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thursday stuff.

 friday things[ A #selfie gone terribly wrong. ] 

  • I originally published this post with the title: friday stuff.  Wishful thinking.
  • I forgot to take a 23 week bump pic last week.  And by “forgot” I mean I just didn’t want to do my hair and put on a clean shirt and take a picture.  So there won’t be a bumpdate this week.  Dry your eyes, little grasshoppers.  Next week I’ll have double the amount of ridiculousness to catch up on.
  • You know how mom’s have cat-like reflexes when it comes to protecting their kids?  Like when they stop short in the car and throw the “mom arm” out to keep the kid from flying forward?  I think I’m starting to inherit that trait.  I dropped a chocolate covered almond earlier and my mom-arm reflexes kicked in and I caught it about 3 inches before it hit the ground.  Fastest I’ve moved all day.  But I saved that almond, yes sir.  Saved it for MAH MOUTH.
  • That chocolate covered almond turned out to have not one but TWO almonds in it, which made me so happy, I giggled.
  • My computer is on the fritz.  (Is that saying still relevant?)  I was working watching Parenthood on Sunday when all of a sudden it shut down and wouldn’t turn back on.  My biggest fear isn’t that it won’t work again, it’s that the hipster computer-fixer at Apple will see how much junk TV I’ve been watching on my computer for the last few months.  
  • I bought 3 new bras the other day, and since that day my life has improved substantially.  I’m serious.  Up until then, I’d been cramming my tots into all my pre-conception bras… and things just weren’t going well.  So I hauled my unsupported self to Target and bought three new lovely maternity/nursing (!!) bras.  I’m seriously so happy, I could blog about it.  It reminds me of the time I was properly fitted for a bra for the first time in my life, and I blogged about it.  I sense a pattern.  Boob blogging.  Blooging?  Bloobing.  Whatever.
  • Do you ever sing really loud in your car and then freak out and look at your phone to make sure you haven’t accidentally dialed someone?  Story of my life.
  • We’re leaving for Florida on Saturday for a little family vacation.  Currently on my packing list: maternity swimsuit, compression socks, and my THREE NEW BRAS.  That should do it, right?  
  • Sometimes when I get a whiff of my own breath, it smells like Casey’s breath.  Is that weird?  Have I just made things very awkward for everyone?  
  • My job here is done.