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feeding your baby.

crosbyeatsHello my loves! I’ve been MIA for so long… I know!  And I’m working on a blog post that chronicles the adventures we’ve been on the past few weeks…  but before that, real quick, I wanted to put together a post about something that’s been on my mind.

This week is World Breastfeeding Week.  Which is a week and cause that I applaud, respect, and support more than anything.  I was a 100% breastfeeding mama for almost 8 months of Crosby’s life.  I worked really hard for it.  I cried, laughed, scheduled, bled, pumped, smiled, hurt, cursed, and adored breastfeeding.  I loved it and I hated it.  And I did it for as long as my body would allow me to.  Which was approximately 7  months and 20 days, at which point, my milk peaced out.  For no other reason than my body was just done producing milk.  We’d had a relatively tough time with BF from the get go, and at the end Crosby preferred bottles more than my tator tots/I wasn’t responding to pumping as well/I struggled a lot with it blah blah blah.  The bottom line is, I did it for as long I could.  At which point we started supplementing with formula, and eventually moved on to formula only.  Which was an emotionally tough transition, for me.  I definitely had moments when I felt like I was failing Crosby by not being able to give him what he needed.  But you know what I came to realize?  Crosby is happy and healthy.  And I have formula to thank for that.

So yah… breastfeeding is amazing, but I guess formula is pretty cool, too.

Listen though, loud and clear.  I am so supportive and encouraging of anyone and everyone that can breastfeed.  But everyone’s journey with it is different.  I did it for 7.7825 months, or whatever.  Some women do it for 2 months, some women 5 years, some women… never.  And you know what?  It’s all ok.  We should all be proud of what we do for our babies.

I think the thing that struck me the most this week, World Breastfeeding Week, beyond the pride for my fellow BF mamas who give so much of themselves for their littles, is that we formula-feeding mamas deserve some loving too.  Not any more or any less, but we do deserve the same amount of support and love.

So this post goes out to ALL the mamas, breastfeeding, formula-feeding, whatever!  We are all doing the best we can for our little people.  We all deserve the recognition for what it takes to raise a tiny human.  So great job, ladies, gentleman, boobies, and bottles.  You’re all rockstars.



our most favoritest baby products (0-6 months).

I think it was Confucius that said “It takes a village to raise a child.  And an Amazon Prime account”.

Inspired by that quote, and the fact that we’ve successfully raised a human for 6 months, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite baby products so far in our gig as parents.  Warning: this is an exceptionally long post.  So take bathroom breaks as needed.


The Essentials:

1. We use Target Brand Diapers during the day, and they’re totally great.  And not a million dollars per box.  Plus, they have the strip on the front that changes color so you know when the diaper is wet… which is pretty much just all the time.
2. As I mentioned in my last post, we use Pamper$ Baby Dry at night, but go up one size larger than normal. They’re great.  They hold in the pee, they hold in the poop.  Job well done.
3. We’ve tried a bunch of wipes and the Babyganics kind is by far our favorite.  They’re not as… wet…?… as a lot of the others, so I feel like they’re gentler on Crosby’s business.
4. We also tried a bunch of bottles and the Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles are definitely our favorite.  That little blue tube thingy supposedly keeps babies from getting the toots.  If I were to start all over again (please no), I would skip the 4 oz size and go straight for the 8 oz bottles though because we eventually needed to buy the bigger size anyway.
5. MAM Pacifiers are the ONLY pacifiers Crosby would take.  We have a million bazillion of them now.  Oh, and I would highly suggest investing in a few of these clips as well.  It’ll save you from having to “sanitize” a pacifier in your mouth that’s been dropped on the floor of a grocery store.  Or so I’ve heard.
6. The Boon Lawn Countertop Drying Rack isn’t really essential but it’s awesome.  It’s one of those products that I wish I would have thought of first because it’s just stupid smart.  Yes, stupid smart.  Spring for the bigger size.   Because even if you don’t use/wash a lot of bottles or pump parts, you can dry your wine glasses on it too.  Or so I’ve heard.


