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bumpdate: 24 weeks

This post comes to you from the sunny shore of the Florida Keys, where Casey and I are on vacation with my family for the week.  The trip so far has been nothing short of amazing and the thought of leaving on Saturday makes me want to punch a bird.

We’ve rented a beachfront house in Islamorada and it’s pretty ridiculous.  It’s rusticly charming, yet beachy and large and just perfect for the 10.5 of us.  There’s a really great pool situation and a perfectly sandy beach right off our giant front porch, and a shoreline so clear and shallow, you can walk out a 500 feet and still only be up to your knees in warm sea water.  There’s also a hammock right off the water, wedged between two perfect palm trees, and if you close your eyes tight enough, you forget that there’s a cluster of coconuts right above you that could drop at any moment.  We like to live on the edge.

The first two days included some major pool time and some really major sunburns.  Hashtag tourists.  I’ve also been on a personal quest to conquer my dreaded humidity hair which is letting its freak flag fly on this trip.  Tell me Floridians, what’s your secret to avoiding looking like a chia pet at all times?

I intend to post some pics of the trip once we’re back home, in the meantime, let’s totally go on a bumpdate!

Weeks: 24.5
Baby is the size of:  A cantaloupe.  Which is large.
Weight gain: Up 3 pounds at my last doctor appointment.  Likely up 12 at my next one due to fish tacos and key lime pie.
Cravings: Nothing new to note.  Although I did enjoy myself a nice little sipper of pickle juice last week.  I blame a coworker (who is not pregnant) who did it first.  And that’s that.
Sleep:  It’s currently 4:34 am, so you know, that insomnia bitch is back.  Though I blame Casey, because his alarm clock went off randomly an hour ago.  Lots of blame going on in this bumpdate so far… I blame the baby for that.
Movement:  So much movements!  I keep telling Casey that I’m afraid that this child already weighs 8 pounds because it feels like there’s a full-grown child bouncing around in there sometimes.  Casey felt legit kicks when he put his handy on the belly last night, which again caused him to pull his hand back and freak out.  It’s funny how foreign the feeling was to both of us at first, but then it becomes like, the best thing ever.  
Symptoms:  Blaming people for stuff?  In addition to the fuzzy hair on my belly, I’m also starting to develop the nice darkish line that runs down the middle of it.  At first glance it’s hard to tell whether it’s a nice long treasure trail, or even an imprint from my maternity pants (all lovely options) but trust that it indeed is the dark line of preggernancy.
Missing:  Cannonballing into the pool.  
Happenings:  The crib is up as of last week!  So now we have a crib and a stroller.  Two places to put our kid.  We’ve also “finished” our registry, which is exciting because we have a couple bebe showers coming up in June.  Registering for a wee one is tough because there are so many choices for every single thing.  And everyone seems to have a different opinion on what we should use.  (Let me rephrase, everyone has an opinion on EVERYTHING related to having a baby.  I’m told I should get used to this?  Yay.)  But I think we’ve accounted for all the most pertinent registry items… although I wish it was acceptable to register for junk food because that’s really what the baby wants.

24weeks_2 This is what 2 cups of regular coffee looks like. [ fist bump emoji ]