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brews & boys.


This past weekend my pops and older brother came to Portland for a little visit.  We ate and drank and laughed and sight-saw… sight-seed… went sight-seeing. And since it was their first time here it was only fitting that we hit up a couple local breweries to do some tastings. Now, listen.  Growing up in the Midwest, beer options rarely extend past the point of Miller, Coors or Root.  I mean, until I moved to Portland I considered Blue Moon to be a fancy, complicated beer.   (Although anything with a fruit wedge on the side of it will always be considered fancy in my book… of fancy things.)  So I could totally understand when after the first few sips, my brother was less than enthused about trying something that has been “fermented at high temps to make the most of our house yeast strain, creating a late fruity tartness that plays out nicely with the lingering hop character.”  It sounds like a science experiment.  Nothing like a Coors Light, which is by definition a “light beer”.  No need to expand on that one, we all know what tapping the Rockies tastes like.

beercollage meandbear

Anyways, it was an experience for them.  We had fun.  My Dad giggled.  And then we ate big ass sandwiches.  Literally.


Thanks for the fun, I miss you boys already. xx