1. We’ve been using the HALO SleepSack on and off for many months.  We used them for a while with Crosby’s arms tucked in, now we use them with his arms out.  He constantly looks like he’s ready for a potato sack race, but these things keep him warm and cozy.
2. Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit – This ridiculous looking space suit was a savior when we were transitioning Crosby from a swaddle to a non-swaddle.  It minimizes the movement of arms and legs so that babies aren’t easily awakened by the moro reflex.  Also, your baby will look cute and funny in it.
3. Jute Baby Swaddle Blanket – This was our favorite newborn swaddling blanket.  It’s incredibly soft and was the perfect fit for our little guy.  Also, the designs are adorable.  I use it now as a light blanket in the car.   Sometimes I let Crosby borrow it.
4. The aden + anais Swaddle Blankets are great for getting an iron-clad burrito swaddle.  Which we became pros at during the colic/reflux phase of Crosby’s life.  And they’re huge!  Huge enough to swaddle a beagle.  Or so I’ve heard.
5. Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor Ok, so remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that Crosby sleeps flat on his face?  Well, when that started, I didn’t think I’d ever sleep again.  I was constantly going into his room to put my hand on his back and make sure he was still breathing.  So to save me an ulcer, we invested in this sensor that monitors baby’s movement and breathing.  Some people might find it ridiculous.  I consider it my new best friend.
6. The Sound Sleeper app is basically the soundtrack to our lives.  Crosby prefers Mountain River.  Although he’s also been known to like a good Womb session every now and then too.  Especially when he’s feeling nostalgic for his fetus days.

Toys & Teethers:

1. Sophie the Giraffe – There must be something about Sophie because every baby I know wants to gnaw her face off.  Last week in the car, Crosby started making some crazy noises and I had to pull over and jump in the backseat to make sure he wasn’t choking.  He wasn’t, he was just chomping barbarically on Sophie’s face.
2. Crosby is obsessed with his Crunchy Book, which isn’t the actual name of this toy but should be.  For those who aren’t familiar, the pages are filled with something that makes a crinkly, crunchy noise, and babies LOVE it. When Crosby starts to get fussy in the car, we just aggressively crunch this book in his face and he calms right down.  And then we all high-five each other for #winning.
3. Wimmer-Ferguson Teether Really great silicone teether that is sort of the perfect size for a baby’s hand. And you can also chill it in the refrigerator to cool down your white wine soothe your baby’s gums.
4. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – This is another absolute savior in the car!  You or your baby can push the button and a little tune will play, which I could hum by memory to you forward/backward/upside down.
5. Scout was a gift from Crosby’s GG and Grandpa and he loves it.  We have all of his stuffed animals on shelves above his changing table and he will zero in on Scout and stare at him until we take him down.  You can program Scout to say your kiddos name (although Crosby wasn’t in their arsenal, so instead they spell it out in a song.  Whomp whomp.) and remember their favorite color (Crosby’s is chartreuse) their favorite food (Crosby’s is 2015 breastmilk) and some other fun junk.

Stuff to sit on:

1. The Mamaroo was my second in command during those first few months of Crosby’s life.  Sure, it’s spendy.  But it honestly was the only place other than our arms or his crib (sometimes) that he was cool hanging out in.  He also slept in it for a while when his reflux was really bad.  He doesn’t sleep it in anymore but now we put him in it in a more upright position so he can hang out and do things like fold laundry and work on his taxes.
2. Merry Muscles Jumper We’ve been putting Crosby in this thing for a little over a month now, and he loves it.  And by loves it, I mean he just sits there and doesn’t move.  But hey, that’s a win in our book.  We know he’ll figure the jumping part out soon enough but for now it keeps him calm and occupied for 20 minutes or so.  Which is the equivalent of 6 pre-baby hours.
3. The Keekaroo High Chair is quickly becoming one of our favorite things.  We hadn’t been using it much until the last month or so because it requires some pretty strong core strength.  But he really loves sitting in this thing.  It’s easy to clean and it’s not horrendous to look at.  And it’s adjustable to grow with him.  Supposedly it eventually transitions to an adult chair.  So we fully intend on making him use it until he graduates.
4. Crosby LOVES the Fisher-Price Jumperoo he got from his Pappy & Granny.  We love that it’s not as robust as a lot of the other activity chairs we’ve seen so we can easily pull it from room to room.
5. Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker – Ok so we’ve had a few people ask about our rocker because as far as baby rockers go, it’s beautiful.  Right?  (You can see ours in a few pictures from this blog post.)  It’s also super comfy, cleans off easily, and is wide enough to comfortably hold me, Crosby, the dogs, Casey, our record collection, 4 blankets, a chipotle burrito, and some napkins.


