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crosbaby’s newbie photos.

Baby Crosby (017 of 044)

A couple of weeks ago Casey and I had some newborn/family photos taken at our home by a darling and talented photographer.  Crosby was just barely 2 weeks old at the time and it’s absolutely crazy to look at these and see how much he has changed since then.  His cheeks are now (a whole lot) chubbier, he’s much more alert and active, and dare I say – I think he’s actually lost a little bit of hair since then?  But let’s get one thing straight, no one can pull off a receding hairline like my son.  MY SON.  That is still so weird to say.

Anyways, I’m going to let the photos do the talking in this blog post because they’re pretty amazing.  What’s also amazing is that I now have documentation that I actually did my hair once since Crosby was born.

Warning: photo overload comin atcha. Blammo.

Baby Crosby (001 of 044)Baby Crosby (002 of 044)Baby Crosby (003 of 044)Baby Crosby (010 of 044)Baby Crosby (011 of 044)Baby Crosby (015 of 044)Baby Crosby (016 of 044)Baby Crosby (020 of 044)UntitledBaby Crosby (023 of 044)Baby Crosby (042 of 044)Baby Crosby (036 of 044)Baby Crosby (022 of 044)Untitled2Baby Crosby (025 of 044)Baby Crosby (018 of 044)Baby Crosby (031 of 044)

And they all lived happily ever after…

..until later that day when Crosby had a blowout and pooped on my nice clean maternity jeans.

bumpdate: 28 weeks

28weeksWeeks:  28.  AKA third trimester. AKA ohmygawd.
Baby is the size of: An eggplant.
Weight gain: Yup.
Cravings: Nothing new.  Except I want to drink the shit out of this. How good does that look??  Now, who would like to come over and make it for me?
Sleep:  Meh.  Ok-ish.  Although I’ve been awoken by some gnarly charley horses in my legs more often than necessary lately.  Did you know that Australians call charley horses “corkies”?  Isn’t that something?
Movement:  I can see the baby moving through my clothes these days, which is sort of the coolest thing ever.  I find myself staring down at my belly quite often, waiting to see a little tap or a big shift… I’m sure I look really normal and not weird at all to anyone who might be observing.
Symptoms:  Heavy breathing.  No, but seriously.  Breathing is a challenge lately.  And I didn’t really understand this side effect until I saw a picture of how smushed pregnant women’s lungs get when there’s a human taking up all the space on the insides.  It’s pretty remarkable.  I had a really stupid day yesterday and came home from work feeling bummed and bloated and just altogether weird (yayyyy hormones).  As soon as I got home, I hoisted myself onto our bed, cried for no good reason and just heavy breathed for like, 30 minutes.  Casey brought me mac and cheese to make me feel better, and I kept thinking that if I happened to be on a reality TV show, my life in that moment would have been so hysterically depressing to watch.  So, anyway.  The moral of that story is heavy breathing.
Missing:  98% of my wardrobe.  I recently tried on a few of my pre-pregnancy dresses, in hopes of finding something to wear to one of my baby showers.  What a disaster. I knew that my belly had grown, obvi, but I clearly underestimated my basketball boobs and an ass that now requires it’s own zip code.  What I’m saying is, there’s a reason for maternity clothes, my friends.  And if I could please have all the Hatch pregnancy clothes, I’d happily stay pregnant forevs.
Happenings:  We made it through the dreaded birthing videos at our last baby class.  I was pretty nervous about seeing the videos, I’ll be honest.  I hadn’t ever watched an actual birth, from the angle of the, ahem, nether regions, and I was psyching myself up for seeing all kinds of mass chaos.  But really, the videos were pretty tasteful and there were barely any crotch-shots.  Which is all you can really hope for in life, right?

IMG_2405 IMG_2412 IMG_2418Fun story.  The espadrilles I’m wearing in these photos are a tad too big for me.  So in an effort to keep them on my feet, I tried to find something to stuff into the front of them to make them more snug.  I first tried toilet paper, but it sort of crumbled and then I had little bits of TP stuck to my feet all day.  Next I tried cotton, but that keep getting caught in my toes and was uncomfortable.  Finally, I found the perfect, soft, tiny solution.  Baby socks.  That’s right, I borrowed my unborn child’s socks and stuffed them into the front of my shoes.  I really don’t think the baby minds, and I fully intend on giving them back to him/her once they exit the womb and actually have the need for socks.

I’m already rethinking telling that story…