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crosbaby grows up and gets a horse.

Good morning to you! Good morning to you! You look like a monkey, and you smell like one too.

Casey’s mom used to sing that to him when he was a little one.  I think it’s kinda the sweetest and so we’ve sort of adopted it as our morning song to Crosby.  Sometimes we swap out the word monkey for Crosby or baby.  Or dumptruck, if he has a particularly… full… diaper.

Speaking of Crosby (always), we hit up baby group yesterday.  I’ve mentioned before that we go almost every Tuesday to meet up with moms and babies of similar ages so Crosby can play and I can ask the other mom’s things like, has your baby started playing with his penis too?  Group has been amazing for us.  Crosby literally grew up next to some of these other babies and I’ve become great friends with some of the fellow lady mamas.  But the sad news is that we won’t be going for much longer because it’s only offered for babies up to 12 months.  And guys?  Have you heard?  Crosby is 11 1/2 months old…!  I’m not sure how/when/how we made it this far, but we’re less than 2 weeks from celebrating Crosby’s first year of life.  I truly cannot believe it.  Also, someone hold me.

I’m in the process of planning his birthday party.  That’s in two weeks.  So far, I’ve sent out invitations.  That’s it.  Seriously, someone needs to hold me.  Somehow I don’t feel old enough (ha!) or mature enough (hahaha!) to be hosting a first birthday party.  It just seems like something a…. mom would do.   Not that I don’t feel like a mom, I totally do, I just don’t feel like a mom mom.  You know what I mean??  Yah, me neither.  I guess it’s just that I have only ever thrown parties for adults before.  True, most of the guests at Crosby’s party will be adults, but still.  This is a party for a baby.  My baby.  …Who’s not really a baby anymore.  Sob.  I’m probably going to weep into his birthday cake.  Maybe my goal for the day should be to try not to cry more than my 1-year old.

If any of the bday party guests are reading this they’re probably like, oh great this is going to be a reeeeeal fun party.

Crosby got his first present in the mail the other day.  A beautiful wooden rocking horse from his Pappy and Grammy (my dad and stepma) and some books from his aunt and uncles.  We contemplated holding on to the gifts until his actually birthday, but he’s a baby.  So whatever.  We FaceTimed with the fam so they could watch him opening his gifts.  He was so mesmerized by wrapping paper, let me tell you.  It was so sweet to watch him gently tear the paper.  But then it got boring so I shoved him aside and finished the job for him.  As moms do.  And anyways, he loves the horse.  Seriously loves.  Though he was a bit confused as to what he should actually do with it, at first.  As evidenced by my lovely, grainy, iphone pics…

What dis?

Hey ma!  What dis? 

Is dis how I do it?

Or maybe dis way….?

Oh wait, I’ve got it!…. 

Nailed it.

Thanks for the sweet gifts, family!  Crosby loves them, and you too.  xo