almonds in it, which made me so happy, I giggled.
  • My computer is on the fritz.  (Is that saying still relevant?)  I was working watching Parenthood on Sunday when all of a sudden it shut down and wouldn’t turn back on.  My biggest fear isn’t that it won’t work again, it’s that the hipster computer-fixer at Apple will see how much junk TV I’ve been watching on my computer for the last few months.  
  • I bought 3 new bras the other day, and since that day my life has improved substantially.  I’m serious.  Up until then, I’d been cramming my tots into all my pre-conception bras… and things just weren’t going well.  So I hauled my unsupported self to Target and bought three new lovely maternity/nursing (!!) bras.  I’m seriously so happy, I could blog about it.  It reminds me of the time I was properly fitted for a bra for the first time in my life, and I blogged about it.  I sense a pattern.  Boob blogging.  Blooging?  Bloobing.  Whatever.
  • Do you ever sing really loud in your car and then freak out and look at your phone to make sure you haven’t accidentally dialed someone?  Story of my life.
  • We’re leaving for Florida on Saturday for a little family vacation.  Currently on my packing list: maternity swimsuit, compression socks, and my THREE NEW BRAS.  That should do it, right?  
  • Sometimes when I get a whiff of my own breath, it smells like Casey’s breath.  Is that weird?  Have I just made things very awkward for everyone?  
  • My job here is done.