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a weekend in LA with my loves.

IMG_1276A couple of weeks ago, my high school lady loves and I successfully completed our second annual girls trip.  Which is a big deal for us. Planning a trip with four ladies, at various stages in life, in separate states in America, with liberty and justice for all, takes some major planning.  It also takes multiple forms of childcare, significant other compliance, dog sitters, flight coordination and lots and lots of group text messaging.  But we did it and it was so much fun and now it’s over and I’m depressed the end.

Last year we hit up Austin.  This year was LA’s turn.  And she did not disappoint.  Although the weather could have been a teensy bit warmer?  (I should not be complaining because the weekend I was gone, Portland received 2 inches of snow and the city subsequently shut down for 3 days.  Amateurs.)

We kinda did it all when we were there.  Except not really because it’s LA and you could do something different every day for 12 years without repeats.  But still, we kept it moving.  We played super tourists at the Hollywood sign and the Chinese Theater.  (Who knew that Adam Sandler had such dainty feet?….. We ate our faces off (Umami Burger, Villa Blanca and Lemonade won the weekend. And chocolate chip cookies everywhere.)  We shopped hard at places like Marc Jacobs and Topshop and the Grove…  and Dylan’s Candy Bar.  Because candy.  Ya know.

We also pampered ourselves at Drybar… or in my case, went through some kind of torturous hazing at Drybar.  Among many other things… my stylist dropped foam on my shirt, then told me I should take my shirt off so she could wash it before it stained, then seemed confused and surprised when I didn’t immediately comply with her pushy demands to disrobe.  But seriously, I was wearing that one ratty, hole-y tank top underneath my shirt… you know the one we all have but it’s not worth throwing because it’s worn in juuuust right… but anyway there was no way I was wearing just that in front of a salon full of strangers so I ended up just wearing my leather coat with nothing else for the remainder of my visit while someone washed and dried my vintage shirt in a shampoo sink.  Sigh.  But don’t worry everyone, I powered through and didn’t let my professional blowdry/styling appointment ruin my trip.  Hashtag middle class problems.

We also hit up the Laugh Factory, front row style, where we were heckled by no less than 6 comedians.  One of them being Dane Cook.  Who might want to invest in some more forgiving t-shirts.  But MAYBE he got hair foam on the shirt he was planning to wear and then his only option was to wear his tightest one?  I hear it happens?

We also spent a good chunk of our last day in Malibu at Zuma Beach.  I love Malibu with the force of a thousand suns.  It was the perfect way to wind down the trip and contemplate moving down the coastal ladder from Portland to Los Angeles.  Wouldn’t that be something?  But don’t worry family, we’re not going anywhere.  For now.

It was the best trip.  Ladies, I love you to the moon and back.  You’re the bestest, covered in awesome sauce.   IMG_1296IMG_1323IMG_1318IMG_1285girlies1IMG_1370beach1chinesetheaterbeach2IMG_1344

And a special special thanks to Kali B for hosting us.  Your home became our home and it was perfect.

mn part 1+ happy belated birthday america!

Another year older, eh America?  I gotta say, you don’t look a day over 200.

Can you guys believe that the 4th of July has come and gone already?  Seriously, what is happening.  I swear it was just Memorial Day and now all of a sudden it’s mid-July and I’m pretty sure I saw Christmas decorations at the mall yesterday.  Ok, that’s a lie.  But seriously, where has the time gone?  Gross, typing that makes me feel about 90.  America, you’re not the only one growing old….

The last week has been a whirlwind and half, to say the least.  Casey and I were in MN for a few days (as most of you know, since 99.9% of my readers are friends and family.  But shout out to my one random reader from Alaska!  What up yo, how’s the weather and things?).  The trip came and went so fast that I can’t even really believe it happened already, but we were both so happy that we were able to catch up with all our favorite weirdos.

Among other things, we went to our 10 year reunion while we were there.  10 years.  In other words: OLD.  The turnout wasn’t so great but we were smitten kittens because all of our best friends were there.  That’s one of the pros of growing up in the same town, neither of us had to be an awkward +1 to each other’s HS reunion.  Sidenote: it is kind of crazy that Casey and I ended up together because we honestly didn’t hang out together when we were younger (other than the 6 months we dated in 8th grade.  9th grade?  I can never remember…) Anyways, we didn’t exactly run in the same circles in high school.  Casey was more a goofy jock and I was more a social butterfly (coughpartiescough).   Sorry mom.  I was a good kid though, promise!  I got good grades and junk.

Anyways, our reunion was so much fun for us because it was a chance for us to catch up with our besties.  It was also apparently a chance for us to be all judgy towards the people we went to high school with.  Ahem….

photo (50)[ as you can see, our reunion was classy for days. ]

For real though, we had a ball.  Lots of chatting, lots of cocktails, an overabundance of pretty terrible dancing (no grinding though because ew) and loads of reminiscing made for a perfect little reunion.


photo (49)[ check out this booming metropolis. turn right at the hay bale and left at the c-store and you’ll find us at the supper club ]

Best friends, we love and miss you on the daily.  I’m so glad we got to go through puberty together.  Here’s to the next 10!photo (47)                                                                        [ same old. ]

reunited and it feels so good!

Yesterday I had a severe case of the Mondays.  Likely because I’d just had one of the best weekends ever – hanging with my fav girls in Austin, TX.  Us four ladies have been the bestest of friends since high school and have managed to stay close despite the sheer amount of life that has happened since then.  I’m talking 3 weddings, 4 babies, 6 cross country moves and countless jobs, all of which has left us somewhat broke busy.  Until last Thursday we hadn’t all been in the same place at the same time since my wedding, which was almost three (!!!) years ago.  Bananas.  But we finally made it happen.  And it was a blast.ola.  I barely took any pictures, but the ones I did (and that were sent to me) recap our trip pretty accurately.

Lots of girl talks…

photo2[ sans makeup ]

a healthy amount of cocktails…photo11

and then more cocktails…photo6

and some lipstick. and bangs.red

Oh, and Austin was pretty kewl too.  photo9

photo3You guys are the loves of my life, my sisters.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.  I miss y’all so so much already!

photo4Until next time….

P.S. Thanks for hosting us CarolNed, Bryno, Tada and Ivy El!  You guys are the best.  Even though you saved the 80 degree weather for the day after we leave… ;) xo