1. The Solly Baby Wrap was hands-down my favorite carrier during the first 6 months.  It’s high-quality, stretchy, but not too stretchy (I also have the Boba wrap which was nice, but a little too stretchy. Great for when Crosby was a newborn but once he put on a little weight he would sort of sag in it and hang off of me like an udder. Not the look you want to go for when you already feel like a cow.), and the Solly comes in really lovely colors.  It maybe took me a week to get really comfortable with tying it on and getting him in there, but we both loved having him so close to me.  I put him in this a lot in order to get stuff done around the house too.  Note: Solly’s are best used when your baby is 0-6 months old, so we haven’t been using it as much anymore.

2. ERGObaby Original Carrier (+ infant insert) is Casey’s favorite.  I use it a lot as well.  Although if I were to do it all over again, I would DEFINITELY just go for the ERGObaby 360 Carrier, which unfortunately came out like 5 days after we had Crosby and had already used our ERGObaby original.  The difference between the two is that the 360 allows for your baby to face out, and not just in.  This wasn’t really an issue for the first few months, since Crosby would mostly sleep in the carrier, but now that he’s more alert and interested in what’s going on around him, he totally prefers to face out.
3. The Infantino Baby Carrier was referred to me by another mama friend (thanks Berit!).  We bought this solely because it has the outward facing option and it’s cheap(ish).  And now it’s basically the only thing we use when we’re out running around or going for walks.  So, if the Ergo 360 is just too much dinero, this is a great alternative.




1. I think I’ve referred everyone and their mom to Zutano Booties.  Early on, we noticed that socks just would not stay on Crosby’s feet and all the cute but non-functional booties we’d received were obviously manufactured to drive a new mom insane.  Enter the Zutano Booties.  Crosby wears his every.single.day.  They are glued to his feet.  They keep his toesies warm and they’re adorable.  (Stay tuned because I’m actually going to be doing a giveaway with Zutano in the next few weeks.  WHOOP!)
2. Hanna Andersson PJ’s are expensive but absolutely worth the $.  So soft, so comfy cozy and guess what?  They make adult size PJ’s too.  Which I think we pull off quite well, don’t you?
3. Since blankets and stuffed animals are a big fat no-no in the crib, a Lovey is the next best thing.  Crosby smushes his face into his before every nap and bedtime.  Also, because it’s so small we can take it with us when we travel or on car rides to make him feel a little more at home.
4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar on DVD, which I just discovered is available to stream on Netflix.  So maybe I’m the worst parent ever for exposing my baby to the devil that is TV, but!  Crosby keeps his eyes glued to this little show, which is perfect for keeping him still while I clip his fingernails (dread).
5. Bamboobies – This is obviously a product for the mamas and not the babies.  I used disposable nursing pads at the beginning and they itched and made my boobies look weird and lumpy through my shirt.  Bamboobies are reusable, soft and don’t make my boobies look weird and lumpy through my shirt.


— So there you have it!  I’m sure I forgot a few things but hopefully this was helpful?  Should I do posts like this more often?  Or should I just stick to doing what I do best, word vomiting?

Please let me know if you have any specific questions on any of these products.  I’m happy to help!

Happy Friday!