The weather in Portland lately has been top notch.  I’m talking 70’s and sunny for weeks now (with the occasional misty shower because it IS Portland mygosh) and we’ve been lurving it so much.  Portland is great anytime of the year but when it’s nice out, watch out!  The hipsters love to come out and play in the warm weather.  And we happily scamper alongside them in our skinny jeans and tank tops and wayfarers.

Why is it so much easier to just, like… live, when it’s nice out?  Like no matter how bad work is or how much yard work you have to do or how naughty your puppy is being, it’s always easier to deal when you’ve got a bright shining blob of vitamin D shining down on your skin.  Or in my case, my see-through winter skin.  Which is now turning a lovely shade of red due to unevenly spread sunscreen while doing yard work.  But who cares because SUN.

You know what else has resurrected with this warm weather?  My pure, unconditional love for ice cream cones!  Good lord, where have they been hiding for the last 5-7 years?  We recently found a brewery/restaurant near us that has vanilla ice cream cones on the  menu and holy bananafins – it’s like ice cold butter.  Don’t judge me – it tastes like actual heaven.  Pure clogged artery heaven.  As I type this, drool is hitting my keyboard.  So f*cking good.  Sorry for the swearing but this cone deserves it.  Also, can someone manufacture just the bottoms of ice cream cones?  Everyone knows that’s the best part.  Every time I finish one I just want to start all over again.  And sometimes I do…

Anyways, here are some pictures of us enjoying warm weathery things.


1. The fruits of our yardwork labor.  Green bean plants galore!
2. Catching some rays with my little sidekick. Gus likes to lay down right next to me – I’m talking side to side – when we lay outside.  It’s sweet.  Also, sweaty.
3. Dipped. Not nearly as good as ice cold butter, but it did the job.
4. derp derp.
5. Beer tasting, always.  This is also the place with the butter cones.
6. Fresh fruit is having its heyday at the farmers markets.  I recommend eating it sliced, while wearing reindeer pants.
7. That guy.  Supa cute in any kind of weather.  Especially when he rides his bike all the way to my work because I locked my keys in my car (again).  That may or may not have just happened…

Everyone! Quick! Go have an ice cream cone!  But save me the bottom.

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